The 19 Best Art Subscription Boxes to Unleash Your Inner Picasso

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Feeling creative, but in a paint-in-sweatpants sort of way? Fear not, friends: You can make beautiful art from the comfort of your own home without having to brave the craft store. Simply sign up for an art subscription box from one of these clever companies and enjoy a curated selection of materials and plenty of inspiration delivered straight to your door each month. Whether you’re interested in painting, drawing, card-making or crafting, we’ve got you (and your spouse and kids) covered with 19 beautiful boxes that are guaranteed to get those creative juices flowing.

The 77 Best Subscription Boxes to Gift for Every Interest

1. knitcrate Sock Crate Membership

Fact: You can never have enough socks. Whether yours have seen better days or keep getting swallowed by the laundry machine, it’s delightful to know you can knit up a new, cozy pair whenever you want. This subscription delivers a monthly selection of high quality sock yarn in a color scheme of your choosing plus easy-to-follow instructions so you can keep your hands busy making art that boasts both form and function.

2. crate Joy We Craft Box

Looking for a way to keep the kids busy that doesn’t involve a screen? This project-based subscription is loaded with three or more imaginative activities per box and geared toward children ages 3 to 9 . Previous projects have included making your own apple magnets, crafting holiday cards and creating a llama-themed tapestry. Best of all, these guys aren’t stingy with supplies—there are enough materials in here to bring a sibling on board, too.

3. kiwico Maker Crate

Each one of these design boxes contains a hands-on crafting activity for teenagers and up to get stuck into. The cool projects are ambitious in scope and each one helps the artist hone a new technique. Think: Making a punch-needle pillow, a macrame planter or a set of terrazzo clay organizers. Three cheers for a kid’s project you’ll actually want to display in your living room.

4. kiwico Doodle Crate

This bestseller is recommended for kids ages nine and up but with nifty projects like building a wooden clock, creating a Sumi-E ink wash wall hanging and painting candle holders, adults will enjoy trying it out as well. Featuring a different artsy activity each month, users especially appreciate the step-by-step video tutorials to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation. Another great feature? The first crate ships within two days and your subscription can be canceled at any time.

5. smart Art

The price tag may be a little steep but this monthly surprise includes a generous array of the finest brand-name art supplies around plus two sample projects (one basic and one more challenging) to kickstart the imagination. Fans of the Smart Art box say it’s ideal for experienced artists to try out new mediums like glass art or alcohol ink.

6. the Sunny Path Fabrics Bundle Of The Month Subscription

Less arts, more crafts, this box is ideal for those makers whose sewing machines have been gathering dust. Put your appliance back in business with this nifty subscription offering a monthly delivery of fine fabric bundles in a variety of prints and colors. But remember, it’s up to you to pick the project. Will you make some snazzy pillow covers, a patchwork quilt or a new stuffed animal for your child? Better start brainstorming.

7. craft + Boogie Subscription Box

These festive kid-friendly crafts are designed to spark creativity and facilitate family bonding. At least three artsy projects come in every box and all of them are tailored for a parent-child duo. (No more will you feel like pulling your hair out trying to get your 3-year-old on board with an impossible Pinterest craft.) Best of all, this subscription also includes games to play with family and friends, as well as a Spotify playlist that fits the monthly theme. In other words, this party-in-a-box is certain to keep kids busy.

8. crate Joy Bargain Bead Box

If you like baubles and bright, shiny things, this monthly gift box will make you giddy. But this isn’t like the plastic jewelry-making from your childhood—all the beads in this box are designer-quality and made of glass, gemstone, crystal or metal. They also come with a selection of pretty pendants, charms and clasps, so you may even decide to stop buying jewelry entirely.

9. adults And Crafts Crate Monthly Craft Box

Hoping to be the hostess with the mostest? This creative pick has got your number with a super trendy crafting kit that includes all the tools and materials needed to create a Pinterest-worthy masterpiece. The projects are fun and functional with a focus on home decor. Recent kits have set subscribers up to build handy accessories like a wine caddy and agate resin coasters plus make pretty embellishments like autumn wreaths and string art signs.

