39 Beginner Sewing Projects That Anyone Can Pull Off

So, you’d like to start sewing as a new hobby, but you aren’t quite sure what type of project you can handle. Good news: We’ve rounded up a bevy of beginner sewing projects, so you can stop hemming and hawing and start getting crafty stat.

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beginner sewing projects fruit slice pillows
Studio DIY

1. Fruit Slice Pillows

These playful and whimsical fruit pillows will definitely deliver year-round summer vibes to your home as either floor pillows or smaller throw cushions (for a scaled-down undertaking). Best of all, the sewing process can be tweaked to suit your skill level.

beginner sewing projects rainbow snowflake pillow
The Benson Street

2. Rainbow Snowflake Pillow

Rainbow pom poms on cozy (and cost-effective) winter white terry cloth make for a decorative pillow that really pops. Bottom line: This simple sewing technique here is easy to master and the resulting piece of plush decor looks downright impressive.

beginner sewing projects diy plush cactus decor
Studio DIY

3. DIY Plush Cactus Decor

Let’s be honest, indoor plant care is truly a challenge for some of us. (Raises hand.) Well, we found a solution, friends: This adorable plush cactus is even easier to care for than a real-life succulent...and it kind of just makes us feel happy.

beginner sewing projects diy felt fox purse
I Heart Crafty Things

4. DIY Felt Fox Purse

The felt fabric used for this purse is a particularly forgiving material, so it’s ideal for sewing newbies, and the process is so straightforward that you can sew the whole thing by hand if you choose. Plus, the finished messenger bag is an undeniably charming DIY gift for a child.

beginner sewing projects diy gift card holder
Craftaholics Anonymous

5. DIY Gift Card Holder

Gift cards are always a safe and reliable choice. That said, you can still give this present a personal touch with a quick and easy sewing (and painting) craft that leaves plenty of room for creativity.

beginner sewing projects corduroy bean bags

6. Corduroy Bean Bags

You’ll find no shortage of creative inspiration when it comes to making your own mini bean bags—but we must admit we’re taken with the corduroy design here. Soft, textured, visually appealing: This easy sewing craft results in a finished product that can easily transition from workday stress-reliever to party game prop.

beginner sewing projects storage bag
Sew Can Do

7. Quick-Sew Drawstring Storage Bag

Waterproof Oxford is the fabric behind these quick-sew, and surprisingly sturdy, storage bags. The sewing part is easy here, but you will need to pull out a few tools (i.e., those grommets need to be hammered). Still, the process is easy and once complete, you can say you’ve one-upped Marie Kondo—because even she doesn’t make her own storage containers.

beginner sewing projects diy dolls bed mattress
One Little Project

8. DIY Doll’s Bed Mattress

This craft is fairly simple and if you have a kid at home, they will be pleased as punch at your success.

beginner sewing projects diy reuseable sandwich bag
Sew Can Do

9. DIY Reusable Sandwich Bag

Put your newfound sewing skills to work by whipping up one (or several) of these laminated fabric sandwich bags: The project itself is easy as pie, and the reusable finished product will make both you and the planet feel happy.

beginner sewing projects diy velcro bedskirt
A Beautiful Mess

10. DIY Velcro Bedskirt

In theory, bed skirts are a great idea—but in practice they’re just a giant pain. Well, friends, the genius behind this beginner sewing project came up with a clever DIY solution and all you have to do is take some accurate measurements, do a little cutting and hemming, and slap some Velcro tape on your finished fabric for a bed skirt that you can wash without breaking your back.

beginner sewing projects fabric face mask
The Craft Patch

11. Fabric Face Masks

Since medical grade face masks are still in short supply, you might be relieved to know that DIY fabric masks are totally beginner-friendly. There are many different designs to choose from, but The Craft Patch offers a handy guide with lots of resources.

beginner sewing projects fabric flower headband
One Little Project

12. Fabric Flower Headband

You don’t need to be a master seamstress to sew your baby (or someone else’s) a sweet little headband. This one boasts an oversized corduroy flower accent and comes together with scraps you can find at home. The end result is budget-friendly and downright adorable.

beginner sewing projects lace and fabric scrap flag

13. Lace And Fabric Scrap Flag

Torn ribbon, lace, rickrack, frayed denim and buttons combine to give this American flag a vintage feel we absolutely love. Plus, there’s nothing too complicated about this sewing craft, which comes together with just a few simple stitches.

