19 Wellness Subscription Boxes That Will Take Self-Care to the Next Level

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We love us a good subscription box. A slew of new beauty products every month? Yes, please. A curated library of books sent straight to our door? Here’s our credit card information. But when it comes to wellness—working out, eating right, getting some much-needed self-care—there’s nothing better than a monthly delivery chock-full of healthy, helpful items to boost your well-being. Here are 19 wellness subscription boxes that are health- and wellness-oriented—and also just plain fun to get in the mail.

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Yogi Surprise

1. Yogisurprise

Best for the Yogi

Cost: $40/month

What you get: Custom asanas, yoga equipment, meditation guides, skincare and more

Why we love it: Whether you’re a full-on yogi or just beginning to dabble in vinyasa, YogiSurprise is a super-fun treat to get each month. In every box you’ll receive six to eight full-size products designed to enhance your mindful practice. From yoga accessories to natural beauty products and superfood essentials, each box ($40) will have you saying om my god, where has this been all my life?

best subscrption box care of

2. Care/of

Best for Anyone Who’s Overwhelmed by Choosing Vitamins

Cost: An average box costs $29/month, but price is based on individual items

What you get: 30-day supply

Why we love it: Remembering to take vitamins is so much harder now that mom isn’t around to place them on the kitchen table with breakfast every morning. But Care/of is here to make that morning ritual a little bit easier. The subscription service recommends a personalized blend of vitamins and supplements based on a survey you take about your lifestyle, diet and goals. Then, each month, you'll receive a 30-day supply of your wellness concoction, portioned out into cute daily packs that automatically replenish—no trip to the pharmacy (or mom’s house) needed.

wellness subscriptions calmbox

3. Calmbox

For the Zen Seeker

Cost: $35/month

What you get: Six to eight full-size items

Why we love it: Life can get hectic, are we right or are we right? (If we’re wrong, teach us your ways.) Enter Calmbox ($35), a monthly subscription box that sets out to inspire positivity, peace and calm in everyday life. Each month has a theme (think meditation, stress relief or living in the present moment) and includes appropriate goodies like books, candles, snacks, motivational reminders and more. Even better? A portion of proceeds from each box sold is donated to charity. We’re feeling calmer already.

wellness subscriptions healthyme

4. Healthyme Living

For the Snack Fiend

Cost: $27/month

What you get: Seven to ten snacks

Why we love it: This is ideal if you don’t necessarily want to overhaul all your meals, but you are interested in improving the quality of your snacks. Enter, HealthyMe Living. The monthly delivery will provide you with seven to ten delicious and nutritious goodies for just 27 bucks—all handpicked by a certified health coach. There are some cult-favorites like SkinnyPop popcorn, Pirate’s Booty and basically anything from Annie’s Organic, as well as new treats to discover, like Zee Zee’s cookie bars or this month’s bacon-apple jerky. Plus, 10 percent of all sales are being donated to No Kid Hungry to provide meals for kids who might otherwise go hungry.

wellness subscriptions purple carrot
purple carrot

5. Purple Carrot

Best for the Home Chef

Cost: From $72/week ($12/serving) or two people, or $82/week ($10/serving) for four people

What you get: A flexible, weekly subscription of vegan meals that come freshly prepared and ready to cook (just add salt and pepper to taste)

Why we love it: Unlike other subscription food boxes that have a vegan option, Purple Carrot is exclusively vegan, so delicious veggies are their specialty. Plus, the brand offers breakfast, lunch and snack options, in addition to dinner, making it easy to jump into a plant-based lifestyle with minimal effort.

wellness subscription herbox

6. Herbox

Best for Pleasure Seekers

Cost: $55/1 box every two months

What you get: Four to six full-size products

Why we love it: Sexual wellness is, indeed, part of wellness. Which is where HerBox comes into play. Aiming to heighten your pleasure and promote sexual health, each box features a tasteful selection of intimate devices, lubricants and more, all packaged discreetly. A recent box, for example, included a bullet vibrator, a silicon-based lube, a massage candle and a travel kit to promote vaginal health.

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wellness subscriptions yellow project
yellow project

7. Yellow Project Rest + Relax Care Package

Best for the Overworked and Overstressed

Cost: $40/month

What you get: Five to seven full-size products

Why we love it: Each of these sweet care package includes carefully curated items intended to help take care of yourself emotionally, mentally and physically. Expect a mix of tips, activities and gifts that promote mindfulness, creativity and movement.

wellness subscriptions dia
dia & co

8. Dia & Co

For the Fitness Fashionista

Cost: $20 styling fee (that goes toward the cost of the items you purchase)

What you get: Five items

Why we love it: Your workout is hard enough, so don't sweat shopping for activewear. Dia & Co is a styling service for sizes 14-32. After you take a quiz, they’ll send you a stylish selection of activewear based on your fitness routine and style preferences. Pay only for the items you keep and return anything that won’t make it in your gym bag.

wellness subscriptions coloring classics

9. Coloring And Classics

Best for the Kid at Heart

Cost: $14/month

What you get: An adult coloring book, an adult activity book and a hard-cover book from your chosen genre

Why we love it: Filled with adult coloring books, activity books and reading books, Coloring and Classics gives you an excuse to put your phone down and free your mind. Each box is specifically curated to bring together imagination, problem-solving and creativity so you can pick the activity you’re most in the mood for at any given moment.

