Guys, they’re just like us. Whether it's a birthday, Father's Day or some other holiday, they're most excited at a gift that keeps on surprising…such as a subscription box that shows up on their doorstep with wine bottles, coffee beans or tech gadgets...or maybe he wants to ensure he never runs out of razors and socks, two of life’s biggest necessities. Or he might just want someone else to do his clothes shopping for him. The truth is, there’s a subscription box to delight nearly every man, focused on providing quality in everything from meals to cocktails to fragrance—whatever he's into.

The best men's subscription boxes are highly customizable, meaning you can choose if they come every month, every other month or quarterly. There are sure to be several among these 35 winners that will keep him happy—and appreciating you again and again when his latest box arrives. And if you haven't found everything he'll love in this list, check out our roundup of the best subscription snack boxes (no judgment) or our favorite subscription wellness boxes (because, hello, stress relief).

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Breo Box

1. Breo Box

Best for Gadget Collectors

What you get: Five to eight of the latest tech gadgets

Why we love it: Does he always pine after (and obsessively research) the newest tech launches? Then this is the box for him. Every three months, he’ll get a shipment of unique gadgets, home goods, fitness products and more (think drones, Tesla lighters and hydroponic herb gardens) that are curated to fit the season.

Cost: You can select a single season ($159), two seasons ($309), three seasons ($449) or a whole year ($589) of boxes, starting with a welcome box including Casalink Smart WiFi Plugs that turn household lights on and off via an app, a Lume UV Sanitizing Wand and a Sohp Touchless Dispenser for soap.

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Harry & David

2. Moose Munch® Premium Popcorn Club

Best for Movie Night Buffs

What you get: Tins of caramel- and chocolate-accented gourmet popping corn

Why We Love It: Is he always longing to settle into his media room and watch old classics, or binge the latest Netflix offering? To accompany those flickering images, give him a delicious, seasonally crafted crunchy snack (think: fall batches drizzled with Cinnamon Maple Pecan and Dark Chocolate to holiday popcorn suffused with peppermint bark).

Cost: $99 for six monthly deliveries; $179 for a year's worth of crunchy goodness

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Menlo Club/Facebook

3. Menlo Club

Best for Guys Who Like Variety

What you get: Two or three items

Why we love it: This is just the thing to help men expand their style—without a fight or ending up with a pair of ill-fitting chinos. Expect Menlo Club boxes to come packed with clothing, footwear or athleisure from the brand’s in-house men’s labels. Eight months per year he’ll receive clothing-only boxes, while the other four months will be split between shoes and activewear. A yearly shipment calendar is sent to customers at the beginning of their membership, so he’ll know what to expect each month.

Cost: Gift memberships are available in three-month ($153), six-month ($270) and 12-month ($468) memberships.

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4. Winc

Best for the Wine Lover

What you get: Four expertly curated bottles of wine each month

Why we love it: He’ll take a quick, six-question quiz that helps determine the flavors he likes, and then Winc will select four bottles based on his palate. No more judging reds and whites by their labels in the middle of the liquor store (admit it, you do it, too). Then he’ll rate his wines to get better recommendations for the next delivery.

Cost: Winc lets gift-givers choose a one-month subscription ($60), a two-month subscription ($100) or a three-month subscription ($150), to be delivered at the frequency that your giftee requests. Best of all, the subscriptions allow your recipient to choose their own wines, so no risk of sending someone a cava when they're more of a Barolo drinker.

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5. Stance

Best for Sneaker Collectors

What you get: Two to four pairs of socks, or one to three pairs of underwear, shipped either monthly or quarterly

Why we love it: Not only does Stance make some of the comfiest underwear and socks, but it also features fun patterns with pop culture references, plus motifs from sports and movies. (The brand is hip among sneakerheads.) Just choose underwear or socks, the number he wants to receive (two, three or four pairs) and whether he wants them monthly or quarterly. Let the brand pick products based on a brief quiz or he can curate his own box.

Cost: This service is available in increments from three months ($57) to 12 months ($228).

