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How to Deodorize Your Trash Can in 10 Seconds

Last night you cooked a feast. Too bad the stench lingering around your trash can the morning after is, um, less than pleasant. (Who knew vegetable remnants and cooking oils could smell so…bad?) This genius trick will clean up the air around your garbage quick.

What you need: A couple of dryer sheets

What you do: First, quickly peek to make sure that all the food particles inside your trash can actually made their way into the trash bag. (Hey, not everyone has perfect aim every time.) Next, tuck a couple of dryer sheets—yep, the same ones you use in your laundry—at the bottom of the can before replacing the trash bag.

Why this works: That clean laundry scent is like a power punch when it comes to absorbing odors. Even the gross, fishy ones.

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