10. Paletteful Packs

A multi-media monthly surprise, this box arrives chock full of markers, paints, brushes, pencils and other professional-quality art supplies. Each package features a new theme (like walnuts or watercolor inks) along with a curated selection of interrelated products that are designed to be used together. Best of all, this subscription includes the appropriate surface (canvas, craft paper, etc.) in addition to the media sampling, so you’re never left with a tube of paint and nowhere to use it.

11. the Paper Crate Subscription Box

Never send a hasty “happy birthday” text again. Instead, keep a stockpile of invitations, thank you cards and birthday notes at the ready for beautiful and unique correspondence with family and friends. This crate contains a whole host of useful materials, tools and embellishments so you can learn the craft of card-making and flex your creative muscles. Aren’t you thoughtful?

12. let’s Make Art Watercolor Subscription Box

Artists of all ages can enjoy this watercoloring subscription which provides a steady stream of fresh paints, brushes, paper and inspiration. Every box contains four separate projects with a step-by-step guide for each one. Subscribers also benefit from access to weekly video tutorials for further mastery of the craft.

13. sketchbox

Serious artists, listen up: This box was designed to help creators succeed by putting high-quality supplies in their hands and giving them a platform to share their work. In addition to receiving up to nine different materials per month (like Copic markers, Pan pastels, Zig Brush Pens and Van Gogh watercolors), each delivery also contains an original piece of art to provide inspiration and showcase the work of another artist in the Sketchbox community. Subscribers are encouraged to submit their own work so it can be featured in an upcoming box. What are you waiting for? Gogh for it. (Sorry.)

14. artsnacks Monthly Art Supply Subscription Box

This subscription box is best-suited for adults that are ready to step up their fine art game. Sign on and you will get a small bundle of premium art supplies (like acrylic paint, soft pastels, brush pens and colored ink), packaged with care. The materials you receive are curated to work well together and the included pamphlet offers a description of each, as well as ideas for use, so you can try your hand at some new techniques.

15. scrapbooking Store

Scrapbooking enthusiasts can save themselves a lot of time in line at the craft store (not a memory worth scrapbooking about) by signing up for this nifty art subscription box. The monthly package includes a beautiful assortment of stickers and embellishments, as well as cut-outs and 12 by 12 double-sided pages so you are fully stocked with materials to complete just about any project. Want more scrapbooking bling? No problem—just opt for the upgrade for extra fancy embellishments.

16. green Kid Crafts Subscription Box

You’ve heard of STEM, but what about STEAM? (Hint: that “a” stands for art.) Green Kid Crafts’ award-winning STEAM subscriptions are designed to engage children in creative play. The three different box choices cater to different age groups so you can pick the one that’s best suited for your child’s ability. All the products have been applauded by parents and professionals alike for their success at incorporating creative arts into education.

art subscription box home made luxe

17. Home Made Luxe

Make all your interior decor dreams come true with Home Made Luxe, just the subscription box you need to get started. Sign up and you’ll be rewarded every month with the materials required to craft a seriously stylish, new piece of decor—mixed media wall hangings, elegant trinket dishes and more—plus foolproof step-by-step instructions, so you don’t have to work too hard for the home makeover.

art subscription box pop shop america craft in style box
Pop Shop America

18. Pop Shop America Craft In Style Box

Here, a care package that arrives chock full of all the supplies you need to complete a fresh and wildly different pièce de résistance each month—from DIY terrarium projects to acrylic pouring crafts and calligraphy. Yep, we’ve all heard that variety is the spice of life and, in case you doubted it, Pop Shop America’s craft subscription will make you a believer. Spring for this one and you just might discover a creative passion you never knew you had.

art subscription box the crafter s box
The Crafter’s Box

19. The Crafter’s Box

If you’re done with casual (read: half-hearted) crafting, it might be time to invest a little more in your creative hobby with the Crafter’s Box. This subscription includes not only an array of premium tools and materials, but also access to artist-run monthly workshops for step-by-step instruction, and a social community where fellow artists share their progress and exchange feedback. In other words, give this one a try and failed (or unfinished) projects will be a thing of the past.

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