The Top Ten Shows on Netflix Right Now (Including the New #1 Series ‘Wednesday’)

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If you’ve already binge-watched Netflix hits like Virgin River, Partner Track, The Watcher and Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, you’re probably looking for new streaming options. Luckily, Netflix has a ton of movies and shows to choose from in its top-rated section, which ranks popular titles based on who’s watching what. The best part? The list is updated daily, making it an ideal place to find new suggestions (like Dead to Me and The Crown).

From Wednesday to Manifest, keep reading for Netflix’s most popular shows right now.

1. Wednesday

  • Who’s in it: Jenna Ortega, Gwendoline Christie, Riki Lindhome
  • How many seasons: 1
  • For fans of: Riverdale

This The Addams Family spin-off focuses on Gomez and Morticia’s daughter, Wednesday (Jenna Ortega), as she navigates life at her new high school, Nevermore Academy.

2. Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields

  • Who’s in it: N/A
  • How many seasons: 1
  • For fans of: I Am a Killer

The three-part documentary examines a string of murders that have haunted the town of League City, Texas, for decades.

3. 1899

  • Who’s in it: Miguel Bernardeau, Emily Beecham, Aneurin Barnard
  • How many seasons: 1
  • For fans of: Invisible City

The series is about a group of European emigrants who travel on a ship to New York City in hope of starting new lives. Their plans take an unexpected turn when they come across the Prometheus, another ship that appears to be lost at sea.

4. Dead to Me

  • Who’s in it: Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, James Marsden
  • How many seasons: 3
  • For fans of: Good Girls

Dead to Me follows the random encounter and subsequent close relationship that develops between Jen Harding (Christina Applegate) and Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini). But there is more to this friendship than meets the eye, and the twists and turns that ensue are thrilling.

5. Love Island

  • Who’s in it: Arielle Vandenberg, Matthew Hoffman
  • How many seasons: 1 (consisting of 20+ episodes)
  • For fans of: Love Is Blind

Contestants flock to a tropical villa and compete in a series of competitions to become the last standing duo. They have multiple opportunities to re-couple on the show, so bring on the drama. 

6. The Unbroken Voice

  • Who’s in it: Mariana Gómez, José Ramón Barreto, Yuri Vargas
  • How many seasons: 1 (consisting of 60+ episodes)
  • For fans of: Selena

Inspired by the real-life story of Arelys Henao, the series highlights how the Colombian musician (played by Mariana Gómez) rose to fame against all odds.

7. The Crown

  • Who’s in it: Imelda Staunton, Lesley Manville, Elizabeth Debicki
  • How many seasons: 5
  • For fans of: Bridgerton

The Crown dramatizes the real-life story of the British royal family and chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to present-day. As a result, the show features a time-jump every two seasons. (FYI, season 5 is now streaming on Netflix.)

8. Manifest

  • Who’s in it: Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis
  • How many seasons: 4
  • For fans of: Lost

A group of passengers board a flight that lands five years in the future. The 191 travelers return to a world that is quite different from the one they left behind.

9. Pepsi, Where’s My Jet?

  • Who’s in it: John Leonard, Todd Hoffman, Michael Avenatti
  • How many seasons: 1
  • For fans of: Sins of Our Mother

The documentary explores the infamous Leonard v. Pepsico, Inc. court case. The controversy began when a young man won a fighter jet in a Pepsi sweepstakes, but the company had no intention of giving him the prize.

10. Little Angel

  • Who’s in it: N/A
  • How many seasons: 1
  • For fans of: Nursery rhymes

If your kids love CoComelon, then they need to watch this family-friendly series about Little Angel and his friends.

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