Mighty Patch Treats My Zits in Record Time and Is Almost Totally Unnoticeable on My Skin

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  • Value: 19/20
  • Functionality: 20/20
  • Ease of Use: 20/20
  • Aesthetics: 18/20
  • Speed of treatment: 19/20
  • TOTAL: 96/100

As someone who’s been dealing with acne since she was ten years old, I was super excited to finally become an adult and age out of the pimples that plagued my face and back. Except that’s not how acne works. Sure, I’m significantly more responsible with my skincare routine and I’m much better at not touching my face or picking at spots. But with each new week comes new whiteheads, cysts and clogged pores that must be dealt with, even as I do supremely adult-like things, like apply for a mortgage or plan for my retirement 40 years from now. Such is life. So in addition to my regular anti-acne skincare products, I began experimenting with pimple patches to use as spot treatments. So far, none have impressed me more than Mighty Patch.

For those who don’t know, pimple patches work by using hydrocolloid, a sticky gel substance, to absorb excess fluids (in this case, the pus and gunk clogging your pores) without drying out the surrounding skin. This helps to speed up the healing process. (You’ll often see pimple patches advertised as hydrocolloid patches, or vice versa.) Mighty Patch makes four different types of patches for treating acne—the original dot, Invisible+, Surface and Micropoint—but the ones that really got me excited were the Invisible+ patches.

I like to think of the Invisible+ patches as souped-up versions of the OG patch. Unlike the originals, these advanced dots come in two sizes (both included in one box) and are significantly less visible once you’ve placed them on your skin, both over video calls and IRL. In fact, I found them to be the least noticeable of the four brands I tested, which is a major plus for those looking to utilize them during the day, not just overnight. Of course, after they’ve worked their magic it’s harder to ignore their off-white hue, but when first placed on my skin, I find they’re virtually unnoticeable.

Once a pimple comes to a head, I just slap one of these firmly over the whitehead and in a few hours much of the gross gunk has been extracted neatly right into the patch. I often find it necessary to use a few patches in a row before my pimples really start to recede, but if you’re dealing with a smaller breakout, you may not need quite as many. They’ve also helped curb my itch to touch, poke and jab at my face, creating a protective barrier for my skin against antsy hands and dirty finger nails.

It’s important to note these patches—in fact all pimple patches—work only on whiteheads, and won’t pull grime from small blackheads like an old-school acne strip. Nor will they do much for cysts or other deep-set pimples outside of discouraging you from prodding at them (although the Micropoint patches can help with these). But for the super tempting-to-pop-zits with visible pus, they’re an absolute godsend.

The Invisible+ patches cost $18 for 39 patches, but are just $15 per box if you sign up for a subscription of regular deliveries, which is $5 more than the Originals, but well worth the extra money for their superior inconspicuousness. I also find them to be better overall at treating my acne. They have a noticeable impact on the speed with which my skin recovers from angry whiteheads, and they don’t leave behind awkward dry patches or weird red circles like some other brands did. So if you too are dealing with the frustrations of adult acne, I highly recommend stocking up on a box…or four.

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