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6. Birchbox

Best for Grooming Product Samplers

What you get: Four to six sample-size products

Why we love it: Yep, the OG beauty subscription box also caters to dudes. This sample-packed delivery is great for test-driving products before committing to full-size bottles or tubs. Expect a range of grooming products from beard balms to oils, skincare items like moisturizer, plus hair care, so he can discover a new pomade (that actually works). P.S. You can purchase the full-size version of any item with an exclusive discount from Birchbox’s online store.

Cost: Sample box prices cost $10 per month, and your giftee can buy full-size versions from the site at discounted rates.

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7. Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Best for the Guy Who Hates Clothes Shopping

What you get: Three to eight items—and pay only for the ones you keep

Why we love it: If he likes to pick out his own clothes, Amazon Prime Wardrobe has a giant selection of name brands he can try before he buys. Just fill his cart with three to eight pieces and they’ll all get shipped so he can try them on at home. He can keep the items he likes and send back the ones he doesn’t with a prepaid shipping label. There’s basically no risk involved in this shopping experience.

Cost: The price is based on how many items you choose for each shipment, and you're only charged for each one he keeps.

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Blue Bottle Coffee

8. Blue Bottle Coffee

Best for the Caffeine Enthusiast

What you get: Six ounces of whole bean coffee (about a one-week supply for one or two coffee drinkers)

Why we love it: Choose from single origin, blends, espresso or decaf, all sourced by hand from sustainable farms and delivered every one to four weeks (the cadence can be changed anytime). All of Blue Bottle’s coffee is hand-roasted to order in small batches and shipped within 48 hours. That means the morning brew will never be bitter and will always taste like it’s fresh from the coffee shop.

Cost: Gift Subscriptions are available for $66 (six shipments of coffee every two weeks), $132 (12 shipments of coffee for every two weeks) or a create-your-own option that allows you to choose the coffee you want to send, as often as you like, in $22 shipments.

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Trunk Club

9. Trunk Club

Best for the Luxury Fashion Lover

What you get: Six to ten items

Why we love it: As a subscription box that sits under the Nordstrom umbrella, Trunk Club gives men (and women) access to the store’s massive inventory, but professional stylists do all the heavy lifting (i.e., the time-consuming process of browsing). Prestige labels like Patagonia, Theory and Vince are among the selection, so there's a level of taste to count on. Expect to give final approval on all items—and request swaps—before each box ships. Plus, if an item rips or breaks, Nordstrom’s A+ customer service will take care of it. Hello, stress-free shopping!

Cost: While not technically a subscription service because there's no recurring commitment to receive ongoing boxes, this service has the best part of the subscription service model in that it allows your giftee to send back any items they don't want. Gift givers can use gift cards to pay for $50 to $500 of items.

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Dr. Squatch

10. Dr. Squatch

Best for the Grooming Resistant

What you get: A shipment of soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothpastes (morning and night flavors) and other grooming products

Why we love it: The scents of the brand's signature soaps (such as woodsy pine tar and refreshing spearmint basil), the playful packaging and the range of products will please even lads who haven't really gotten into the swing of a good grooming routine yet want to really feel clean and invigorated.

Cost: Customizable bundles are delivered every three months, starting at $36 for six soaps

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Dollar Shave Club

11. Dollar Shave Club

Best for the Neat Beardo

What you get: The first shipment is a starter set that comes with a razor, two blades and a variety of travel-size grooming products. For following months, customize a restock box with full-size items.

Why we love it: If buying razors is always a forgotten task, give his scruff a little extra attention with personalized shipments. For less money than he’d pay in the store (and way more convenience), Dollar Shave Club offers three razor options (two blades, four blades and six blades) and has additional products to add to each shipment, including body wash, shampoo and toothpaste from Dollar Shave Club’s own brand. Plus, subscribers can select what day and how often they want to receive their box.

Cost: The starter set is just $5, but we're partial to the Shave Gift Set (razor handle, blades, prep scrub, shave butter and post-shave cream) for $35 and the Super Ultimate Shave Kit for $50 which includes handy in-shower and sink holders for his razor.

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Craft Beer Club

12. The Craft Beer Club

For the Beer Connoisseur

What you get: Twelve beers

Why we love it: Impress all of his friends at Zoom happy hour with bottles and cans from microbreweries around the country. Each box spotlights beer from two breweries located in different regions and comes with four craft beer styles (three bottles of each one). It’s a great way to up your standing with the biggest beer aficionado in your life.

