‘Game of Thrones' Season 8 *Finally* Has a Release Date and a Haunting New Trailer

Ninety days.

That’s all we have left ’til the final season of Game of Thrones premieres (and now we’re kinda wishing it wouldn’t come after all, just so we don’t have to say goodbye).

HBO debuted a new teaser trailer, called “The Crypts of Winterfell,” right before the premiere of the new True Detective season three and unveiled the official premiere date along with it: April 14, 2019.

The teaser trailer, which was helmed by Emmy-winning director David Nutter, who won for the show’s season five finale, “Mother’s Mercy,” shows Jon Snow, Sansa and Arya in the crypts below their home of Winterfell. Each one passes by a statue of their parents (though, Jon doesn’t really know that yet), before meeting in front of three statues. This time, Jon, Sansa and Arya are the ones immortalized in stone.

An icy wind then menacingly creeps up on them (which doesn’t sound at all scary, except that it’s definitely a symbol for the coming WhiteWalkers). We’re left with the feeling that no matter who is meant to be the true ruler of the Seven Kingdoms (or Lord/Lady of Winterfell), the real question is whether anyone will survive the coming Night King’s army.

Season eight will include six movie-length episodes, and we already know where episode one will begin. The last teaser trailer we saw included the highly anticipated meeting between Dany and Sansa at Winterfell, which is presumably going to take place in the beginning of the final season.

Let the official countdown begin.

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