Olivia Rodrigo’s Net Worth Is Seriously Impressive, Thanks to ‘Sour’ and ‘Guts’

She's nominated for six Grammy Awards

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In the span of just three years, Olivia Rodrigo went from being a Disney Channel favorite to a global sensation—all thanks to the viral success of her 2021 hit single, “Driver’s License.”

Even if the title doesn’t ring a bell, chances are you’ve heard it on social media or during your visit to the local grocery store. Since releasing the catchy tune that topped charts across the globe three years ago, Rodrigo has earned herself six 2024 Grammy nominations, including Album of the Year for her sophomore album, Guts, and Song of the Year for her single, “Vampire.” Not to mention, she has accumulated a net worth of $16 million. (Color us impressed.)

While discussing her approach to songwriting, Rodrigo told NPR, “I think I just had to learn how to A) Just try to write music that I wanted to hear. That was, like, my primary goal in the studio. I don’t care about beating anything that came before. I don’t care about how it does on the charts or if the radio stations like it. Whatever. I just wanted to make something that I would love. And B) I think I really had to learn how to have discipline in the craft of songwriting.”

But here's what we really want to know: How did these achievements affect Olivia Rodrigo’s net worth? Keep reading for more details about the 20-year-old singer’s earnings.

1. What Is Olivia Rodrigo’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rodrigo is worth an estimated $16 million. And yes, it's got plenty to do with her two studio albums, Sour and Guts. But even before that, the singer was making a lot of dough through her acting gigs with Disney.

“I love acting. I’ve been acting since I was so young—I started Bizaardvark when I was, like, 12 years old,” she told NPR. “Looking back, I think it was an experience that taught me that I should never be ashamed of my emotions.”

2. How Much Did She Make on Bizaardvark?

From 2016 to 2019, Rodrigo starred in Bizaardvark as a young guitarist named Paige Olvera. Details about her salary haven't been made public, but we do know that her costar, Ethan Whacker (who was only a supporting character), earned $375,000 for the first two seasons, according to TMZ. Given that Rodrigo played a main role for three whole seasons, it’s very likely that she earned significantly more.

3. What About Her Work On High School Musical: The Musical: The Series?

From 2019 to 2022, Rodrigo played Nini Salazar-Roberts in the Disney+ original series. Her exact earnings from the show, of which she appeared in the first three seasons, are unknown, but since it boasts nearly 3 million viewers and positive ratings, we’re assuming that Rodrigo’s paychecks had quite a few zeroes.

BTW, it's worth noting that the actress also starred in the film Grace Stirs Up Success, and she even landed a guest role in FOX’s New Girl (in the episode “Young Adult,” to be exact).

4. How Much Did She Make From Her Album, Sour?

Let’s just say that her earnings from Sour account for a huge portion of her net worth.

According to Forbes, Sour debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart with 295,000 album-equivalent units (a term used to define how much music consumption equals the purchase of 1 album copy). That number actually surpassed Taylor Swift’s numbers for her popular album, Fearless, marking the biggest opening week for any album in 2021—but that’s not all.

In addition, the hit single "Drivers License'' broke Spotify’s record for the most played song with over 1 billion streams on the platform (yep, you read that right). And since artists typically earn a certain amount per stream, this means the singer raked in a lot of money from that song alone.

Spotify’s Global Hits Lead, Becky Bass, told Billboard, “We’ve never seen anything like this, where you do have a newer artist that just comes out of the gate in such a dominant way and just continues to grow. I mean, we were like, ‘Whoa, these first-day numbers are huge!’ And then they were bigger the second day, bigger the third day…so it really feels unprecedented and likely is unprecedented.”

5. How Did Guts Affect Her Net Worth?

We don’t know exact numbers, but it’s safe to say that it helped (a lot). Prior to releasing Guts, Rodrigo’s net worth was $8 million, so her latest release has doubled her income. She’s also preparing to embark on the Guts World Tour in February.

“It’s really fun,” she told E! News. “I’m trying to lean into sort of rockier elements. So, I’m hoping people will be able to jump up and down and scream a few songs.”

Good 4 U, Olivia.

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