Cost: Shipments begin at $45 per month.

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13. Cairn

For the Outdoorsman

What you get: Three to six products

Why we love it: Create a profile that tells Cairn about his outdoor pursuits and expect a monthly surprise of expertly curated items fit for all types of adventures. Whether he’s a seasoned hiker or a beginner rock climber, each box can include new-to-market apparel, gear, snacks, skincare and emergency tools that match the activity (from brands like HydroFlask, Marmot and Clif Bar), worth up to $50.

Cost: These boxes begin at $35 per month.

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Murray’s Cheese

14. Murray’s Cheese of the Month Subscription

For the Guy with a Sophisticated Palate

What you get: Three or four half-pound cuts of cheese

Why we love it: Calling all cheese lovers—we’ve found the best subscription box ever. Murray’s Cheese of the Month sources the highest-quality cheese from producers around the world and delivers it to your doorstep, along with a handy information card with serving and wine pairing suggestions. Consider this an excuse to invite your friends over when social distancing ends.

Cost: Your cornucopia of cheeses costs $75 per month.

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Stitch Fix

15. Stitch Fix for Men

Best for the One Who Hates Shopping

What you get: A stylist-selected shipment of clothes comes, based on a questionnaire your guy fills out about his clothing needs. He gets to try on the pieces from brands like The North Face, Ralph Lauren and New Balance, as well as brands exclusive to Stitch Fix. The account is charged for what he keeps and there's a 25 percent discount if he keeps everything.

Why we love it: You can tailor how much you want to spend on each item, as well as tell your stylist (via questionnaire) how often you want to receive each type of look (so you might opt for, say, business looks infrequently).

Cost: Delivery options are every two to three weeks, every month, every other month or every three months, and can be customized for any budget. (And you can just send your guy a gift card for them to use at their convenience.)

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16. Scentbird

Best for the Guy Who Always Smells Great

What You Get: New designer scent trial sizes for $15 per month.

Why We Love It: Your guy loves scent, but doesn't want to hang around a department store beauty counter being bombarded with too many samples at once. So here he can take a quiz about his likes and dislikes (maybe he leans toward fresh citrusy scents or prefers a spicy warm vibe?), then get an 8 ml bottle of a new fragrance from top brands like Prada and Bulgari delivered. And here's what's better, also, than a department store—the trial scent fits inside a sleek black reusable case.

Cost: Scentbird costs $16 per month and there's no obligation to continue if you decide to cancel after one month.

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Short Par 4

17. Short Par 4

For the Golf Enthusiast

What You Get: Stylist-selected golf apparel and accessories delivered to your door.

Why We Love It: Golf is booming due to the sport's perfect combination of social distancing and outdoors exercise; this service allows subscribers to avoid overpriced pro shops or unknown online vendors and get quality merch from esteemed golf brands like Calloway, Oakley and RLX.

Cost: You can gift three-month memberships beginning at $130, and any items your golfer returns will be credited to his account to be used against future purchases.

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Misfits Market

18. Misfits Market

For the Eco-Conscious Cook

What You Get: A weekly or every-other-week delivery of fresh vegetables that would otherwise go to waste

Why We Love It: Our reviewer gave this fresh produce and grocery delivery service high markets for reasonably priced and quality food delivered straight to your door, no pandemic-era grocery store visits required. But even in times of non-contagion, this box is a great idea, since you sign up for once a week or every other week deliveries of fresh foods that otherwise would go to waste because due to size, shape or other irregularity, it wouldn't be eligible to be sold at a supermarket. Bonus—prices are up to 40 percent off.

Cost: $22 or $35, depending on box size

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Rad Dad Box

19. Rad Dad Box

For the New Dad

What you get: Three to four items to welcome the new dad to fatherhood and help bond with baby. Past boxes included blue bear rattle socks, hand sanitizer for dad's day out and maple syrup for Dad to put on his pancakes.

Why we love it: It's just a sweet way for new fathers to have something that's just for them and the baby.

Cost: There are two options—a $28 box, delivered every month with up to four items, and a $45 box that includes five to eight products.

