The 26 Best Snack Subscription Boxes for Every Type of Craving

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Let’s be honest, the three meals a day model just goes to pieces without a decent snacking regimen. A good nosh can not only keep the dreaded afternoon slump at bay but can also give you enough energy to get a quick workout in before dinner. Yep, snacks are a big deal and we’ve got some great news, friends: There’s actually such a thing as a snack subscription box. In fact, there are gluten-free and vegan options, healthy snack deliveries, packages of novelty popcorn to satisfy movie night munchies, and boxes that arrive full of your favorite childhood candies…so basically, there’s a good chance one might have your name written all over it.


universal yums snack subscription box
Universal Yums

1. Universal Yums

Best multicultural snack selection

Snack your way around the world with Universal Yums, a subscription that sends you a nosh box full of international goodies every month. This service promises to provide some fresh new ways to satisfy your cravings—you know, in case your current snack rotation has grown a bit stale. (You again, Cheez-Its?) Each box you receive contains a mix of sweet and snacks from a different country, meaning you can munch on Colombian treats one month and make your way through some of Thailand’s favorites the next. The folks at Universal Yums even throw in a booklet with trivia, games and recipes from every featured country—so it’s basically like globetrotting without having to get up off the couch.

Cost: From $15 per month

bokksu best snack subscription box

2. Bokksu

Best for Japanese Snacks

Tired of the same old, same old? We get it. The solution to snack ennui is to look to our Japanese friends over at Bokksu for inspiration. We promise that this fun box of monthly delights won’t remind you of anything you’ve munched on recently (think: green tea and lemon cakes, matcha Kit Kats and fried rice crackers). With a different theme in every box (like specific flavor pairings or festivals), you have the option to subscribe monthly or try a one-time curated box.

Cost: From $40 per box

best snack subscription box mouth indie states of america

3. Mouth Indie States Of America Box

Best for Sampling the 50 States

Much like Universal Yums, minus the ‘universal’ part, Mouth’s Indie States of America box spotlights snacks from a different U.S. region every month. The selection of gourmet goods includes a combination of snacks (like Carolina BBQ potato chips or fruit and nut crackers from Vermont) as well as snacking accompaniments (oh hi, heavenly jams), and the deliciousness is delivered every month. Bottom line: If you’re looking for a steady supply of artisanal noshes curated to reflect regional flavors, this subscription will taste like a dream come true.

Cost: From $54 per month

best snack subscription box urthbox

4. Urthbox

Best for Health and Wellness

PSA: If visions of Doritos dance in your head, keep scrolling—UrthBox will not fulfill your junk food fantasies. The health conscious, on the other hand, will strike gold with this subscription service, which delivers an impressive array of health foods on a monthly basis for guilt-free grazing. The boxes also include juices and cleanses—you know, in case you had a lapse in judgment and need to purge the bad nosh toxins from your temple, stat. But healthy doesn’t mean unsatisfying: There are nuts and seeds, of course, but you can also count on receiving a sampling of salty chips and sweet treats (hello, antioxidant-rich chocolate bar) with each tasty shipment.

Cost: From $20 per month

sugar smart box snack subscription box

5. Sugar Smart Box

Best Diabetic-Friendly Box

When the doctor tells you to keep an eye on your blood sugar, it’s best not to mess around, but that doesn’t mean you need to forgo grazing completely. Enter Sugar Smart Box—the subscription service designed to provide keto and diabetic-friendly snacks to anyone trying to stick to a diet without sacrificing flavor (or getting hangry between meals). These boxes arrive stuffed with low-carb and low-sugar snacks, all of which are seriously yummy by any standard. Plus, the products included are mostly full-size (with a couple samples thrown in on occasion) so you get plenty of bang for your buck.

Cost: From $28 per month

kernel crate snack subscription box
Crate joy

6. Kernel Crate

Best for Movie Night

Good news: Netflix and chill just got yummier—and you don’t even have to make a trip to the microwave to enjoy this classic movie night nosh. Sign up for Kernel Crate and you can have three bags of flavored popcorn, both savory and sweet, delivered to your door every month for easy snacking. That said, don’t expect your box to be filled with the usual suspects (kettle corn, caramel, cheddar). This monthly subscription is intended for popcorn-lovers that are willing to step outside their comfort zone. Hint: Only sign on if you can handle a little strawberry lemonade, barbeque bacon or hot pickle seasoning on your popcorn.

