The 10 Best Coats at Canada Goose That Are Functional, Warm & Can Last a Lifetime

Parkas, puffers and bombers, oh my

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When it comes to outerwear, Canada Goose is one of the most well-known brands on the market. They’re pricey, with coat styles ranging anywhere from $525 to $1,875, so investing in Canada Goose winterwear is a big decision, but devotees say it’s worth it. To streamline your decision, we curated a list of the ten best coats at Canada Goose worth your time and consideration, from the uber-popular Mystique parka ($1,725) that’s designed to help you survive a polar vortex in Chicago to the Freestyle vest ($595) that’s ideal for layering over your garments on your next winter walk. (All of which will last a lifetime, thanks to the brand’s lifetime warranty.)

The Best Coats at Canada Goose at a Glance


Best Canda Goose Parka

Expedition Parka Fusion Fit Heritage

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Best Canada Goose Coat

Clair Coat Black Label

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Best Canada Goose Mid-Calf Coat

Mystique Parka Heritage

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Best Canada Goose Bomber Jacket

Chilliwack Bomber Heritage

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Best Canada Goose Lightweight Jacket

Breda Liner

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How We Chose the Best Coats at Canada Goose

When curating the best coats at Canada Goose, we researched every product on their site, pored over hundreds of reviews and assessed that every product meets certain specs, like wearability, quality, craftsmanship, longevity, comfortability, breathability and weather resistance. We took into account that our readers might enjoy a wide selection of styles to choose from, from a lining that’s great for fall walks and hikes to a classic parka that’s built for extreme snow blizzards. Additionally, we tapped four PureWow editors who are experts at vetting the best products.

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Best Canda Goose Parka

1. Expedition Parka Fusion Fit Heritage

Canada Goose

  • What We Like: abundance of pockets, water repellent, durable, insulated fit, can withstand extreme climates, detachable hood, adjustable drawstring waist
  • What We Don't Like: narrow, slim fit may feel stiff or too small on customers
  • Material: duck down fill, fur, polyester, cotton
  • Size Range: 2XS to XL
  • Promising Review: “I bought this jacket at the beginning of winter, and I don't have a single regret. It's beautiful, very comfortable and warm. It makes me feel like a princess. I'm in love with this jacket. The white color really stands out in a crowd. People are always giving me compliments. I dreamed of it, and now I have it. It's perfect for me because I'm always cold. I like that it's long enough to keep my behind warm, but not too long for when I'm driving the car. [It has] TONS of pockets, this is my favorite feature. Keeps my hands sooooo warm. If I went back in time, I would definitely buy this jacket again.” —a Canada Goose customer

Bundle up and hunker down in the water repellant Expedition parka, which is designed to withstand extreme climates of -22 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes in four colorways, like a sleek white and classic black, but we’re swooning over this fiery red—an online exclusive and one of the hottest colors of the season—that we’re sure will sell like hotcakes. Known as Canada Goose’s Fusion Fit, the parka is designed with a smaller hood, narrower fit in the chest and hips as well as shorter hems and sleeve lengths when compared to the classic fit. (Aka, it’s best for petite women or people who want a slimmer-fit.) The durable coat features an impressively high neck (plus a detachable down-filled hood), ribbed cuffs and an inner, adjustable drawstring at the waist, so no gusts of frigid wind will make it into your collar or up your jacket. You may notice the abundance of pockets on the outside of the jacket, but what you can’t see is that the parka contains two additional pockets in the interior that boast zipper closures for extra security.

Best Canada Goose Coat

2. Clair Coat Black Label

Canada Goose

  • What We Like: durable, versatile, wind resistant, water repellent, downproof
  • What We Don't Like: can’t withstand extreme cold climates
  • Material: duck down fill, recycled nylon, spandex
  • Size Range: XS to 2XL

Think of the Clair coat as your everyday staple that’s effortlessly chic. While it’s not designed to withstand extreme temperatures like the Expedition parka, it is ranked as “Versatile” on the brand’s TEI (Thermal Experience Index) chart. In a nutshell, this means you’ll stay warm, comfortable and dry while battling the elements, but you’ll probably need something more durable if you’re planning on climbing K2 this winter. If you live in Chicago or a similarly cold city, the fleece-lined, zipper pockets are guaranteed to keep your fingers toasty. The coat is made from a two-way stretch fabric that’s built to move with you, per the brand, and it has a mid-thigh length and a two-way front zipper that can let more air in or expand your range of motion.