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Mash and Grape

20. Mash and Grape

For the Craft Cocktail Guy

What you get: A sampling of your choice of spirits from independent bottlers and small-scale distillers around the world. You choose among Whiskey, Scotch, bourbon, gin or tequila, and each month your recipient gets a bottle with tasting notes and the story of its creation.

Why we love it: This makes an excellent housewarming present because it is an excellent way to build a home liquor cabinet, as well as learn more about the traditional processes that go into making a distinctive scotch, say, or a notable sipping tequila.

Cost: Each spirit has its own monthly fee, beginning with the least expensive, gin ($44 per month) ranging up to the dearest, Scotch ($79 per month).

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The Mantry

21. The Mantry

For the Foodie

What you get: Six full-size artisan products delivered to your door

Why we love it: To paraphrase Samuel Johnson, when a man is tired of snacks, he is tired of life. We know that the noshing fellow in your life is going to delight in the items we've found in past boxes: smoky peanut butter, fennel and pepper salami, even a frozen tonic syrup to elevate that after-work vodka-tonic.

Cost: Boxes are giftable in one-month frequency ($75), three-month frequency ($225) and for $450, you can get six months of snack happiness.

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Facebook/Me Undies

22. Me Undies

Best for the Bright Clothing Devotee

What you get: It's a little colorful prize every month—a soft, fresh pair of undies, according to your preference.

Why we love it: First your giftee selects a style (boxer brief, trunk, boxer, or brief), then according to whatever plan you've chosen (Classic, Bold or Adventurous), and their size, they get just that pair of undies, made in the signature MeUndies ultra-soft lightweight fabrics, no-chafe stitching and a non-binding waistband.

Cost: At $16 per month, with no commitment, this is a low-risk, high-yield buy.

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Facebook/Butcher Box

23. Butcher Box

For the Guy Who Craves Protein

What you get: Fresh-frozen beef, pork, chicken or salmon delivered to your door.

Why we love it: This service is a gem, mostly because it's high-quality and saves him the chore of having to go to the butcher, the fishmonger and various other special markets. You can choose what's in your box, from all grass-fed-grass-finished beef, heritage pork, free-range organic chicken and sustainably harvested, wild-caught seafood.

Cost: While there are one-off gift boxes for steak lovers ($135) and those with a taste for wild salmon ($149), the monthly subscription costs $129 for around 10 pounds of grass-fed beef, chicken, pork or fish, depending on which plan you choose. You can cancel or skip a month at any time.

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Mystery Tackle Box

24. Mystery Tackle Box

Best for the Angler

What you get: A box full of fishing equipment that's chosen by the recipient, for the recipient.

Why we love it: Fisherfolk are notoriously difficult to select gifts for—they like their lures just so, and won't be interested in trying anything you pick out, unless you're a bigtime fisher yourself. So this gifting service is great because it lets someone buy a monthly box, but lets the recipient choose among a wide selection of hard baits, soft baits, jigs, reels and other tackle you need not concern yourself with.

Cost: Three-month gift box subscriptions begin at $57 and top out at $117.

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Gentleman's Box

25. Gentleman's Box

For the Busy Young Professional

What you get: A monthly box of small style accessories, tailored to the season.

Why we love it: The wide variety of the edit is what's cool here, from elegant pocket squares to dress socks that come in the style boxes.

Cost: The must-have accessories box comes monthly for $35.

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26. Battlebox

For the Survivalist

What you get: In a monthly box, you'll receive manuals, emergency supplies, outdoor gear and survival tools.

Why we love it: Is your guy a big fan of shows like Naked and Afraid and Doomsday Preppers, where some poor sap tries to outwit Mother Nature but fails miserably? Don't let him be that guy, with a monthly haul of how-to guides and gadgets guaranteed to at least give him a head start on surviving the zombiepocalypse.

Cost: The Basic monthly box costs $30; increasingly costly subscription tiers top out at $160 per month and include more serious gear such as compasses, tents and axes.

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27. GloveBox

For the Guy Who Loves His Car

What you get: Car care is so much easier when you have the right products and tools, and this box contains five to seven of the best cleaners for all your detailing needs, as well as a microfiber towel. There's something for upholstery, for paint protection, tire maintenance and more.

