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Your One-Word Mantra to Keep in Mind, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Every sign in the zodiac has a little something to learn. We’ve given each a one-word mantra to help them grow where they need to most.

Aries: "Slow"
As the fastest sign in the zodiac, Aries need to remind themselves that patience is a virtue.

Taurus: “Give”
Tauruses are blessed with expensive taste, which they can parlay into giving back to those around them.

Gemini: “Quiet”
Peace and quiet don’t come naturally to the zodiac’s motormouth twins, so it’s something they really have to practice and embrace.

Cancer: “Open”
Self-protective Cancers are great at building a fortress to keep out intruders, but they need to occasionally lower a drawbridge to let in friends.

Leo: “You”
You have to love yourself to love others, and Leos are especially strong on the first part. Try to think of the person sitting across from you at dinner.

Virgo: “Gravity”
Virgos are such perfectionists, it can be hard for them to tolerate the chaos of life—but that’s essentially what life is. Accept its nature, and you can hone it.

Libra: “Decide”
Libras can see the good in all sides of an argument, but they can only move forward once they make a choice. Eeny meeny… 

Scorpio: “Release”
No one holds onto a grudge longer than a Scorpio, and sometimes, you have to free yourself from the weight of your own baggage. 

Sagittarius: “Sugar”
The Sagittarius is wise and honest, but they must pair their insights with tact to be truly effective in all of their relationships.

Capricorn: “Play”
All work and no play is never a sustainable business strategy, even for the industrious Capricorn.

Aquarius: “Humble”
While Aquariuses are incredibly brilliant, it can come with an edge that must be tempered with humility.

Pisces: “Solid”
Empathetic Pisces can easily take on the priorities of those around them and must remember to hold firm to whatever is truly important to them.

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.

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