Best Canada Goose Mid-Calf Coat

3. Mystique Parka Heritage

Canada Goose

  • What We Like: flexible, can withstand harsh climates, storm flap, two-way zipper, fleece-lined pockets, ribbed cuffs, durable, water repellant, removable hood, removable fur
  • What We Don't Like: if you want to comfortably layer underneath, you may need to size up
  • Material: duck down fill, fur, polyester, cotton
  • Size Range: 2XS to 2XL
  • Promising Review: “I bought my Mystique last February and made it through the entire winter without feeling a moment of cold. My Mystique held up to bitter cold temperatures at the Ice Hotel in Quebec City, many snowshoe excursions in Ontario cottage country and freezing Toronto city weather. The best part of this coat is the length. At 5'4", this coat hits me just at my ankles, so I am warm from head-to-toe. I find the fit flattering and the stretchy cuffs are a nice touch. Additionally, the bendable wire around the fur helps keep my hood in place and looking polished. Overall, my Mystique was the most amazing purchase I made last year, and I can't wait to bust it out this winter!” —a Canada Goose customer

The cold weather has nothing on PureWow commerce editor Olivia Dubyak when she’s wearing her Mystique parka. “It's impossible to be cold while wearing this thing. The filling is flexible, and I don't feel like a stuffed sausage while wearing it, too. It kept me ultra-toasty during the harsh Chicago and Colorado winters I've experienced over the last two years. I would say to size up if you like extra room because wearing a thick sweater underneath makes it uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.” As Dubyak mentions, this coat was made for harsh climates, so it boasts special details designed to keep you wrapped up like a present, from a storm flap underneath the two-way zipper to fleece-lined pockets to ribbed cuffs. To no surprise, you can bet the mid-calf length on this black coat will help you battle the snow, sleet, rain and winds. Dubyak confirms, saying, “I like that it keeps my legs warm and doesn't stop at my thighs. It's basically like walking around in a giant sleeping bag.”

Best Canada Goose Bomber Jacket

4. Chilliwack Bomber Heritage

Canada Goose

  • What We Like: water repellent, durable, functional, designed for movement, longevity, rib waistband, insulation at cuff, two-way tunnel hood, abundance of pockets
  • What We Don't Like: some buyers note that the filling and fur on the jacket is not as puffy as it appears in the photos
  • Material: duck down fill, fur, polyester, cotton
  • Size Range: 2XS to XL
  • Promising Review: “I purchased my Canada Goose Bomber ten years ago this month. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the product or the customer service I have received. Two years ago, once of the cuffs began fraying and I was able to return the jacket—they cleaned it, repaired it and even replaced my fur. Some people question if the jackets are worth the price, I have owned other coats and paid $300-400 only for them to fall apart in a year with the company simply saying, ‘Oh well, here’s 15 percent off your next order.’ Canada Goose stands behind their products and when it comes time to replace my bomber, I will be definitely purchasing another Canada Goose!” —a Canada Goose customer

Your fall bomber jacket needs an upgrade come winter, and the Canada Goose Chilliwack bomber is here to do the job. Designed with functionality and durability at its core, it’s built to withstand cold temperature without restricting your mobility and will last you for years to come, as the buyer above explains. Its longevity may be one of the many reasons why it’s worn by pilots in the Canadian North, in addition to the rib waistband and cuff insulation and two-way tunnel hood protection for the runways. Even though the hood can’t be removed, it can be adjusted almost every which way, so you can wear it as-is for four-plus inches of protection, zipped up to cover your nose and mouth or collar down for a polished look, to name a few. And in case you haven’t noticed, we love a jacket that has lots of pockets. So, when we heard this one has a total of seven pockets, we knew we were goners.

Best Canada Goose Lightweight Jacket

5. Breda Liner

Canada Goose

  • What We Like: wind resistant, water repellent, durable, cooling, functional, insulated liner, designed to pair with coat
  • What We Don't Like: won’t withstand harsher climates
  • Material: duck down fill, cotton, nylon
  • Size Range: XS to 2XL

“I run *very* hot, so most Canada Goose jackets are a little much for me, but this liner is just my speed. The California Sunrise color is to-die-for, and I love the collarless silhouette,” says PureWow wellness director Sarah Stiefvater. Ditto. We can’t get over this streetwear-inspired liner that’s a part of the Canada Goose and NBA collection with UNION. Modern, functional and classic, this jacket features an insulated liner that’s wind resistant and uses an onion quilting technique to achieve that wavey exterior (which also happens to be water repellent). According to the brand, it was designed to wear with the Toussaint coat ($950) and comes with button slots and cuff tabs that button into it, but it looks just as good when styled on its own. TLDR? If you live in a windy or rainy city (we’re looking at you, Seattle), you’re going to need this liner.