Cost: From $15 per month

healthyme living snack box snack subscription box

7. Healthyme Living Snack Box

Best Healthy Snack Box

Sometimes we all make bad choices when we find ourselves furiously peckish but without any solid snack options available. Fortunately, you don’t need to resort to unwrapping that stale candy bar in the bottom of your purse—just sign up for a HealthyMe Living Snack Box and be sure to carry some of these wholesome and thoroughly satisfying snacks on your person at all times. Your box of yumminess will include things like fava beans that have been seasoned to taste like corn nuts and pleasantly sweet fruit gummies with a nutritional profile that put gummy bears to shame. Best of all, you can rest assured the health value of these tasty snacks is not just a gimmick, because each box is curated by a certified health coach.

Cost: From $27 per month

the kids munchie box snack subscription box

8. The Kids Munchie Box

Best for Your Inner Child

A heaven-sent gift for your inner child (or your actual child), The Kids Munchie Box is a monthly care package chock full of an enviable assortment of munchies. OK, it’s not the most health-conscious or high-brow subscription box of the bunch, but we all deserve to indulge in a guilty pleasure or two from time to time. (Right?) This one leans more toward sweet snacks, with only a peppering of savory items, but the selection of candies scores high in terms of both taste and nostalgia. (Fun Dip, our long-lost love, how sweet to meet again.)

Cost: From $35 per month

my keto snack box snack subscription box

9. My Keto Snack Box

Best Keto-Friendly Box

The keto diet is all the rage right now and followers of this low-carb, high fat meal plan give it rave reviews. If you count yourself as one of the believers, then My Keto Snack Box is the subscription for you. Each monthly delivery includes eight to 12 nutritious snacks (like nut butter, kale chips and energy bars) that promise to provide the fuel you need for a productive day.

Cost: $40 per month

murray s monthly cheese club classic snack subscription box

10. Murray’s Monthly Cheese Club (classic)

Best for Cheese Lovers

Paradise awaits cheese lovers who subscribe to this snack box, courtesy of one of the most well-respected artisanal cheese purveyors in the country. The folks at this famous NYC cheese shop are experts in all things creamy, savory and delicious; they’re also responsible for Murray’s Monthly Cheese Club—a subscription service that delivers a swoon-worthy selection of gourmet, snackable cheeses that run the gamut from decadent and spreadable to crumbly and piquant. Sign up for a monthly dairy fix of three to four cheeses that’s guaranteed to go down easy.

Cost: From $63 per month

best snack subscription box mouth snack

11. Mouth Snack Box

Best Variety Box

snack attack can come up at any point in the day. Good news: With a Mouth Snack Box subscription, you can start your morning with a handful of trail mix, snack on some salty pickles to tie you over till lunch, munch on a gourmet granola bar while you enjoy an afternoon coffee, and finish off the day with popcorn and channel-surfing. Yep, whenever the urge to nosh strikes you can rest assured, because the Mouth snack box has every base covered—morning, noon and night. Best of all, the goods you get all come from small-batch makers who take great pride in producing wholesome and high-quality food stuff.

Cost: From $54 per month

katz s seasonal subscription snack subscription box

12. Katz’s Seasonal Subscription

Best Lunchtime Box

The offerings in Katz’s seasonal subscription are a bit more substantial than other boxes on our list, but far be it from us to draw the line between snack and meal. All you really need to know is that the quintessential selection of deli meats, pickles and condiments that this subscription provides are top-notch. (After all, they do come from the landmark New York City delicatessen, of When Harry Met Sally fame). The truth is that the contents of this one can very easily be used to make a hearty meal, but there are no rules, and we have it on good authority that the cold cuts boast plenty of snacking potential. (Note: The price is steep, but the pastrami alone is worth every penny.)

