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You’ve already tackled your bedroom closet, and the kitchen’s next on the list. But while you’re in full-on Cinderella mode, consider some of the non-room spaces in your life that could use some tidying up. Notably, these five things, all of which deserve a little TLC in the spirit of spring-cleaning.

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spring clean diet

Your Diet

We don’t know about you, but when the weather warms up, we’re ready to ditch our cold-weather staples—you know, frequent soup lunches and mid-afternoon mugs of hot chocolate with whipped cream—in favor of lighter, more refreshing options. We’d also be lying if we didn’t feel the looming presence of beach season just around the corner. Here’s how to spring-clean your diet in three super-easy (and doable) steps.

spring clean makeup

Your Makeup Bag

Your once-adorable makeup case is now caked with leaked foundation, home to three of the same mascaras and weighs no fewer than seven pounds. It’s time to purge—especially if you’re holding on to products that are past their prime. Here’s a super-helpful guide to all your products’ expiration dates so you know what should stay and what should go.

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spring clean computer
Abby Hepworth

Your Computer and Phone

Raise your hand if every time your computer flashes an update notification, you click “remind me later,” but never actually get to it. (That’s us.) Tidying up your technology is a hassle when you’re in the middle of scrolling through your bestie’s vacation Instagrams, so set some extra time aside to organize folders, update your system and get rid of unneeded apps. Everything will run faster and your life will be easier in the long run if you take the time to get them up to speed. Here are six super-easy ways to clean up your devices without much time or effort.

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womna in car Driving

Your Car

It's time to give your home on wheels some love too, guys: declutter the glove compartment, purge the trunk and finally clear your seat-back pockets of its snack wrapper colony. If you too find the idea of a Saturday spent vacuuming upholstery intolerable, take the old gal to the car wash and splurge on a professional bath and interior detailing. Garnish with a new air freshener and call it a day. 

spring clean finances

Your Finances

The best kind of cleaning is the one that requires minimal effort but somehow produces wonderful results. We didn’t know it was possible, but spring-cleaning your finances can totally be like that. By following this handy list of small changes you can make, simple things like making your coffee at home and signing up for store rewards cards can save you quite a bit of money in very little time (and without your really noticing).

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