We've Watched Hundreds of Organizing Hacks on TikTok. Here are the 7 Best Tips We’ve Learned

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If there’s anything our TikTok algorithm has picked up on, it’s that we love a good home hack. Give us a video of someone mopping floors with laundry detergent, DIYing Ikea furniture or breaking down the best paint colors, and you best believe that we’re staying for the whole three minutes. Out of all of them, though, there is one category that we find ourselves scrolling for hours on end: organizational hacks. Not only are these compilations ingenious, but they’re so satisfying to watch, and there’s a certain sense of accomplishment we feel at the conclusion of each video. From color-coding cups and labeling jars to closet and cabinet systems that create free space we didn’t know we had, each one motivates us to get our sh*t together. It seems as if the hacks just get better and better, and somehow, we always find ourselves scratching our heads, thinking, how am I just discovering this now? Regardless, we guarantee that the seven organizing hacks below will make decluttering your home a walk in the park.

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1. Condense Pots, Pans, And Plates

While we’d all love to have that William Sonoma-esque, perfectly arranged pot rack hanging over our stove, most of us don’t have the space for them. Not to mention how annoying it can be to have a saucepan in your face when you’re speaking to someone across the kitchen island. Either way, most of us end up tossing our pots and pans into a cluttered cabinet that we try and forget—until we saw this gadget. All you need is a few slatted organizers to give your pots, pans, lids and plates a permanent spot in your cabinet. It’s an affordable, convenient alternative to stacking everything on top of each other (and praying they won’t spill out in the middle of the night).

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2. Label Everything

There’s something so soothing about opening a cabinet to rows of uniform containers, showing you exactly what you have on hand—and how much of it—at a glance. This whole aesthetic is a *vibe* and we absolutely love the minimalist meets coffee-shop look these labels are giving off. You can do it everywhere around your home, from snack bins and spice jars to makeup organizers and cotton ball containers.

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3. Load Up On Lazy Susans

Ah yes, Lazy Susans. These rotating trays have helped us keep our countertops clear and seamlessly distribute food at the table. And we think it’s time to take their talents to the rest of our homes. This hack involves Lazy Susan-ing everything, from hair and makeup tools and toiletries to baby food, spices and beverages in the fridge. It’s perfect for giving miscellaneous items a place that won’t look, well, out of place. Plus, we love how easily we can twirl this thing around when we’re holding a blowdryer and simultaneously looking for the hairspray. It’s the little things in life.

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4. Get Rid Of Game Boards

While board games are one of our favorite family activities, they’re also one of our least favorite items to clean up and store. Not only do the boxes take up an absurd amount of space, but they usually start to break down and tatter over the years, making it easy to lose game pieces or cards. However, this hack takes a different approach by removing everything from the boxes and transferring them into oversized, mesh zippered bags. Their slim design can easily fit into storage baskets and open up a world of space you didn’t know existed. Plus, these are color-coded, and they look way better than a stack of mismatched boxes in varying heights.

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5. Color-code By Kid

Speaking of color-coding, this next hack is guaranteed to be a favorite for parents who are trying to keep track of their kids’ never-ending supply of stuff. Start by assigning each kid a color—“assigning” being the operative word, because you’re almost guaranteed a sibling fight if you let them choose their own. Then, go through their stuff and apply each respective color to whatever you can get your hands on. We’re talking color-coded gaming devices, backpacks, homework shelves, toothbrushes and chore charts (which is our personal favorite). If you’re not sure where to start, this TikToker created the holy grail of organization planners, including tips on what to color code, ideas for organizing in small spaces and maximizing large storage items.

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6. Double Up On Closet Space

Each year, we’re greeted by a crisp September breeze, and there’s only one thing on our minds: fall fashion is coming. For many, this is our favorite seasonal wardrobe. We spend all year waiting for the return of cozy cashmere, trench coats, boots and plaid skirts. However, we most definitely *do not* look forward to spending the day swapping out our summer clothes to make room for the new. Never fear because this TikToker put us on a storage hack that has saved us a Saturday of closet cleaning. All you need is a hanging closet bar to give your summer clothes a bottom rack to chill on during the winter months. Just be sure your built-in closet bar is sturdy enough to hold a double rack (or consider replacing it with something more substantial).

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7.declutter The Lipstick Drawer

If you’re anything like us, there’s probably a drawer in your house that’s filled with an endless array of lipsticks and glosses. Sure, we don’t necessarily need three different versions of the same lip gloss color, but we like having options (so leave us alone). However, we’ll admit that it can be extremely frustrating when we’re running late and can’t find the specific tube we’re looking for among the ocean of pink and red shades. Luckily, we’ve gotcha covered. All you need is a wire rack that’ll fit the interior of your drawer. Place each tube in an individualized square, and Voila! You have a totally organized lipstick drawer that makes it easy to find the shade you’re looking for in a hurry.

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