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Listen up. This year, skip the #1 Dad mug and do something special with the old man instead(he still helps you file your taxes, after all). Here, 12 unexpected Father’s Day activities to show your Dad how much you care.

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Dad with daughter and grandchild father s day activity
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1. Hit up a local brewery. Head to a beer hall near you (or your favorite bar) to catch up over a couple of icy cold ones.

2. Enjoy the Great Outdoors. ’Tis the season for hiking, fishing and camping. Let dad set up the tent while you grill the s’mores.

3. Go back in time. Is your dad a history buff? Take him to a museum, war memorial or another historical site in your area. Pack a lunch of his favorite foods (hello, roast beef on rye) and enjoy a picnic nearby afterward.

Father and daughter laughing in window
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4. Go see a movie. Let Dad pick the film (even if it’s some obscure historical documentary you have no interest in). Let him choose the snacks, too.

5. Take a cooking class. He makes the world’s best burgers, but that doesn’t mean he can’t pick up a few new tricks.

6. Go catch a game. It’s baseball season, guys. Check out the Major League schedule (or keep it local and go see the Minors).

Daughter with dad father s day activity DIY
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7. Sharpen your DIY skills. He’s the first person you call when you have to figure out how to hang up a picture frame. So why not let him teach you some skills? Pick a project you guys can work on together (like a birdhouse) and spend the day building your masterpiece.

8. Work out together. Keep your dad in tip-top shape by taking him to a spin class. (Or if that’s too much for him, join him on a couple of rounds of golf.)

9. Go see live music. Check local listings for outdoor concerts that your dad might appreciate (preferably somewhere with seating and snacks).

Fathers Day Activity Barbecue with family
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10. Fire up the grill. Let Dad try out those new barbecue tools that you just gifted him.

11. Go bowling. A family-friendly activity that’s right up Dad’s alley (*bad dad joke alert*).

12. Plan a spa day. He’d never admit it, but dads need some pampering, too. If the seaweed wrap is too much for him, book him a haircut and straight-razor shave instead.

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