The 42 Best Gifts for Your Boyfriend, By Decree from Our Super-Finicky PureWow Staff

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Whether you are holiday or birthday shopping, it’s sometimes toughest to select something for those we love the most—looking at you, Mom and Dad—and especially, our boyfriend. The right gifts for boyfriends range from that big anniversary gesture (a bottle of the best bubbly, natch) to something unexpectedly romantic (honey, pack your bags—we’re going away this weekend!). So whether you’re gifting a little extra snarky as a gag or getting him something you’ll enjoy together in your most intimate moments, there’s something here he’ll love. (And yes, we covered his interests from grilling to camping to fishing, too.) We have gifts for under $30 way up to a sexy $1,100 e-bike, all selected with help from our staffers who've shared details of the best gifts they've given.

The 55 Best Gifts for Men (There, We Did Your Shopping for You)

gifts for boyfriend coffee collection
Trade Coffee

1. Trade Coffee Gift Subscription

Best Customizable Gift

Whether he's a food snob or a guy who just appreciates a solid cup fo Joe (or both), he'll appreciate this gift. You send an email certificate or print out a gift certificate, then he goes online to answer a few questions about his taste preferences. Then, he'll be sent a selection of 450+ fresh-roasted, fair trade coffees from more than 55 of the U.S.'s top indie roasters. Just don't be surprised if he starts dropping descriptors like "fruit-forward" and "smoky" into breakfast chat.

gifts for boyfriend lululemon pants

2. lululemon Classic Fit Pant

Best for the New Hire

If he’s got a new job as anything from a barista to a barrister, he’ll be able to wear these bestselling lululemon trousers. They have four-way stretch and look presentable while still being sweatpants-comfy, thanks to the specially designed gusset that gives him extra room for comfortable sitting. Dabee Kaye, VP of brand partnerships at PureWow, says these are a dependable buy for her man: "My husband is obsessed with Lululemon pants, shorts and sweatshirts. He actually has back ups just in case. They're super comfortable and they don't look sloppy so he can wear them out."

Size range: 26 to 50, with 28- to 37-inch inseam options

gifts for boyfriend cold brew

3. Oxo Cold Brew Coffee Maker

For the Iced Coffee Lover

"The cold brew maker is super easy to clean and store, and it's sooo nice to have the concentrate in your fridge when you want a little coffee treat," says PureWow senior food editor Katherine Gillen. A smooth, less acidic cold brew is his for the making with this cold brew maker/decanter. He’ll just needs to pour his water in, let the grounds soak for 12 to 24 hours and then, after it goes through a reusable stainless steel filter, mmm, enjoy a mood-elevating summer delight.

gifts for boyfriend ice cream maker
Bed, Bath & Beyond

4. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker

For the Dessert Lover

Next-level freshness is his for the taking with this countertop ice cream maker that you just add ingredients to and voila, 25 minutes later, you’re enjoying fruit- or chocolate-laced sorbets, gelatos and ice creams. "It’s so incredibly easy to use and, even better, easy to clean," says PureWow editor Abby Hepworth. "It makes about four pints at a time, quite quickly I might add. I suggest pairing it with a stack of cute pint containers as well."

gifts for boyfriend binoculars

5. Nocs Provisions Standard Binoculars

For the Outdoor Festival Goer

These babies clock in at under 12 ounces and are less than five inches square, so they look like a toy. But don’t worry, these are legit—they’re nitrogen-filled and o-ring sealed, so they won’t fog up or let water in, and give up to 10x magnification. o he’ll be able to see his favorite artists up close and personal, without being in the stagefront crush. Editor Abby Hepworth loves her pair of Nocs for athletic pursuits, too: "Really the selling point is that they are so lightweight compared to older models, which means I don’t mind taking them on longer, harder hikes."