Cost: $450 for a 3-month subscription

snacknation box snack subscription box

13. Snacknation Box

Best for Snack Time Staples

The SnackNation Box arrives with anywhere from 8 to 150 different crowd-pleasing snacks, depending on the size you choose, and the selection reliably strikes an ideal balance between healthy and hitting-the-spot. Instant hits like Pirates Booty and Kettle Chips have been known to make an appearance, alongside other lesser known but equally delicious and wholesome snacks. Bonus: This subscription service promises to donate two meals to families in need for every box that’s delivered to your doorstep, so you’ll have more than one reason to feel good about grazing.

Cost: From $16 per box

best snack subscription box try treats

14. Treats

Best for International Sweets

Treats subscription snack boxes operate in the same way as Universal Yums, and they are a fierce competitor to boot. These care packages feature a hand-picked collection of scrumptious snacks from a new country every month, along with a description card so you can learn about what you’re eating. The snacks served up in this box are top-notch and the diverse offerings provide an opportunity to broaden your gustatory horizons whilst getting your noshing needs met.

Cost: $16 per month

num nums munch box snack subscription box

15. Num Nums Munch Box

Best for Those with Allergies or Special Diets

Ideal for those with food allergies and dietary restrictions, the Num Nums Munch Box seeks to bring safe and healthy snacks to those who can’t just eat whatever is within reach...and it succeeds. You can choose to have a five, 10 or 20-piece snack box delivered monthly and you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of a rotating selection of delicious grazing options—all free from the top eight allergens (that’s milk, eggs, fish, crustaceans, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans) and vegan-friendly to boot.

Cost: $13 per month

best snack subscription box mouth jerky

16. Mouth Pickles Of The Month Club

Best for Pickle Lovers

Sometimes you just need a good salty, briny snack—and in those moments the Mouth Pickles of the Month Club has got you covered. These monthly boxes boast a mouthwatering selection of artisanal goods that includes everything from classic bread and butter pickles to pickled cherry tomatoes. In fact, the gourmet offerings in this box fit in quite nicely on a fancy cheese plate…if you have the restraint to wait for such an occasion, that is.

Cost: $48 per month

kind snack club snack subscription box

17. Kind Snack Club

Best for Energy Bars

Fans of the classic energy bar will, erm, take kindly to the KIND Snack Club—a subscription that includes 20 snacks from the beloved brand that you can select according to your own flavor preferences. Among the options available to you are breakfast bars, energy bars, protein-rich snacks, certified gluten-free treats and more—and if KIND bars are already a pantry staple in home, you’ll be pleased to hear that this home delivery subscription will save you 10 percent as compared to the retail price (no coupon clipping required).

Cost: $38 per month

vegancuts snack subscription box

18. Vegancuts

Best Vegan Snacks

If you follow a strictly vegan diet, you’re likely all too familiar with the effort and time that goes into scanning ingredient lists when all you want is a quick fix for the in-between meal munchies. Well, vegan friends, your pleas have been heard. Presenting VeganCuts: The snack subscription box that sends a minimum of 10 vegan-friendly noshes your way. The selection is both delicious and diverse—including both sweet and savory snacks—and convenience makes this box worth its weight in gold.

Cost: $25 per month

best snack subscription box variety fun
Variety Fun

19. Variety Fun Snack Box

Best Junk Food Fix

Score a monthly supply of all the classics with Variety Fun Snack Box, a straightforward but undeniably delicious snack subscription. Nope, your box will not contain anything exotic or organic, but you’ll also never again have to open your pantry and ask what happened to the Funyuns?! The basic subscription includes 40 such well-known snacks, including some real throwbacks—Cracker Jacks, for example—and if you do the math, that’s more than a snack a day (said to keep the doctor away). There’s no need to explain how yummy these snacks are—that’s why they’ve stuck around.

