Prince Harry Fires Back at Critics in Rare Personal Statement

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Prince Harry is standing up for one of his latest decisions.

ICYMI: Earlier this month, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex filed all of the relevant paperwork with the authorities in the U.K to formally close down their charity, SussexRoyal. The organization also entered a phase of “solvent liquidation,” in which Harry’s share of 2019’s profits was donated to his eco-tourism venture Travalyst.

However, an anti-monarchy group called Republic took issue with this decision. In fact, according to Newsweek, the Duke of Sussex had been “reported for inappropriate use of more $350,000.” Now, Harry is firing back at those critics, defending his actions in a rare personal statement.

“The Duke of Sussex has always and continues to remain deeply committed to his charitable work,” the letter began, according to Just Jared. “This is his life’s focus, and his devotion to charity is at the very core of the principles he lives by, and is obvious through the impact and success of his many charitable projects throughout the UK and beyond.”

“To this point, it is deeply offensive to today see false claims made about The Duke of Sussex and his charitable work,” the statement continued. “It is both defamatory and insulting to all the outstanding organizations and people he has partnered with. Travalyst (which was founded within Sussex Royal) is a non-profit organization for which The Duke receives no commercial or financial gain, as is the case with all of his charitable commitments. The Duke has not, nor has he ever, had any personal financial interest in his charitable work. All of The Duke’s charitable activities are fully transparent as well as compliant with Charity Commission guidelines, and moreover with his own moral compass.”

You tell 'em, Harry.

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