Best Canada Goose Vest

6. Freestyle Vest Black Label

Canada Goose

  • What We Like: water repellent, durable, soft, comfortable, practical, good for layering, stylish
  • What We Don't Like: some buyers say it has a boxy, un-tapered fit
  • Material: duck down fill, polyester, cotton
  • Size Range: 2XS to 3XL
  • Promising Review: “This was my first foray into Canada Goose. I did wonder if the clothes were worth the money, and I can honestly say they are. This gilet has some structure to it and is very warm. This means it cannot be folded in on itself but can be flattened down to pack. Whilst not waterproof, I have worn it in the rain, and it didn’t soak through. The extra length at the back is very welcome as this can be a cold part of a woman. I bought XXL and it fits perfectly. I didn’t want it too tight or loose and this skims my body, and I can easily wear a sweater underneath or a hoodie. [It has] nice strong zip and secure buttons. I love the inside pocket as I don’t enjoy carrying a bag. The two side pockets have zips and are fleece lined which is ideal if you have forgotten gloves.” — a Canada Goose customer

This vest checks all our boxes–versatile, classic, water repellent, stylish—and is made from high-quality materials that are meant to feel ridiculously soft and comfortable (like the sueded fabric around the chin guard and pockets). If you’re anything like the customer above, then you might want to hear what assistant editor Destinee Scott has to say: “I think if you're debating between a Canada Goose coat and a Moncler coat, you should go with a Canada Goose if you want optimal warmth in colder climates.” As someone who spends her time shopping for deals and steals, Scott also appreciates investing in the finer things in life, so when asked which option she’d buy, her answer was simple. “I would definitely lean toward a vest over a parka because its way more practical for everyday wear and I like the idea of layering it with those more stylish jackets that don't exactly keep you warm, so you get the best of both worlds.”

Best Canada Goose Puffer

7. Garnet Cropped Puffer

Canada Goose

  • What We Like: wind resistant, water repellent, soft, breathable, warm, functional, storm guard, rib cuff, interior hem drawcord, elliptical hem, removable backpack straps, abundance of pockets
  • What We Don't Like: cropped fit may feel too short on taller torsos
  • Material: duck down fill
  • Size Range: 2XS to XL

Whoever says winter coats can’t be stylish clearly hasn’t seen the Garnet puffer. Ahh…a puffer jacket. One of our favorite outerwear pieces to covet for winter, and this beautiful sand number is made with the brand’s beloved duck down fill that just so happens to be water repellent and wind resistant. This piece proves that style does not have to sacrifice warmth and function with its thoughtful design and construction, from a down-filled storm guard to a rib cuff and interior hem drawcord that lets you customize the fit of the silhouette. Speaking of silhouette, we appreciate the elliptical hem on this, which dips slightly on either side of the hip and doesn’t cut off the frame in one slice like every other cropped puffer. If you get hot and don’t feel like slinging this over your arms, the coat comes equipped with removable backpack straps. Is there any more we could ask for? Pockets, you say? You’ll be happy to hear this has four of ‘em.

Best Canada Goose Windbreaker

8. Sinclair Jacket Black Label

Canada Goose

  • What We Like: wind resistant, water repellent, durable, lightweight, cropped, relaxed fit, mesh paneling, breathable, doesn’t wrinkle easily
  • What We Don't Like: not warm enough for snowy conditions
  • Material: nylon
  • Size Range: 2XS to XL

The Sinclair jacket is a perfect transitional, lightweight piece to own, especially if you plan on travelling. Canada Goose designed this style for the active person who always finds themselves on the move and in need of something to keep them warm and protected from the elements (minus the fuss of an umbrella and all those layers). This jacket is slightly cropped and has a relaxed fit with front and back mesh venting for breathability, so if you tend to run hot or find yourself sweating on your morning commute listening to true-crime podcasts, this baby will do you wonders. It’s made from AcclimaLuxe—the brand’s sturdy nylon fabric that purportedly offers unmatched protection against strong wind—and is finished with a texture that doesn’t show wrinkles easily. If you ask us, this has Winter Barbie written all over it.

Best Canada Goose Reversible Puffer

9. Lorita Reversible Puffer for Reformation

Canada Goose

  • What We Like: water repellent, wind resistant, durable, dropped shoulders, designed for movement, adjustable drawstring, reversible, bold print, multiple colorways
  • What We Don't Like: high-hip length may be too cropped for taller women
  • Material: recycled nylon, duck down fill
  • Size Range: 2XS to XL
  • Promising Review: “I LOVE THIS JACKET!! Got the yellow print and it looks so good. I get so many compliments on this jacket, and it styles pretty easily with many things. I'm 5'1" and 105 pounds and had tried on the 2XS, which fit perfectly snug but [I] ended up getting the S for a slightly oversized fit. Was concerned about getting makeup on the collar but after a month, this hasn't been an issue.” —a Canada Goose customer