10. Runlocker

For the Marathoner in Training

Cost: $42/month

What you get: A selection of athletic wear, recovery aids, healthy snacks and fitness accessories

Why we love it: Whether you’re new to running or a seasoned marathoner, this box is packed with things to make your runs easier, healthier and a bit more enjoyable. For $42 a month, you’ll receive a mix of snacks, gear (including handheld water bottles and running sunglasses), skincare and apparel from a wide range of brands, including widely known names like Goodr and Nathan, as well as up-and-coming companies even the most avid runner might not know yet.

wellness subscriptions urban stems

11. Urbanstems

For the Flower Enthusiast

Cost: Starting at $55/month

What you get: One bouquet of flowers and a glass vase (first shipment only)

Why we love it: OK, so a regular flower delivery might not fall strictly under the wellness category, but you’d be surprised how quickly a fresh bouquet can brighten your mood. UrbanStems offers three tiers of subscriptions, Classic ($50 per delivery), Seasonal ($75 per delivery) or Luxe ($100 per delivery), which you can set up to receive weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

lola subscription boxes

12. Lola

Best for Anyone Who Gets a Period

Cost: $7 to $9/month

What you get: One 18-count box

Why we love it: There’s a reason these 100 percent organic tampons have been gaining so much attention recently—they’re totally free from harmful ingredients. Get a customized Lola assortment (or choose a plan with pads and liners) shipped to your home every month before that time of the month. You can also adjust your product mix or skip a delivery at any time.

best self care subscription boxes 4

13. Lady Box

Best for Anyone Who Craves Chocolate During That Time of Month

Cost: Starting at $24/month

What you get: A curated selection of period care items

Why we love it: Want easy access to organic feminine care products—in addition to snacks and comfort items—during that time of the month? Then this subscription box is for you. Simply choose the Lady Box that best fits your needs. They vary from “Basic Lady Needs,” which comes with organic pads and/or tampons, panty liners, hygiene wipes, an organic snack and an organic comfort item, to “Pampered AF Lady Box,” which features the same basics plus three organic snacks and five organic comfort items. Finally, a subscription box that caters to how high- or low-maintenance we’re feeling.

wellness subscriptions think outside

14. Think Outside Boxes

For the Outdoorsy Kid

Cost: $37/month

What you get: An activity booklet, three to five pieces of outdoor gear and a lightweight daypack (first shipment only)

Why we love it: Hoping to get your kids acquainted with the great outdoors…or at least encourage them to embark on a backyard adventure? Crate Joy’s monthly Think Outside Box ($37) should be just the ticket. Intended for ages 7 to 15, each box includes two to five outdoor gear items and a 20-plus page educational and activity booklet tailored to that month’s theme (wildlife, navigation, shelter, etc.). The first box also comes with a lightweight backpack for them to stow all their new goodies in.

wellness subscriptions hiker crate

15. Hiker Crate

For the Mountaineer

Cost: $30/month

What you get: Two to three premiere gear items and three to six healthy snacks

Why we love it: Want to expand your outdoor knowledge while trying some new hiking snacks? Try Hiker Crate ($30). Each box comes with three to six hiker-approved snacks (some even come with freeze-dried meals for backpacking) and two to three new pieces of gear, like headlamps, water bottles, tent patches, first aid kits and collapsible dishware. Much like the other boxes on this list, this box includes a healthy mix of well-established brands in addition to new lesser-known companies, to further boost that feeling of discovery.

wellness subscriptions ellie

16. Ellie

Best for Leggings Hoarder

Cost: $40/month

What you get: One workout top and one bottom

Why we love it: Ellie is another awesome workout clothing box, which will ship you a full new outfit every month starting at $40. Based on how much you want to pay, you can receive two, three or five pieces at a time, including accessories like headbands, face wipes, booty bands, shoe insoles and other workout friendly extras.

best subscription boxes fab fit fun1

17. Fabfitfun

Best for the Well-Rounded Gal

Cost: $50/quarterly

What you get: Eight to 10 full-size items per box

Why we love it: If you love the idea of subscription boxes, but not how specialized they tend to be, check out FabFitFun’s quarterly box. Each one comes with a mix of seasonal products across beauty, health, wellness and fashion. Plus, you’ll get access to exclusive offers from their brand partners and options to add additional items to your box.

wellness subscriptions zen
my little magic shop

18. My Little Magic Shop A Little Zen Box

Best for the Crystal Connoisseur

Cost: $39/month

What you get: Five to seven products and tools

Why we love it: Each month, your curated self-care box will include five to seven rituals, tools and activities for you to connect with your inner magic. You'll get to try an assortment of self-care items (from crystals to candles to tarot cards) while learning about why they're great and how to use them.

wellness subscription go love yourself

19. The Go Love Yourself Box

Best for Self-Love Advocate

Cost: $30/month

What you get: An adult coloring book, an adult activity book and a hard-cover book from your chosen genre

Why we love it: The Go Love Yourself Box is a monthly reminder to carve time out for yourself. It includes an interactive assortment of products that are designed by experts and life coaches around a specific theme to help you feel happier and more fulfilled. In addition to self-care products (hello, candles, tea and essential oils), it also includes access to women’s circles and a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session to help set goals and support your self-care journey.

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