All the Clues in ‘Barbie’ That There’s Going to Be a ‘Barbie 2’

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*Warning: Major spoilers ahead*

Thanks to the release of Greta Gerwig's Barbie, we've been seeing what can only be described as Barbie-mania. Fans were obsessed with the movie long before it even came out, but now that Barbie's arrived, one thing's clear: It's a terrific film (just look at our glowing, five-star review).

But as we continue to be surrounded by buzz for Barbie and the stellar reviews keep pouring in, it's hard not to wonder: Will there be a Barbie 2?

Nothing has been confirmed yet, and writer-director Greta Gerwig has only said it would be “exciting” to make more Barbie films. However, these open-ended moments in Barbie suggest that we could eventually get a sequel. Check them out below.

1. Barbie Has a Whole New World to Explore

When Barbie ends, we see that Stereotypical Barbie (Margot Robbie) has decided to become a human and leave Barbieland to traverse the human world. In the memorable final shot, our lead walks up to a receptionist and says, “I'm here for my gynecologist appointment.”

With this final scene, we understand that Barbie will be navigating an entirely new world, which will likely lead to comical hijinks (which we already got glimpses of in the first Barbie). Sounds like fodder for a good sequel, right?

2. Ken Still Needs to Find Love

Another plotline that could drive Barbie 2 would be Ken's journey as he tries to become an “autonomous person,” like Barbie suggested.

All throughout Barbie, Ken (played by Ryan Gosling) strives for her love and when it's unreciprocated, he tries to find meaning by becoming the ruler of Barbieland. And while he eventually rights his wrongs, Ken still never finds out who he is and what he wants. Not to mention, as a romantic, Ken never finds his perfect match. Seems like we need a sequel to see what becomes of Barbie's sidekick.

3. Sasha Is Ready to Take Center Stage

In Barbie, we watch Mattel worker Gloria (America Ferrera) try to navigate her relationship with her daughter, Sasha (Ariana Greenblatt). The two start to understand each other better and they end the film on good terms, but we don't get to spend nearly enough time with the strong-willed Sasha.

If there's one tiny flaw with the Barbie movie, it's the lack of details that it provides us about Sasha's life. What we do know is that Sasha's a young woman who grew up in a generation that felt conflicted about Barbies. Wouldn't it make for a great story to see Sasha develop a friendship with Stereotypical Barbie in the real world? Not to mention, viewers could discover what's next for this Gen Z-er.

Barbie dolls.

4. The Untapped Barbie Lore Is Endless

Finally, fans of Barbie might have left Gerwig's film wishing they had seen a cameo from one of their favorite toys as a kid. Where was Stacie Roberts or Francie Fairchild? Or how about the Generation Girls line of dolls? Not to mention, plenty of celebrities have had Barbies fashioned after them (Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Swift—the list goes on). Imagine the possibilities if those celebrities played themselves in Barbieland.

All we know is, the Barbie universe is so widely expansive and features so many different characters that it offers plenty of material for another film (and we sure hope Greta Gerwig is reading this).

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