The land of the free and the home of the bagel. Travel within a one-block radius of your apartment and you’re likely to hit at least one decent place to grab a whole-wheat everything with schmear. But when a serious craving hits, only the chewiest, warmest, crispy-on-the-outside bagel will do—and fast. So we’ve created a handy guide for where to get the best bagels in NYC (all of which also offer takeout and/or delivery).

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21. Finn's Bagels

PureWow editor Kara Cuzzone loves Finn's bagel sandwiches for their perfect egg-to-cheese ratio. The staff is friendly and attentive too, often greeting regulars by name and having their orders memorized. Now that's service. Order through Seamless for takeout and delivery.

477 10th Ave.; Seamless

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20. Bagelsmith

Top one of these chewy wheels of deliciousness with jalapeño-cheddar cream cheese. They're currently offering contactless delivery and pickup through Seamless, Door Dash and

Two locations in Williamsburg;

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19. Bagels & Schmear

A no-frills joint with top-notch bagels and avocado cream cheese? We’re in, especially when you can have it delivered right to your door.

116 E. 28th St.;

18. Davidovich Bakery

These hand-rolled-bagel wizards also provide their goods for brunch at Barney Greengrass. For now, though, we recommend going straight to the source for takeout.

120 Essex St.;

17. Bagel Buffet

Don’t be fooled by the store’s unassuming exterior—the good stuff is inside. And you can grab it to go or order online or through Seamless for contactless delivery.

510 Ave. of the Americas;

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16. Leo's Bagels

The Financial District deserves a good bacon, egg and cheese, too. Leo's offers takeout, so you can get your fix right away.

3 Hanover Sq.; 212-785-4700 or

15. Shelsky's Smoked Fish

Top your poppyseed with lox, sable and creamed herring. Trust us on this one. Then go ahead and place a pickup order by calling (718) 855-8817.

141 Court St., Brooklyn;

14. Zabar's

No fancy cream cheese flavors here, but this market and its delicious bagels (brought in by a secret supplier) are quintessential New York. And they can be shipped nationwide—score!

2245 Broadway; 212-787-2000 or

13. H&H Midtown Bagels East

Not to be confused with the original H&H (may she rest in peace), this also pretty-damn-decent spot is filling the void left by the dearly departed. They're available for pickup and delivery, and like Zabar's, these bagels can be shipped nationwide.

1551 Second Ave. (at 80th St.); 212-734-7441 or

12. Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

Available for pickup and delivery, the hardest part about ordering from Brooklyn Bagel is choosing which bagel-flavor-and-schmear combo to go with (but we highly recommend the everything with bacon scallion cream cheese).

Locations in Manhattan and Queens;

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11. Bo’s Bagels

When a Harlem couple couldn’t find good bagels in their neighborhood, they took matters into their own hands—and as their beautifully blistered rounds prove, they’re very capable hands indeed. Grab a half-dozen for takeout or delivery and enjoy breakfast for days.

235 W. 116th St.;

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10. Tompkins Square Bagels

It has normal stuff, too, but if you want to go a little crazy (and we know you do), order the mac-and-cheese bagel for pickup or delivery.

165 Ave. A (at Tenth St.); 646-351-6520 or

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9. Bagel Pub

Park Slope residents, rejoice. We’ve found the perfect vehicle for lox and capers, and you can have it delivered.

287 Ninth St. (at Fifth Ave.), Brooklyn; 718-499-4402 or

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8. Utopia Bagels

If you aren't within delivery range, you’ll have to travel to where the subways don’t go to grab takeout from this Queens institution, but once you sink your teeth into a fresh-baked salt bagel with all the fixings, the commute will have been worth it.

19-09 Utopia Pkwy., Queens;

7. Murray's Bagels

We're obsessed with this old-school classic, which only recently started allowing customers to order its bagels toasted. (We still prefer bagels hot out of the oven, but toast them if you must.) Takeout and delivery are available, so honestly, what are you waiting for?

Locations in Chelsea and Greenwich Village; 646-638-1335 or

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6. Black Seed Bagels

New Yorkers are naturally skeptical of any outsider bagels. But Black Seed’s Montreal-style bagels—boiled in honey, then baked in a wood-burning stove—won us over and now we can’t imagine life without them. Prepare to get to know the delivery folks real well.

Multiple locations;

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5. Best Bagel & Coffee

With a name like this, you know it has to be good. (Oh, and it is.) You can place online orders via GrubHub.

225 W. 35th St. (at Seventh Ave.); 212-564-4409

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4. Bagel Hole

This Park Slope shop provides the bagels for Russ & Daughters. 'Nuff said. Call or order online to grab one (or a dozen, we won't judge) for takeout.

400 Seventh Ave. (at 12th St.), Brooklyn; 718-788-4014 or

3. David's Bagels

An East Village classic with mind-blowingly awesome bagels and possibly the friendliest staff in town, offering their wares via takeout and delivery.

273 First Ave. (at 17th St.); or 212-780-2380

2. Absolute Bagels

This Thai family-run bakery is serving little wheels of heaven warm out of the oven. To quote David Bowie, “I absolutely love you.” They're offering takeout only for the time being, but it's worth the trek, no matter where you live.

2788 Broadway (at 108th St.); 212-932-2052

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1. Ess-A-Bagel

The original and still-reigning queen, offering takeout and delivery (including nationwide shipping via Goldbelly). We bow down to you, tender-but-chewy delight with just the right amount of crunch. Please take our life savings.

831 Third Ave. (at 51st St.); 212-980-1010 or

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