Cost: $30 per box

fitsnack box snack subscription box

20. Fitsnack Box

Best for Before and After the Gym

The folks at FitSnack make no bones about it, they aren’t just selling you a bunch of snacks: When you sign up, you’re subscribing to a lifestyle—one that prioritizes health and fitness. OK, the monthly box does not include a drill sergeant that will get you out of bed and to the gym on time, but the food does reflect such life goals. You can’t customize your monthly offerings but that’s probably for the best, because this box is curated by a nutritionist and guaranteed to include a combination of GMO-free, gluten-free, protein-rich, vegan-friendly and all-natural snacks. (Phew, that’s a mouthful.) And in case you were wondering just how serious FitSnack is about fitness, this subscription also provides workouts, courtesy of a professional trainer. In other words, only sign up when you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak.

Cost: $27 per month

la tienda discover spain club snack subscription box
La Tienda

21. La Tienda Discover Spain Club

Best for Gourmands

If you can’t hop on a plane for a vacation to the sun-drenched streets of Barcelona, do the next best thing and get your snack on, Spanish style. La Tienda is the preeminent purveyor of gourmet Spanish foods, and the La Tienda Discover Spain Club does not disappoint. This box or artisan-made goods boasts a different selection of delicacies every month (chorizo, olives, jamon serrano), but no matter what you get, it’s sure to hit the spot.

Cost: $150 for a 3-month subscription

best snack subscription boxes candy club
Candy Club

22. Candy Club

Best for a Sweet Tooth

Be it gummy bears or chocolates you desire, Candy Club—a monthly subscription that allows customers to choose from one of 11 different curated selections of top-notch candies, including sweet, sour and even festive seasonal stuff—will have you covered. Plus, sweet tooth satisfaction is guaranteed, since the company will send you free replacement candies for any goodies that don’t float your boat. Each delivery contains six jars—each with either six or 13 ounces of artisanal candy, depending on the plan you choose. Plans do renew automatically, but short-term gift subscriptions and month-to-month options are available, and customers can cancel at any time without penalty.

Cost: From $30 per month

best snack subscription boxes snackmagic

23. Snackmagic

Best Customizable Box

In general, subscription boxes are best for those who enjoy receiving a monthly surprise in the mail. If you’re not too keen on shelling out for what’s ultimately a crapshoot, though, SnackMagic is the way to go—namely because customers have the option of building their own box from a diverse menu of 500 different snacks that includes vegan, gluten-free and Paleo-friendly fare. In other words, you can rest assured that every nosh will be savored, regardless of your dietary needs, when you sign up for this one—and there’s no subscription involved, so you can score a new box on your own schedule.

Cost: From $35 per box

best snack subscription boxes mrs fields treat of the month club
Mrs. Fields

24. Mrs. Fields Treat Of The Month Club

Best for Cookie Cravings

Good news: You needn't trek to the nearest shopping mall to indulge in some of Mrs. Fields famous baked goods and treats. That’s right, friends, you don’t need to be a star baker to feed your cookie cravings on the regular—just sign up for Mrs. Fields Treat of the Month Club and you’ll be treated to a rotating selection of the very best, including festive holiday offerings and everyday favorites alike.

Cost: From $27 per month

best snack subscription boxes patagonia provisions taste of provisions box

25. Patagonia Provisions Taste Of Provisions Box

Best for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Truth be told, you don’t even need to be an outdoorsy type to profit from the snacks found in the Patagonia Provisions Box, but they’re certainly an excellent choice for adventure seekers (think: vegan tsampa soup and red bean chili mix). Yep, just pull on your favorite fleece and cozy up to wild salmon, buffalo jerky and all the other scrumptious offerings that await you in this box of gourmet goods.

Cost: $70 per box

best snack subscription boxes love with food gluten friendly box
Love With Food

26. Love With Food Gluten-friendly Box

Best for Those Avoiding Gluten

Love With Food Gluten-Friendly boxes are stuffed with a selection of 10 gluten-free, organic snacks, carefully curated with nutritional health in mind. This subscription is excellent for those who are casually avoiding gluten, but still seeking delicious and guilt-free snacks. That said, it’s worth noting that the box is called gluten-friendly, not gluten-free, for a reason: While all the food items included in the box are free from gluten themselves, some are manufactured in facilities where cross contamination could be a concern. As such, this subscription is not suitable for individuals suffering from Celiac disease.

Cost: From $22 per month

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