What to Eat Before Yoga, According to a Yoga Instructor

what to eat before yoga

You’re planning on doing a yoga video later, but you’re super hungry now. You want to eat something, but you also don’t want to feel like that something is flipping around your stomach as you’re attempting sarvangasana. We checked in with Katie Wee, a yoga and fitness instructor, actor and writer living in Los Angeles, for her tips on what to eat before yoga. She tells us, “Everybody has different needs when it comes to fueling and eating before yoga can be tricky to navigate. As a yoga instructor, I recommend making choices that are as mindful as your practice.” Read on for some of her suggestions, which she recommends eating about three and a half hours before your practice, so you have enough time to digest.

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1. One sunny side up egg on half a piece of Dave’s Killer Bread 100% whole wheat toast. “This combo delivers a solid amount of protein and carbohydrates and is very satisfying—especially for morning yogis. (You can also scramble your egg if you prefer.)”

2. Chia seed pudding with cinnamon and almond butter. “You can make this overnight by just soaking chia seeds, almond butter, cinnamon, almond milk and honey in a bowl or jar. I like to add in a little banana on top in the morning for a yummy snack that can get me out of bed easily.” (Try our three-ingredient chia seed pudding recipe.)

3. An apple. “Simple, sweet and delicious. For those who need an easy on-the-go snack that will stave off hunger during class but not overload our digestive system, this is for you. Add a little nut butter to some slices if you want to add some protein.”

4. A protein shake with spinach, apples, almond butter and almond milk. “You can add extra protein to this too if you want, but the almond butter already gives you a little boost. This is great for any time of day, and a nice way to get your greens in.”

5. Warm ginger tea. “Are you someone who prefers to work out on an empty stomach? This is a great option to warm the body from the inside out and assist in digestion.”

6. A handful of raw nuts. “Heading to your yoga class straight from work and need something you can munch on while on your last zoom call? (Muted of course.) Raw nuts have a good amount of protein and fat and are a great way to get a little pre-class fuel while on the go. Pro tip: Trader Joe’s has lots of delicious little pre-packed snack packs of nuts.”

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