How You Handle Conflict, According to Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to conflict, we all have different strategies for tackling difficult issues. While Aries is pushing send on angry emails, Capricorn is sending surveys to their closest networks for guidance. Yep, astrology teaches us that each sign brings something different to the table when it comes to handling life’s trickiest moments. Here’s how each sign handles conflict, from avoidance to aggression.

12 aries

Aries has never seen a conflict they weren’t happy to take head-on. Aggressive, assertive Aries is ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war. This means they are happy to head into battle with anyone, anytime, anywhere. This sign loves instant gratification and would much rather confront an issue than drag it out. Aries faces problems as they come, shakes things off and moves on, but they should be careful not to leave hurt feelings in their wake.

1 taurus

Chill, earthy Taurus hates confronting problems, especially if an apology is required. While they’re usually practical enough to realize when they’ve messed up, Taurus is also stubborn and would much rather pretend something didn’t happen than address it. Try to bring up the negativity and they’ll change the subject faster than you can say “Let’s talk.”

2 gemini

Choo-choo! Now arriving at procrastination station! Gemini’s indecisiveness can tend to get in the way when it comes to conflict, making them way more likely to say “I’ll deal with it tomorrow” than to face things directly. Rather than nail down how they feel about something, Gemini would much prefer to pretend issues don’t exist and hope that everyone else follows suit.

3 cancer

Considering “I get by with a little help from my friends” is basically Cancer’s life motto, it should come as no surprise that they have to run scenarios by the entire crew before taking on conflict. Cancer really, truly values the opinions of their friends, so they have to talk it out with them before confronting it. Once they’ve got the blessing of their squad, they can approach conflict with confidence.

4 leo

As a fire sign, Leo has no problem handling not only their conflicts but also the conflicts of others. Have a problem? Leo knows how to solve it. And they’ll let you know. Loudly. And on social media. Leo likes to live out loud and has no problem airing grievances in public or getting into online squabbles. That’s life in the spotlight for ya.

5 virgo

Don’t go up against Virgo unless you’re ready for the challenge. Practical, methodical Virgo won’t go into any conflict without fully weighing the pros and cons and gathering all the necessary receipts—which, yeah, they will 100 percent have. When it comes time for Virgo to issue a complaint, you can be sure it will be thorough, well researched and hard to argue against. They are basically the poster child for the sternly worded letter.

6 libra

Head for the hills! Libra is a peacemaker by nature and absolutely hates to see anyone fighting. If Libra is faced with conflict, they will often turn conciliatory, preferring to find a compromise rather than stand their ground and deal with the discomfort. Libra wants the dissonance to dissolve as quickly as possible without hurting any feelings. This fun-loving sign feels much more comfortable in a sharing circle than a battle royale.

7 scorpio

Secretive, private Scorpio prefers to handle conflicts on their own and will do a lot of work behind closed doors before ever going public with an issue. This is why it can be very important to check on the Scorpios in your life to make sure they’re doing OK. They tend to be those friends who seem totally calm on the surface but are actually in desperate need of help and support underneath their thick layer of armor.

8 sagittarius

Sagittarius is the least aggressive of the fire signs and would much rather push a problem to the back of their mind than deal with it. Sag likes to keep their life fun and carefree, and nothing stops a party in its track quite like a fistfight. On top of that, Sagittarius hates serious situations and starts getting fidgety and uncomfortable in any conversation that doesn’t end in a laugh. They tend to think if they ignore a problem long enough it will just go away on its own so we can all get back to the party.


When faced with a conflict, the first thing any Capricorn will do is turn to family. Capricorn derives a ton of strength from tradition and familial relationships, so they’re the ones most likely to call Mom in a panic when things go wrong. They value the opinions and advice of those who came before them and would never want to head into battle without hearing what Mom, Dad, Grandma and even crazy Aunt Susanne think first.

10 aquarius

Free-spirited Aquarius doesn’t like conflict and will run—far and fast—from it if necessary. They’d much rather peel off and do their own thing than get stuck with bad vibes. The quintessential hippie, Aquarius isn’t down with anything that will harsh their mellow, man, and has no problem flying solo rather than working with someone who doesn’t see their artistic vision.

11 pisces

Emotional Pisces will spend a lot of time and energy thinking about a conflict before actually addressing it. They like to let things sink in and consider all the options before addressing an issue. These aren’t the people who are quick to jump into an argument, so if they come to you with an issue, know that it’s the result of many, many hours of quiet contemplation.

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