30 Father’s Day Activities That Appeal to Every Kind of Dad

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Father’s Day is fast approaching, which means it's time to start brainstorming some ways to make the yearly celebration truly memorable. Whether that’s planning a day with the guys for him and his friends, game night with the grandkids or a romantic trip with just you and your hubby, make your favorite guy feel extra special with one of these 30 Father’s Day activities.


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1. Throw a Themed Party

If you want to go all out this year, throwing a full-blown party for your dad (or partner) and all his favorite people fits the bill. Bonus points if you can give it a theme based on one of his favorite things or something he’s known for—like asking everyone to show up wearing the loud golf polos he can’t resist or hosting a yacht rock-themed bash for the diehard Steely Dan fan, for example. Just remember: Go big or go home.

2. Host a Game Night

He taught you all his poker, Uno and Monopoly tricks, now it’s time to literally beat him at his own game. Odds are the student won’t become the master when it comes to card and board games with Pa, but you’ll have a ton of fun trying to out weasel him, that’s for sure.

3. Go Back in Time

Is your dad a history buff? Take him to a local museum or, if there’s some distance between you, bring the past to you with a visit to one of these virtual museums. Check out artworks and sculptures that date as far back as the 8th century at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Ishtar Gate of Babylon at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin or a stroll through the halls of the Palace of Versailles in France...all from the comfort of his favorite recliner.

4. Pack a Picnic

Fix up a lunch of his favorite foods (hello, roast beef on rye) and enjoy a picnic outside in your local park, or stay closer to home and eat al fresco in the garden or the front yard.

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5. Have a Movie Night

Let Dad pick the film (even if it’s some obscure historical documentary you have no interest in). Let him choose the snacks, too. Need a movie suggestion or two? Here are the 80 best family movies of all time.

6. Take a Cooking Class

He makes the world’s best burgers, but that doesn’t mean he can’t pick up a few new tricks. MasterClass offers online classes featuring some of the world's greatest chefs like Gordon Ramsey, Thomas Keller and Alice Waters.

7. Make Him Breakfast in Bed

Waffle breakfast sandwich with chorizo. Maple candied bacon. Pizza-dough cinnamon rolls. All this and more in our roundup of the 62 best breakfast recipes.

8. Share Some Memories

Make a greatest hits video of your family over the years and get everyone seated to watch it together. Make sure to play it on the big screen so everyone can see exactly how nervous you were at graduation. Cue the waterworks.

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9. Sharpen Your DIY Skills

He’s the first person you call when you have to figure out how to hang up a picture frame. So why not let him teach you some skills? Pick a project you guys can work on together (like a birdhouse) and spend the day building your masterpiece.

10. Work Out Together

Keep your dad in tip-top shape by cueing up a HIIT class on YouTube and getting a sweat on together. (Or if that’s too much for him, try to get him to join you in your Sunday night vinyasa class.)

11. Watch His Favorite Musician

There are few things more memorable than experiencing live music by an artist you really love. Snag some tix to his favorite band, call up a babysitter if necessary and enjoy a music-filled night to remember with your old man and/or hubby.

12. Go Golfing

This 9-by-3-foot putting green boasts more than 15,000 five-star reviews. Let him show off his stroke while you hone your skills. Alternatively, you can take him to a nearby Top Golf where you can also grab some bites and drinks.

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13. Fire Up the Grill

Let Dad try out those new barbecue tools that you just gifted him and offer up these yummy BBQ side recipes to boot. You’ll be looking at one very happy grill-master when all is said and done.

14. Play a Video Game Together

Even if he isn’t the most technologically-savvy, we bet he can get on board with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

15. Plan a Spa Day

He’d never admit it, but dads need some pampering, too. If a pedicure is too much for him, at least see if he'll do a face mask with you while watching his favorite show (and be sure to snap some pics if he agrees).

16. Put on a Performance

This one can go one of two ways—you and your siblings either recreate the play you painstakingly wrote, starred and directed in the summer of 1999 or have your kids put on a performance for grandpa and dad. Either way, there's bound to be plenty of laughs. Just don't forget to film the event.

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17. Host a Sports Tournament

He’s always bragging about what a great hooper he was back in his heyday so why not challenge that legendary athleticism? Go to the park or plan something in your backyard for a day of fun sporting activities. Think basketball (this portable hoop should help with that), bocce ball, flag football, croquet and even bowling. And if the guest of honor is also your romantic partner, raise the stakes by allocating prizes—loser has to take out the garbage for the week or mow the lawn for the month.