gifts for boyfriend core

6. Hyperice Core Premium Bundle

For the Stressed-Out Guy

He’ll find meditation easy with this little wooden ball that connects via Bluetooth to his phone and narrates tw0-minute meditation sessions. The little Core device vibrates to demonstrate inhalations and exhalations, along with a meditation teacher’s audio coaching. "This is way more biohack than woo-woo," says senior editor Dana Dickey. "It not only helps you meditate, it gives you a record of your breathing pattern and heart rate after every session."

gifts for boyfriends navy arizona

7. Birkenstock Essentials Arizona Waterproof Slide Sandal

For the Trendy Dresser

After he’s done wearing these navy EVA slip-ons with bright socks like some sort of stateside Harry Styles, he can use them to get to the pool and back. "Brendan was gifted these Birkenstocks from another dude asking to be his groomsman," says managing editor Catrina Yohay of her guy's new favorite shoes. "And they're kinda great—super lightweight and great for the beach, pool, walking the dog. I'm not typically a fan of men in sandals...but these I like!"

gifts for your boyfriend c ring

8. We-Vibe Pivot

For the (Sex) Toy Lover

"This is a great toy for newbies and experienced sex toy fans," says one PureWow staffer who uses hers with her boyfriend. "On the regular, we use this together." Between the 100 vibration combinations and the waterproof design, there’s nowhere you can’t go, figuratively and literally, with this soft and stretchy silicone c-ring. It enables two hours of play on one charge and can be used with the we connect app for remote play when someone’s traveling on business.

gifts for boyfriend kettle grill
The Home Depot

9. Weber Original Kettle Premium 22-inch Charcoal Grill

For the Grill Lover

This classic charcoal option has a large cooking surface for both direct and indirect heat, and a one-touch cleaning system for easy mess removal, post-feast. "There's something about a charcoal grill that men just love," says PureWow editor-in-chief Jillian Quint. "My husband loves the portability of this little guy, and we all love how much smokier our burgers and dogs taste as compared to the gas grill."

gifts for boyfriends tommy bahama chair

10. Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

Best for Beachgoers

"Luke and I swear by this Tommy Bahama chair with backpack straps and cooler compartments in the back," says PureWow affiliate director Pam Masin. You'll have him at the drink holder—but there’s also a cell phone slot and a bottle opener, as well as an extra tall backrest and thick armrests that can support up to 300 pounds of boyfriend—even though the chair itself only weighs 7.7 pounds (so he won’t mind hauling it from the car to the sand).

gifts for boyfriend velotric

11. Velotric Discover 1 Bike High Step

Best for Commuters

"Whether your partner lives in a city or likes to explore different parks in neighboring towns, an e-bike has all the fun of a traditional bike except the pedal assist helps to go further and faster, so they can check out places outside of their typical mileage or get to work in half the time. My partner and I live just outside of the main downtown area in our city, so he'll jump on his e-bike to meet up with friends instead of having to deal with car traffic, parking and, of course, gas prices," says PureWow affiliate director Pam Masin. The Velotric Discover 1 is reasonably priced for a Class 2 e-bike (which means it reaches 20mph, contrasted with a Class 3 e-bike that reaches 28mph). Plus, the Velotric comes with all the bells and whistles (literally—a bell and seven other accessories like a front light and toolkit are included at no extra charge). In six enamel colors, in two body styles (step-through and high-step), this baby goes up to 65 miles on a charge, and it's fully re-charged after six hours.  

gifts for boyfriend rotating ring
John Hardy

12. John Hardy Rotating Band Ring

Best Small Gift

This beautiful sterling silver ring is treated to have a textured volcanic texture and has an inner band that rotates independently, making it a gorgeous trinket that he can play with like a fidget spinner. “As a champion debater in high school and college, I developed a habit of spinning my pen in one hand as a way to alleviate pressure. But when I got to the real world, I needed a less distracting substitute for spinning a pen in high-pressure meetings,” he says. "This has got me through some hard times."