beginner sewing projects disney fabric tie headbands
Mom Endeavors

14. Disney Fabric Tie Headbands

The smaller size of these headbands mean that more precision is required when it comes to folding and sewing the seams, but it’s good practice for beginners and the finished product looks cute on kids and adults alike.

beginner sewing projects reusable chalkboard fabric gift bag
Sew Can Do

15. Reusable Chalkboard Fabric Gift Bag

You’ll need to score some special material—namely chalkboard fabric—for this craft, but with a sewing machine, the construction is a breeze. Bonus: These guys can be repurposed as storage containers, which means that whoever you give one to will be as grateful for the gift bag as they are for what’s inside.

beginner sewing projects buffalo check rag quilt
The Craft Patch

16. Buffalo Check Rag Quilt

The most time-consuming part of this quilting craft is cutting out all the equal squares, but the sewing part is entirely foolproof. Plus, this project is customizable—depending on the size and the colors you choose, the finished product can serve as a sweet baby blanket or a sprawling quilt for picnics and trips to the beach.

beginner sewing projects crayon wallet
A Beautiful Mess

17. Crayon Wallet

Good news: You no longer need to have a handful of crayons floating around the bottom of your purse just to keep your kid content when you leave the house. This clever wallet is designed to hold Crayolas and a notepad in place, which means you can whip out a diversion for toddler ASAP.

beginner sewing projects printed coin purse
Skip to my Lou

18. Printed Coin Purse

The metal closure on this coin purse is easy to attach with a little textile glue and you can pull off the whole project in just 30 minutes. The reward? A cheerful, printed solution to the annoying ‘loose change is everywhere but where I want it’ problem.

beginner sewing projects zippered bow pouch
The Craft Patch

19. Zippered Bow Pouch

These girly bow pouches are highly customizable—so feel free to get creative with your favorite colors and prints—and mighty handy to boot. (Hint: Your make-up essentials deserve a place to call home.)

beginner sewing projects fabric scrap heart garland
Crafts by Amanda

20. Fabric Scrap Heart Garland

Love is in the air. Or at least it will be once you craft this sweet, fabric heart garland. Very little experience is required to pull off this project and the finished product is sure to add charm to any nursery or children’s bedroom.

beginner sewing projects pleather duffle backpack
Sew Can Do

21. Pleather Duffle Backpack

Trust us on this one, friends: Even a novice can piece together this chic pleather-and-fabric sack (and imagine how proud you’ll feel when you do).

beginner sewing projects reusable photo coffee cozy
A Beautiful Mess

22. Reusable Photo Coffee Cozy

You only need to have the most basic sewing skills (plus a printer that can produce high quality photos and some iron-on transfer paper) for this project, which yields a personalized coffee cozy in the blink of an eye. Of course, you could always just purchase an eco-friendly alternative to the standard, disposable coffee cup sleeve...but why not opt for something that looks, well, a little less snoozy?

beginner sewing projects dolly apron
The Craft Patch

23. Doily Apron

Beginners can tackle this easy-sew doily apron project in one sitting and, needless to say, the finished product has boatloads of vintage, feminine charm. (Plus, the stakes are pretty low—because what else would you really want to do with a bunch of doilies?)

beginner sewing projects pencil and drawing pad holder
Skip to my Lou

24. Pencil And Drawing Pad Holder

We like our creative interests to have a symbiotic relationship. What does that look like? An easy DIY sketch pad cover of upcycled denim that boasts handy art supply storage to boot.

beginner sewing projects diy blackout curtains
One Little Project

25. DIY Blackout Curtains

Precision is required for this DIY project, so don’t expect to just slap this one together and call it a day. That said, the sewing skills involved are straight-forward enough that even a beginner can pull off these blackout curtains.

beginner sewing projects washcloth travel kit
Craftaholics Anonymous

26. Washcloth Travel Kit

This clever travel kit is a brilliant way to keep your toiletries organized, and you don’t even need to make a trip to the fabric store to get started. Note: There’s a no-sew option, too, but you needn’t be tempted to cheat—even an amateur can stitch this one together.