Why we love it: Say your giftee just got their first car—this set of products will let them understand it better as they're taking care of it (i.e., they'll finally stop parking under that tree whose berries corrodes the paint). If your recipient is a longtime car buff, they'll appreciate new formulations of cleaning and buffing supplies.

Cost: The GloveBox costs $32 per month.

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Good Cigar Co

28. Good Cigar Co.

For the Cigar Aficianado

What you get: Four or eight premium cigars in a humidified case, along with a cigar cutter. matches and a detailed explanation of the cigar choices.

Why we love it: Before your first shipment, you request "mild to medium," "variety" or "medium to full" strength preferences. Then, once you receive your selections, there's an online palate quiz you answer by email, so that future sets can hew to your liking.

Cost: The subscription starts at $35 per month for four cigars, and can be cancelled at any time.

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29. Scoutbox

For the Outdoorsy Familyman

What you get: Every box offers a collection of items useful to teach families and kids that exploring the outdoors is at least as fun as playing video games.

Why we love it: Created by two Eagle scouts to share their love of the outdoors, boxes are themed to introduce skills including backpacking, camp cooking, emergency prep, outdoor tech and fitness, in curated selections that are both practical and inspirational.

Cost: $39 per monthly box

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Jerky of The Month Club - Craft Jerky Co.

30. Jerky of The Month Club - Craft Jerky Co.

For the Dried Beef Buff

What you get: From four to eight bags of beef jerky sourced from across the U.S.

Why we love it: There's always a surprise flavor or two in this collection, such as lime-infused or hickory-smoked recipes. Your giftee will appreciate that it's also a great snack to take on hikes or in the car.

Cost: Starting at $29 for four bags per month, to eight bags for $54 per month.

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franckreporter/ Getty Images

31. Grill Masters Club

For the Barbecuing Fiend

What you get: A specially curated box of barbecue sauces, spice rubs, wood chips, a "chef's choice" special tool or accessory and recipes.

Why we love it: There's something about a man and his grill, the special relationship between the height of the flames, whether to turn the meat or not, how charred the ribs should get. Now turn his obsession up to 11 with these special additions that he can endlessly debate the other guys at the barbecue about (and psst, the other guys will want Grill Masters Club boxes of their own).

Cost: Subscriptions cost from $30 per month, and you can order non-renewable gift boxes as well.

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Foot Cardigan

32. Foot Cardigan

For the Novelty Outfit Fan

What you get: A new pair of socks every month

Why we love it: Sock shopping is one of the less exciting sartorial duties out there, and this subscription brings a fresh pair to your door monthly. Plus you will smile at the novelty graphics, such as dancing bacon slices or an "I voted!" button design. Also, if your sockee is a bit more subdued, taste-wise, there are dignified and traditional patterns.

Cost: All this convenience and wit for $13 per month.

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Bespoke Post

33. Bespoke Post

Best for the Adventurous

What you get: A box of something tailored around a theme that's made up of small, useful items created by small makers

Why we love it: These items are what you'd see on the life accessories table of a men's hipster boutique, from a set of manscaping tools to a lightweight pocketknife or a bird call for his next hike.

Cost: $45 per shipment, with no obligation to keep the items or subscription commitment

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Shaker & Spoon

34. Shaker & Spoon

Best for the Aspiring Mixologist

What you get: A set of seasonally selected cocktail mixers and four recipes for making 12 cocktails, all using one liquor or spirit that you provide

Why we love it: The recipes are created by top bartenders who are crafting today's most flavor-forward drinks, and there are recipe cards and online tutorials for subscribers who are newer to the cocktail game. For example, did they know that scotch whiskey is great in summer, not just cooler weather? Or that mezcal is the best backbone for fall adult beverages around Halloween-time?

Cost: $40 to $50 monthly, no commitment

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35. Hot Sauce of the Month Club

For the Spicy Food Fan

What you get: One to three bottles per month

Why we love it: Get the best artisanal hot sauce, curated by the experts at Heat Hot Sauce Shop (yes, that’s a real store in California) delivered right to your door. Pick a spice level—mild, classic or extra hot—and turn up the heat on your next spread. The only thing missing is the actual food.

Cost: You pay $15 for bottle a month.

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