gifts for boyfriend swim trunks
L.L. Bean

13. L.L. Bean Men's Classic Supplex Sport Shorts

Best for the Casual Swimmer

These great-looking swim shorts are eight inches long, so they’re not going to hike up and make him feel exposed, and they’re made with a bit of stretch, so that if he decides to actually take up stand-up paddleboarding, these won’t constrict him. And editor Katherine Gillen says the chlorine and salt-resistant fabric means these trunks are going to look good for seasons to come: "My husband has multiple pairs and they've held up over years of wear and tear with no fading or sagging, and he's taken them on multiple summer camping trips, too."

gifts for boyfriend allswell pillow

14. Allswell Gel Cooling Pillow

Best for Restless Sleepers

"If you want your head to feel perfectly cradled—as in, feels-custom-fitted-to-your-skull—this is the pillow for you," says editor Candace Davison. "It took a few minutes to slowly sink into the gel memory foam (it’s that dense), but once I did, my head and neck felt comfortably aligned. It seemed to encourage me to sleep on my back, so I tossed and turned less during the night." She gave this pillow high marks for its quality and cooling ability, thanks to a layer of gel that really keeps a person’s noggin from trapping heat.

gifts for boyfriend ember

15. Ember Cappucino Mug

Best for Hot Drinks Fan

"We're a two Ember mug household over here 'cause we both can't stand lukewarm coffee or having to run it over to the microwave every half hour for a heat up (plus we have a theory it doesn't taste as good post microwave)," says editor Catrina Yohay. "Even if we go out to get coffee, my husband pours his large Americano into the Ember mug the second we get home. In his own words, 'normally I chug my coffee to get it down while it's still hot, but I don't have to worry about that with the Ember mug. It extends the coffee drinking experience and makes it more enjoyable.'" This six-ounce smart mug and coaster lets you set the temperature of your drink between 120 and 145 degrees, and the rechargeable battery will keep it at that temperature for up to an hour and a half.

gifts for boyfriend pet portrait

16. Bigcartfamily Custom Pet Portrait

For the Dog Owner

It’s no secret that Spot is his favorite sentient being, so you might as well embrace it. Send in a photo of your pet and this Etsy seller will create a hand-painted watercolor portrait that your boyfriend will want to frame immediately. "No words can explain how amazing it turned out," says customer Zoila Cortez. "I really wanted to get a handmade painting pet portrait for a gift and I got exactly what I wanted!"

gifts for boyfriend paddleboard

17. Retrospec Weekender 10' Inflatable Sup Board Kit

Best for Water Sports Fans

PureWow editor Candace Davison loves using this easily inflatable paddleboard and lauds its durability: "The board is made out of ArmorStrength PVC, so once inflated, it feels more like a classic paddle board than, say, a pool float." At just 17 pounds, the board fits into a backpack to get it from the car to the waves. Your boyfriend will like it, too, whether he's an experienced user or just wants to try a new water sport.

gifts for boyfriend solo stove
Solo Stove

18. Solo Stove Bonfire

Best for Outdoorsmen

"We LOVE our solo stove," says PureWow editor-in-chief Jillian Quint. "It's the absolute best way to get a safe, smokeless fire going in our small yard, and a must-have for winter entertaining and s'mores-roasting. It's also the gift that keeps on giving because you can get your partner all the accoutrements for future holidays." This sleek outdoor wood-burning firepit is portable—it weighs only 20 pounds—and super-safe and clean to use. Its unique design pulls hot air from the flame down back into the flame, so it’s smoke-free and fast to light.

gifts for boyfriend heated cushion

19. Healthmate Velour Heated Seat Cushion

Best for the Commuter

Home editor Candace Davison uses this plug-in seat cushion year-round, deeming it one of top five gifts she's ever been given. Why? "It’s fast-heating and great for soothing sore backs as well as just warming you up," she says. "And even though it’s cushiony, it doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your chair."