beginner sewing projects diy spring wreaths
A Beautiful Mess

27. DIY Spring Wreath

This homemade spring wreath is adorned with leaves and plump carrots made from felt. The end result? A whimsical and charming aesthetic that’s sure to lift your spirits. Best of all, this craft comes with a free pattern and doesn’t even demand a sewing machine—hand-stitching will do just fine.

beginner sewing projects quilted velvet pillows
A Beautiful Mess

28. Quilted Velvet Pillows

Fact: You can never have too many throw pillows. It’s also a fact that your pocketbook disagrees. Enter this quilted velvet number—another easy DIY for beginners that looks darn good and won’t break the bank.

beginner sewing projects flannel infinity scarf
Craftaholics Anonymous

29. Flannel Infinity Scarf

This infinity scarf couldn’t be quicker or easier to make—and because it’s completely customizable, this project is also an excellent way to hone your sewing skills by experimenting with a variety of different fabrics. (First flannel, then linen and before you know it, Fashion Week!)

beginner sewing projects boho christmas stockings
The Crafted Sparrow

30. Boho Christmas Stockings

A refreshing change of pace from the usual in-your-face-festive of the season, these Christmas stockings are so fashionable you’ll be tempted to hang them year-round—and that’s really saying something, since the whole craft can be completed in less than an hour.

beginner sewing projects diy mousepad
Craftaholics Anonymous

31. DIY Mousepad

Spruce up a bland mousepad with this easy and budget-friendly sewing craft, which requires little more than scrap fabric and some fusible fleece. Bonus: This mouse pad is reversible, so you can flip it over and give your desk space an instant refresh.

beginner sewing projects easy sew grocery bag dispenser
The Craft Patch

32. Easy Sew Grocery Bag Dispenser

This grocery bag dispenser is another low stakes and beginner friendly sewing project: It’s not designed to be prominently displayed, so no one will notice if your seams aren’t straight (and your plastic bag collection will still stay nice and tidy).

beginner sewing projects faux leather bookmarks
The Benson Street

33. Faux Leather Bookmarks

If you’ve taken to dog-earing the pages of books to avoid buying a bookmark then this DIY will be right up your alley. These attractive bookmarks are super simple to make, with minimal sewing experience and precious few materials required. Just keep in mind that the faux leather material here is thick enough that a sewing machine is in order for this one.

beginner sewing projects diy fabric basket
Somewhat Simple

34. DIY Fabric Basket

Mix and match fabrics to customize this quaint fabric basket however you see fit and then carve out a couple hours for a simple craft that produces a sturdy container you’ll have endless opportunities to use.

beginner sewing projects diy fringe shorts
Studio DIY

35. DIY Fringe Shorts

Chances are you know a thing or two about transforming an old pair of jeans into (no-sew) summer cut-offs, but why not bust out the sewing machine and give your shorts a makeover, too? OK, this project does not require sewing of any kind, since the fringe here is attached with fabric glue—but we suggest you start by hemming a pair of cut-offs before you glue down the embellishment. The pay-off will be extra practice and an upcycled wardrobe item that doesn’t go overboard with fringe.

beginner sewing projects ribbon tag baby blanket
Happiness is Homemade

36. Ribbon Tag Baby Blanket

Ribbon tag baby blankets provide both comfort and sensory stimulation. (Those tags go a long way towards teaching tiny hands how to grab.) Skip the store bought fare and sew your own: You can start from scratch or simply upgrade a basic blankie with sturdy grosgrain ribbon—either way, the baby in your life will be happy with your handiwork.

beginner sewing projects diy modern wall art
Persia Lou

37. DIY Modern Wall Art

Grab a needle, thread and some paint and get ready to exercise your creativity with this artsy multi-media craft. The modern aesthetic of this wall art is clean, colorful and eye-catching. Plus, this one provides an excellent opportunity to hone your hand-stitching skills.

beginner sewing projects diy drop cloth purse
Sew Many Ways

38. DIY Drop Cloth Purse

It’s possible to spend a fortune at a fabric store, but if you’re new to sewing we advise against it. Instead, try your hand (or rather your sewing machine) at this budget-friendly purse project. All you need is a canvas drop cloth and a little confidence to produce a tote bag that will inspire pride.

beginner sewing projects diy hot pad
Skip to my Lou

39. DIY Hot Pad

This quilted hot pad comes together quickly with whatever scraps of fabric you have on hand—we love the look of the mismatched prints—and it’s easy enough for a newbie to accomplish, while building skills to boot.

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