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We never need a reason to celebrate Princess Diana (come on, she’s still referred to as the People’s Princess), but today we have a really good one—her birthday. Yup, today would have marked Di’s 59th birthday. From her incredible charitable efforts to the strides she made toward inclusivity, her legacy lives on long after her passing. So, in honor of the big day, here are 20 of the most meaningful (and some funny) Princess Diana quotes.


1. “People think that at the end of the day a man is the only answer. Actually, a fulfilling job is better for me.”

2. “The biggest disease this day and age is that of people feeling unloved.”

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3. “I want my boys to have an understanding of people’s emotions, their insecurities, people’s distress and their hopes and dreams.”

4. “When you are happy you can forgive a great deal.”


5. “I like to be a free spirit. Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am.”

6. “Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back.”

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7. “Helping people in need is a good and essential part of my life, a kind of destiny.”

8. “They say it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, but how about a compromise like moderately rich and just moody?”


9. “I don’t go by the rule book…I lead from the heart, not the head.”

10. “Hugs can do great amounts of good – especially for children.”

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11. “Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.”

12. “Anywhere I see suffering, that is where I want to be, doing what I can.”


13. “Only do what your heart tells you.”

14. “If men had to have babies, they would only ever have one each.”

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15. “If you find someone you love in your life, then hang on to that love.”

16. “The kindness and affection from the public have carried me through some of the most difficult periods, and always your love and affection have eased the journey.”


17. “I don’t want expensive gifts; I don’t want to be bought. I have everything I want. I just want someone to be there for me, to make me feel safe and secure.”

18. “Family is the most important thing in the world.”

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19. “It’s vital that the monarchy keeps in touch with the people. It’s what I try and do.”

20. “I live for my sons. I would be lost without them.”

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