gifts for boyfriend sound bar

20. Samsung 2.1 Channel Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer

For the Movie Lover

All that big-budget, surround-sound audio engineering need not be lost in your home, thanks to this speaker set that really amplifies and optimizes sound quality.

gifts for boyfriend wok

21. Food52 Carbon Steel Wok

Best for the Healthy Eater

Its high-heat endurance surface is great not only for a tasty fast stir-fry, and it also boils, sautés, braises and makes a mean popcorn. The stainless steel rack allows you to cook in batches.

gifts for boyfriend air fryer
Bed, Bath & Beyond

22. Cuisinart Compact Air Fryer

For the Non-Cook

It’s got a toast shade selector, if that’s all he does with it…but he has options of so much more thanks to a capacity to air fry up to 2.5 pounds (mmm, French fries).

gifts for boyfriend beachside inn

23. Beachside Inn Getaway

Best for the Travel Buff

Experience is everything—so give your guy an unexpected and delightful weekend away, such as a trip to the Beachside Inn in Santa Barbara. It’s all about together time, and getting away from the deadlines and duties back home.

gifts for boyfriend tuxedo

24. Suitshop Classic Black Tuxedo

Best for the Toastmaster

Why keep renting when he’ll need to have one of these forever…and he just looks so sharp in it! SuitShop offers a classic tux in slim and modern (a bit fuller-cut) styles, as well as short and regular sizing. And the lined jacket hangs nicely, while the unlined trousers are all-weather comfortable.

Size range: 27 to 43

gifts for boyfriend cigar club

25. Southern Cigar Co. Box

Best for the Cigar Aficionado

Your boyfriend will enjoy a three-month subscription to this cigar box, each of which contains four premium, hand-rolled cigars. Boxes comes with written description of how and where the cigars are made. (He’ll so appreciate your respecting his whole zaddy thing.)

gifts for boyfriend yeti

26. Yeti Hopper Flip Cooler

For the Picnic Fan

Whether he’s packing your favorite White Claw to bring to an outdoor music fest or packing some sammies for the ferry to your weekend home, this leakproof closed-cell rubber foam baby fits 12 cold drinks and keeps them all icebox-cold for longer. (Enclose a well-made icepack to keep the inside extra icy and less watery.)

gifts for boyfriend fishing

27. Dark Horse Tackle Weekend Warrior Box

Best for the Fisherman

You can gift him a box of flies and other premium essentials right to his door in this curated box that includes goodies that will be useful to newbies as well as seasoned bass fishers. And best of all, since pros put this together, you don’t have to learn anything about the pursuit yourself to still give a gift he’ll love.

gifts for boyfriend horseshoes

28. Terrain Backyard Horseshoe Set

Best for the Backyard Gamer

Four metal horseshoes, two steel stakes, a rule book and a pine carrying case make for some competitive fun, with little lawn space and no permanent installation required.

gifts for boyfriend lululemon shorts

29. lululemon License To Train Lined Short

Best for the Jock

Show him that you see his inner Ironman by gifting this pair of shorts, made of abrasion-resistant fabric, with a seven-inch drop of the leg, sweat-wicking lining as well as the prestige of the lululemon brand.

gifts for boyfriend audible

30. An Audible Membership

For the Podcast Fan

Set your boyfriend up with an Audible membership so he can mix in an audiobook—like Malcom Gladwell’s Talking to Strangers or David Sedaris’s The Best of Me—every now and then. You have the option to gift a membership for one month, three months, six months or one year, and if he already has a membership, you can still send him credits to use for more book purchases.

gifts for boyfriend samsung tv
Best Buy

31. Samsung 65" Class The Frame Smart TV

Best for the Binge Watcher

You’re always cuddling up with him to watch the new Netflix series or sports tournament. So for both your sakes, splurge on this cult-favorite television, which has high-res clarity and looks like a picture frame when he's not watching it.

