Princess Diana and Her Brother Look Exactly Alike in Rare Childhood Pic

Princess Diana's little brother, Charles Spencer, recently treated royal fans to a rare glimpse at the late royal during her childhood days.

On Twitter, the British author and journalist posted a throwback pic of himself and his sibling, and the two could probably have passed for twins (if not for the whole height difference thing).

Spencer didn't add a caption to the post, but in the photo, we see a much younger Diana with shoulder-length blonde hair and bangs. She's also wearing a pink striped dress as she poses alongside her lookalike brother, embracing him with one arm.

Fans responded with words of praise and stories of their own encounters with the late Princess of Wales. One fan said, "Diana was an amazing person, and she will always be a role-model for many. Such a lovely photo, thanks for sharing it." Another fan wrote, "A fond memory...I was her doorman once at the London Palladium, there was a brief moment, a few seconds in time, where, as she passed, she gazed into my eyes and smiled, and even now I think, so much was said in that moment x."

The Twitter post comes more than four months after Spencer honored his late sibling on what would've been her 59th birthday. On Instagram, he shared a stunning pic that was taken outside Althorp House, the location where Diana was laid to rest. He captioned the post, "Clouds above @althorphouse this evening."

The royal mother, who grew up with three siblings, sadly passed away in 1997 following a tragic car crash. Since then, members of the royal family have been honoring her legacy, from planting her favorite flowers to channeling her most memorable looks.

We're sure that the princess would be proud.

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