18. Curate a Playlist

Long before you were old enough to hit up karaoke bars, Dad was your first singing partner. Curate a playlist full of your favorite hits from back in the day and take a nice car ride like the old times. Songs like Luther Vandross’ “Dance with My Father,” and Bruce Springsteen’s “My Father’s House” are sure to bring tears to his eyes.

19. Treat Him to a Shopping Spree

You used to do damage to his credit card and now it’s his turn. Does he need to update his toolkit? Some new comfy sweats? A nice spring coat? Or maybe he just wants to splurge your dollars on a fancy leaf blower. Either way, let him go crazy (but not too crazy) with your money for a change. Dads don’t ask for much, so it’s always nice when the bill is on you. (Psst: Nudge him toward this list of best gifts for dad if he doesn’t know where to start.)

20. Plan a Zoom Party

Hey, mamas aren’t the only ones who need some time with their pals to catch up. Plan a virtual Zoom party for your father and some of his favorite guys who can’t make it in person—brothers, co-workers, even that one friend from across the pond he hasn’t seen in a while.

21. Host a Beer Tasting

Call up breweries nearby and see if they’re able to host a small party for the dad in your life and a few close friends or family members. If not, bring the beers to you by ordering some craft ales from your neighborhood liquor store and let the sampling begin. (And don't forget the finger foods.)

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22. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

If you and your dad always bonded over camping trips or park visits (or if you’re known to put the kibosh on your SO’s less-than-luxurious vacation designs), surprise him with an exciting day enjoying the great outdoors. You can either hit up a longtime favorite or test out a new location. ’Tis the season for hiking, fishing and cycling, after all.

23. Get Sporty

Even if the dad in your life isn’t a hardcore sports fan, catching a random game can be a fun way to connect. Look for local basketball and soccer games, golf tournaments or horse races—all are pretty common in June. If you’re really not into tagging along, you can always buy tickets and coordinate with his friends, then catch up afterward.

24. Plan a Guy’s Day

Speaking of spending time with the fellas, if moms out there are dying for some alone time, we can only imagine dads feel the same. So why not scoop the kids for a day, order his favorite foods and let your love hang out with people who can string full sentences together for an afternoon? Or if he just wants some alone time, let him spend the day by himself too.

25. Take a Trip

Experience gifts are all the rage right now, so get in on the travel boom and take your favorite guy on a long weekend. Plan a daddy-daughter excursion to a dude ranch somewhere in middle America, or research trips within three hours of home for a one-tank-of-gas-or-less adventure. You may find the car ride makes for some of the best conversations you’ve had in years.

26. Go Birdwatching

Birdwatching became a favorite pastime in the pandemic, but that doesn't mean you still can't partake. Take your favorite guy to a serene spot in the park and see what kinds of sky creatures you may run into. This is also a great opportunity to just check in, fill him in on everything that's going on with you and see how he's doing as well.

27. Go on a Dessert Date

You and your Pa's sweet teeth are the stuff of family legend, so why not fully lean in and go on a dessert adventure with the guy? You can spend the day sampling local dessert bars or hit up some old favorites. If that doesn't sound too appealing, you and your favorite guy can always spend the day baking some sweet treats that you know you'll enjoy. Dessert nachos anyone?

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28. Take a Hike

If you’re not prepared to go all in on a full weekend of roughing it in a tent, don’t worry—we all have our limits, after all. Instead, pack a satisfying picnic spread and schedule a day hike for some invigorating physical activity and time spent in nature. Bonus points if you make the experience extra special by picking a hike that culminates in an amazing scenic view.

29. Go for Ice Cream

Sometimes the best celebrations are the simplest ones—like treating someone to ice cream on a beautiful spring day. Whether it's your own dad or the father of your kids, the guest of honor will surely appreciate this sweet and nostalgic activity involving everyone’s favorite frozen childhood treat (preferably enjoyed at an old-timey ice cream parlor).

30. Go Fishing

Historically, your old man’s favorite activity was filed in the ‘snoozefest’ category, but Father’s Day is a perfect occasion to give it another go. In fact, you might be surprised by how much the adult you enjoys the quiet connection that comes from being out on the water, chatting with someone you love while you wait for a whopper to bite.

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