There’s nothing like seeing the smile on your kid’s face as they tear open their gifts on Christmas morning…or the frown on yours as you tidy up the mess and realize that they’ve already broken/lost/gotten bored of their gift before noon. This year, why not give the gift of incredible memories instead? Here, a list of our favorite experience gifts for kids that promise to make a lasting impression (without adding clutter to your living space).

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Uncommon Goods

1. Magic 101: Show and Lesson

Kids ages 13 and up will be dazzled by elite magician Ming Da, and even more delighted when they learn how to wow their own friends with those very same tricks.

Buy it (from $25)

Annie’s Kit Clubs

2. Annie’s Kit Clubs Young Woodworkers Club

Sign up for this woodworking craft subscription and every month your kid will receive everything needed—including high quality, kid-sized tools, and easy-to-follow instructions—to complete a construction project that will inspire pride.

Buy it ($20 per month)

Little Passports

3. Little Passports Science Expeditions

From aerodynamics to forensics, this STEM subscription box covers a new area of scientific inquiry every month with fascinating experiments that guarantee hands-on fun.

Buy it ($28 per month)


4. KiwiCo Maker Crate

Here a crafty subscription box that will keep teens busy making Pinterest-worthy decorative objects that look so impressive, you’ll want to sign yourself up, too.

Buy it ($32 per month)

Experience Gifts for Kids Bowling Passes
lisegagne/Getty Images

5. Bowling Passes

Bowling is a blast for all but the youngest kids and an excellent opportunity for teens and tweens to socialize with friends. Give the gift of an all-expenses paid trip (or several) at the bowling alley, and your kid will have Friday night plans worth looking forward to.

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6. Fender Play Guitar Lessons

Aspiring musicians of all ages can learn guitar on their own schedule with a Fender Play subscription—an innovative teaching app that relies on engaging, bite-sized lessons to produce big results.

Buy it ($50 for a 6 month subscription)

zeljkosantrac/Getty Images

7. Paint Your Pet: Portrait Class & Kit

A portrait of a pet is a thoughtful present for any child who has a special bond with a furry friend, but the gift of having a pro help them paint their own is even more precious.

Buy it ($50)

Experience Gifts for Kids Season Pass to a Museum
Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/ Getty Images

8. Season Pass to a Museum

Speaking of art, why not give the kid in your life a season pass to a favorite museum, so they can visit and soak up some culture whenever the mood strikes?


9. KiwiCo Koala Crate

Hands-on activities, pretend play props, and crafting materials are among the goods young kids will receive from this monthly STEAM subscription. It’s an invitation to play in a box.

Buy it ($23 per month)

Annie’s Kit Clubs

10. Annie’s Kit Clubs Genius Box: Science

Each one of these themed boxes includes three different brain-boosting and highly engaging STEM activities to keep budding scientists and engineers stimulated on the regular.

Buy it ($29 per month)

Experience Gifts for Kids Concert Tickets
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11. Concert Tickets

For a teen who’s always tuned into Spotify, there’s no better gift than being able to check out a live performance of their favorite band with a friend.

Uncommon Goods

12. Death by Chocolate: Truffles Class & Kit

This virtual learning experience, led by a professional chef and educator, will be right up the alley of a teenager with an interest in culinary pursuits (and a sweet tooth).

Buy it ($68)

Uncommon Goods

13. Brazilian Cooking for Kids Experience and Global Cooking Kit

This exciting culinary class includes 60 minutes of live instruction from pro chef Rowena Scherer and is designed specifically for kids ages 13 and older who have a desire to prepare a restaurant-quality meal while picking up some new skills in the kitchen. Bonus: If you play sous-chef, you’ll probably learn something, too.

Buy it ($45)

Uncommon Goods

14. Holiday Baking for Kids Experience and Global Cooking Kit

Here, another multicultural kitchen adventure for teens led by chef Rowena—specifically, a Turkish-themed baking lesson with a very sweet reward.

Buy it ($45)

Annie’s Kit Clubs

15. Annie’s Kit Clubs Creative Girls Club

The Creative Girls Club allows kids (ages 7 to 12) to craft to their heart's content with two well-stocked kits per month and projects that cover a wide variety of techniques—stitching, beading and painting, to name a few—while requiring minimal adult supervision.

Buy it ($20 per month)

Experience Gifts for Kids Ice Skating Passes
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16. Ice Skating Passes

Encourage your kid to turn off the tube and hit the rink with friends for a much-needed breath of fresh air and an undeniably fun winter boredom buster.

Westend61/Getty Images

17. YesChef Subscription

Junior cooks stand to gain quite a lot from YesChef—a subscription service that grants access to a huge number of cooking lessons led by the world’s best culinary experts. That said, it’s worth noting that YesChef is not intended specifically for kids, so this one is best gifted to an older teen.

Buy it ($180 per year)


18. KiwiCo Yummy Crate

If the other culinary experiences on the list seem a little too sophisticated for the young foodie in your life, you’re in luck: KiwiCo’s Yummy Crate is designed for ages 6 to 14, so even the under-ten set can enjoy a hands-on introduction to the joy of cooking.

Buy it ($23 per month)

Little Passports

19. Little Passports USA Edition

This subscription box from Little Passports takes grade school kids on an action-packed, simulated roadtrip across the United States. The experience is sure to satisfy their wanderlust, while teaching them a thing or two, to boot.

Buy it ($21 per month)


20. KiwiCo Tinker Crate

Give your future innovator a headstart with a STEM subscription that includes the materials and instructions necessary for designing some seriously neat stuff. (Think: hydraulic claw and walking robot.)