“I’ve had my eye on this coat ever since the Canada Goose x Reformation collection dropped,” admits associate fashion commerce editor Stephanie Meraz. “It’s a staple puffer that has these relaxed dropped shoulders I absolutely adore because nobody has time for stiff arm raises and immobility, especially when it comes to hugging, skiing or any activity, really. I love how it has an adjustable drawstring on the inside of the jacket that lets you cinch in the waist or leave it as-is. But what really sold me and made me want this more than any other coat on the market is the fact that it’s fully reversible. Yeah, you heard that right. One side is this fun, loud print with pops of blue, and the other is a stark candy apple red that just so happens to be the hottest color to sport this season.” And it comes in three additional reversible colors, from a daffodil yellow and floral print to a classic black that has a floral and lemon print its opposite that reminds us of winters in Italy.

Best Canada Goose Pick Overall

10. Rossclair Parka Humanature

Canada Goose

  • What We Like: water repellent, durable, sustainable materials, removable and customizable hood, back gusset with snap closure, two-way front zipper, military buttons, ventilated, comfortable, soft, high-low hem
  • What We Don't Like: limited color options
  • Material: recycled polyester, organic cotton, duck down fill
  • Size Range: 2XS to 3XL

The Rossclair parka is Canada Goose’s most-loved style, and it recently got an upgrade. According to the brand, it’s now made with sustainable, undyed fabrics (recycled polyester and organic cotton), has a streamlined down-filled Snorkel hood that features removable zipper guards and updated interchangeable trims to accessorize with. The back gusset with snap closure and two-way front zipper hidden behind the military buttons ensure that you won’t have to compromise warmth, protection or range of motion. If you want more ventilation, unzip the top or bottom zipper and unbutton the back gusset for ample breathability. New additions and specs aside, this parka is comfortable, buttery soft and so chic. We’re surprised we haven’t seen Meghan Markle wearing it yet.

Which Canada Goose Jacket Is the Most Popular?

The aforementioned Rossclair parka is one of Canada Goose’s most-loved styles. Earning the ‘Fundamental’ ranking on the site’s temperature rating, this jacket was made to maximize comfort and warmth for everyday wear in colder temperatures, particularly around 14 to negative four degrees Fahrenheit. But warmth and function aside, it’s really the style that makes this the most popular Canada Goose coat. From the subtle high-low hem to the down-filled Snorkel hood that welcomes interchangeable trims to the miliary button closures, this jacket oozes sleek, sophisticated and timeless beauty.

Why Is Canada Goose So Expensive?

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Canada Goose coat, you’re preparing to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So why is it so expensive, you ask? Canada Goose originated in 1957 with the vision of precision; every detail, down to the fold, cut and stitch was at the forefront of every design. Additionally, the brand made a commitment to Canadian manufacturing and sustainable innovation.

To make this happen, they set up manufacturing facilities across Canada to bring their beloved styles to life, and they’ve partnered with other manufacturers from across the world with the same vision and ethos to expand their collections as time elapsed. And their material is second to none, boasting warmth, insulation, comfort and durability. That’s because they invest in using high-quality materials and fabrics in their impeccable craftsmanship, which is aimed at creating luxe pieces that’ll last a lifetime. Don’t believe us? They offer a lifetime warranty for all purchases that need repairs, which may be free of charge depending upon your claim.

TLDR? It’s not just an expensive coat, it’s Canada Goose.

Which Canada Goose Jacket Is the Warmest?

ICYDK, Canada Goose jacket designs originally started as an effort to aid the Canadian Artic workers. The Snow Mantra parka ($1,725) is one of the oldest pieces in their collection and arguably one of the most famous parkas that’s meant to withstand the harshest of climates in the coldest regions on the planet, per the brand. With a temperature ranking of “Extreme,” “the Snow Mantra is renowned as the warmest coat on earth,” worn on the likes of scientists conducting research in frigid Antarctica. As we like to put it, it’s a damn good coat.

Are Canada Goose Jackets Really Worth It?

Canada Goose jackets are worth it if you’re someone who is looking to invest in a sturdy winter coat that will last you forever, is insulating, comfortable, warm and highly functional. If you happen to live in the coldest parts of Canada, Norway or the Unites States—we’re looking at you Minnesota, Chicago and Colorado—to name a few, you may consider Canada Goose jackets to be a necessity that’s well worth the investment, considering the craftsmanship is top-quality. For others around the world who live in cold (but not freezing) climates, the question of whether the purchase is worth it may depend entirely upon your style and how much you are willing to spend on a winter coat. Dare we say that lifetime warranty does make a compelling argument to the affirmative?

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