gifts for boyfriend foria intimacy oil

32. Foria Awaken Arousal Oil With CBD

Best Intimate Gift

This is for both of you—applied topically, it enhances sensation and boosts orgasm. Besides broad spectrum hemp extract and coconut oil, this is made of botanical infusions including stimulating organically-grown kava root, cinnamon and ginger, as well as organic essential oils including cardamom and peppermint. "It's subtle, which is a relief since I thought it might cause stinging like those plumping lip glosses," says one reviewer. "But after I applied it and we got down to business, my climax was noticeably more intense after applying this oil....and my boyfriend experienced his own heightened sensation."

gifts for boyfriend shave kit

33. Shaving Kit For Men By Bevel

Best Last-Minute Gift

Introduce him to the pleasures of a glow-up with this six-piece personal care kit that includes not only a razor but also a vegan shave brush, shave cream, priming oil, skin balm and replacement blades. It’s not only a feel-good experience, it results in fewer bumps, ingrown hairs and skin irritation. (And thanks to Amazon Prime, it’s at his door in a snap.)

gifts for boyfriends heart neon

34. Heart Neon Sign

Best Sentimental Gift

Show him you have all the feelings for him, but don't say it cringe. That's what this 11.9-inch tall wall hanging communicates with style.

gifts for boyfriend apple watch se
Best Buy

35. Apple Watch SE

Best for the Mac Guy

Does he watch his health and fitness metrics like a hawk? This watch will help him, since it coordinates with Apple Health and whatever other apps he has going on in his iPhone. And if he’s sporty, he can feel confident that this swimproof watch and band can keep up with him no matter what sort of cross training he undertakes.

gifts for boyfriend the nue co
The Nue Co.

36. The Nue Co. Magnesium Ease

For the Guy Who Needs Sleep

He'll appreciate you showing him how a rub of this magnesium oil on his feet can really hasten shut-eye ("I swear by a couple sprays of this, rubbed in, to signal to my body it's time to unwind," says senior editor Dana Dickey). This formula contains muscle-soothing arnica and a hint of relaxing lavender as well as magnesium oil, so it's also a stealth anti-stress weapon.

gifts for boyfriend veuve
Reserve Bar

37. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label

Best Anniversary Gift

It might be celebrating a year together, or a lifetime—this bottle of Veuve is one of the world’s most famous champagnes, with a dry palette of fruit, brioche and vanilla.

gifts for boyfriend bird feeder

38. Short Solid Copper Bird Feeder

Best for the Bird Watcher

He can augment his time traipsing around the forest hunting the red-breasted sapsucker with the fine-feathered friends who are attracted to this copper-and-acrylic bird feeder (which actually looks attractive even without birds perched).

gifts for boyfriend airpods

39. Apple Airpods Pro

Best for the Stealth Sports/Music/TV Fan

A gift of the latest iteration of air pods updates his ability to watch and listen to anything, any time, on say, a mobile device without having the TV blaring (hint, hint). And the three sizes of silicone tips, as well as its sweatproof design, mean he can be comfy wearing them for extended periods, and when he works out.

gifts for boyfriend misfits market
Misfits Market

40. Misfits Market

Best for the Eco-Chef

He’ll appreciate a monthly box of “misfit” veggies (oddly shaped or sized) that would otherwise go to waste showing up at his door. And it will inspire him to create seasonal recipes for you both to enjoy.

gifts for boyfriend winc

41. Winc Wine Subscription

Best for the Vino Curious

Does he enjoy discovering new wines, but would appreciate a few suggestions? Gift him three months of wines curated to his palate, courtesy of a three-minute taste quiz he can take online. (And be sure to offer to assist him in taste-testing.)

gifts for boyfriend puffy sheets

42. Puffy Sheets

Best for Hot Sleepers

Viscose derived from bamboo is the secret behind these lightweight, breathable sheets that will allow him to sleep coolly and comfortably all night. And if he’s not super-satisfied, Puffy has a 101-night sleep trial refund.