Buy it ($23 per month)

Experience Gifts for Kids Podcast Subscription
ONOKY - Brooke Auchincloss/Getty Images

21. Podcast Subscription

When it comes to beating boredom during the winter months, an engaging podcast is right up there with a good book. Fortunately, there are a whole host of podcasts for kids available, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that speaks to your child’s unique interests.


22. Fashion Illustration and Design Course

This flexible eight-week virtual course is sure to inspire creativity and feed the imagination of any tween or teen with an eye for design and a love of fashion.

Buy it ($120)

Marko Geber/Getty Images

23. Smartest Artists 12-week Course

Artists between the ages of 4 and 9 will learn a wide range of new techniques from this 12-week session of thoughtful art lessons, in which every major academic subject is incorporated into the creative process. (Bonus: There's even the possibility of a sibling discount.)

Buy it ($89)


24. Level 1 Creative Photography Class

If Instagram isn’t already in your tween’s life, it will be soon enough. Help them up their photography game with a flexible four-week course that covers all the basics of composition and lighting, while encouraging creativity.

Buy it ($60)


25. Disney STEAM: The Magic Kingdom Course

The weekly lessons posted in this five-week Disney-themed course allow kids to explore STEAM concepts through engaging, hands-on projects—and the experience gets rave reviews from parents and tweens alike.

Buy it ($21)

Experience Gifts for Kids Amusement Park Trip
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26. Amusement Park Trip

Gift your young thrill-seeker tickets to a theme park—the adrenaline rush of the roller coaster rides won’t last forever, but the memories surely will.


27. Little Ninjas: Martial Arts Inspired Movement and Play Class

A badass mama with a black belt in mixed martial arts and a background in fitness instruction teaches this flexible four-week class for littles ages 3 to 7. If you’ve got a kid who’s bouncing off the walls, this gift will pay dividends for both parties.

Buy it ($44)

Little Passports

28. Little Passports Early Explorers Subscription

A subscription box chock-full of materials for globetrotting adventures geared towards the youngest in your brood. Sign up and your kid will be a regular cosmopolitan before he starts Kindergarten.

Buy it ($25 per month)


29. Amazon Explore Gift Card

There’s a whole world out there and your kid is hungry to explore it. Good news: Amazon Explore boasts an extensive selection of immersive tours of destinations around the globe—you know, so your kid gets a virtual travel experience of her choosing, and you save on airfare.

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The Good Brigade/Getty Images

30. Masterclass membership

Masterclass is all the rage right now—and although there’s no specific filter when it comes to finding classes for kids, there’s plenty of content that will appeal to tweens and teens. (Skateboarding lessons with Tony Hawk, anyone?)

Buy it ($15 per month)

Experience Gifts for Kids Hot Air Balloon Ride
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31. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Book a hot air balloon ride and your kid will be on cloud nine. Plus, when they come back down to the earth, they’ll be raving about the unforgettable experience for quite some time to come.


32. Mystery Adventure Club Subscription

The Mystery Adventure Club subscription provides elementary schoolers with the thrilling opportunity to play detective and solve a new mystery each month. Best of all, the activities can be enjoyed solo or in groups—either way, both imagination and critical thinking skills will get a boost.

Buy it ($40 per box)


33. Backpack the World! Cultural Geography Kits

Future globetrotters will learn about new cultures while mapping out potential travel adventures with this subscription kit, which includes puzzles, language learning materials, and other resources to help kids get a lay of the land.

Buy it ($26 per month)

Experience Gifts for Kids Movie Theater Gift Card
Klaus Vedfelt/Getty

34. Movie Theater Gift Card

The young film buff under your roof will be pleased as punch to see what the local cinema has on offer without having to dip too much into his allowance.


35. My Garden Box

Kids of all ages can reap the rewards of some time spent in the garden (i.e., a hands-on activity that connects them to nature). This gardening subscription box features indoor and outdoor plants, along with the supplies and step-by-step instructions needed to ensure success for new plant parents.

Buy it ($36 per month)


36. Bitsbox Subscription

An immersive computer science experience is on the menu if you sign your kid up for this STEM subscription box, which boasts a new coding project every month, plus the ability to build real apps using the Bitsbox website.

Buy it ($25 per month)

Experience Gifts for Kids Tickets to a Sporting Event
Rebecca Nelson/Getty

37. Tickets to a Sporting Event

Sports fans of all ages will be wild about seeing their favorite athletes show off their stuff in real time.


38. Roblox Studio - Intro to Game Building Course

After completing this four-week flexible Roblox course, your enthusiastic gamers will have learned the skills to build a whole new world, translating their creativity into a playable game of their own making.

Buy it ($40)


39. Beginner Sewing Camp

Once young fashion designers have mastered the artistic skill required for sketching their designs (see above), they can start learning the basics of how to turn their visions into wearable art with this beginner-friendly sewing class.

Buy it ($99)

America’s Test Kitchen

40. America’s Test Kitchen Kids Young Chef’s Club

The experts at America’s Test Kitchen know a thing or two about teaching kids to cook, and the proof is in the pudding. Here’s a monthly subscription that serves up picky eater-approved recipes, kid-friendly instructions and a host of activities to get your little one’s creative juices flowing in the kitchen.

Buy it ($20 per month)

Experience Gifts for Kids Donation to a Gap Year Fund
Virojt Changyencham/Getty Images

41. Donation to a Gap Year Fund

Your high schooler wants to take a gap year after graduation and see the world. Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Just kidding—you aren’t invited. Instead, lend them a hand with a monetary contribution that supports their travel plans and ensures they start freshman year of college with some amazing bucket list experiences under their belt.

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