5 Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Fall

Out with the Barbiecore and Tomato Girls. In with the Ozempic and, um, Melissa Ethridge? Every season sees a crop of trends that speaks to the current moment (anyone remember rhinestone face masks?), but this autumn is proving particularly juicy. From the notes in your coffee to the colors on your nails, here’s what everyone will be eating, drinking, wearing, watching and doing from now until the holidays.

According to Pantone, These Are the 9 Colors You’re Going to See Everywhere This Fall

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1. Brown Butter Is the New Pumpkin Spice

The PSL, like Michael Myers and skinny jeans, will never really die. But this year, mug-grasping, flannel-wearing hot drink enthusiasts are getting a new autumnal flavor: brown butter, which is seeing its way into everything from lattes at Dunkin to blondies at popular Texas chain Tacodeli. But the biggest evidence has to be the Whole Foods iced brown butter chocolate chip cookie latte, which recently went viral on TikTok, despite the fact that many Whole Foods baristas weren’t aware it existed. (The official WF TikTok account maintains you can still order it.) We also predict brown butter will see its way into more elevated restaurants and kitchens this season. Case in point: PureWow’s recipe developers are currently working on brown butter bourbon pecan chocolate chip cookies for the holidays. 

2. Latte Nails and Makeup

Speaking of lattes, this fall, cozy coffee drinks are making their way into…your makeup bag. Yep, we’re predicting a rise in both latte nails (light brown shades described as “toasted cream, milky and nutty”) and equally muted latte makeup, as an alternative to the shimmery and pastel tones that dominated recent months. PureWow Beauty Director Jenny Jin says to “consider rich brown eyeshadows, nude lipsticks and creamy taupe bronzers inspired by your favorite fall beverage.”

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3. ‘80s and ‘90s Reboots

Reboots are nothing new, but this fall sees a whole new crop of ‘80s and ‘90s IP, from Broadway productions of Back to the Future: The Musical and Mellissa Etheridge: My Window  to TV and film reboots we definitely needed (Frasier) and those we did not (Good Burger 2). And this is on top of all new fall seasons of existing reboots from the era: Quantum Leap, Magnum P.I. The Connors (aka: The cast of Roseanne minus Rosanne). In other words, with the writers’ and actors’ strike still very much halting production on new streaming options, we hope you like revisiting your childhoods!

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4. Fiery Red

Pantone called out several shades of red in its fall trend report, but we’re predicting particularly bold, cherry-inspired hues to take center stage. We’ve seen the color reign supreme in the Fall collections for Prada, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, and it feels like a natural extension of the Tomato Girl Summer reds we saw all over everyone’s farm-fresh insta feeds as of late. Says PureWow Fashion Editor Abby Hepworth, “Much like last year’s Barbie pink moment, this trend is all about going big with large swaths of cherry, tomato or scarlet as opposed to more subtle hues like burgundy.”

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5. Ozempic in the Open

If the first half of 2023 was the quiet is-she-or-isn’t-she-on-Ozempic era, the second half is shaping up to be all about a public embrace of (or at least curiosity about) the new class of injectable drugs approved for Type 2 diabetes but used off-label for weight loss. Celebrities like Chelsea Handler and Elon Musk (eyeroll) have admitted to using GLP-1 drugs, and regular women are also becoming more open about their journeys, whether they did it for health or cosmetic reasons…and whether it’s covered by insurance or not. With buzz of an Ozempic pill on the horizon and reports of Ozempic and Weygovy sales significantly impacting Denmark’s economy, it seems the craze will last into Q4 and beyond—hopefully not at the expense of the body positivity movement younger millennials and Gen Z’ers worked so hard to normalize. 

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