As summer slowly winds down and we prep for chillier weather and shorter days, certain patterns are emerging. So, we have compiled a list of seven trends that will be hard to miss this fall, from workations to face yoga.

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fall trends sweater vests
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1. Sweater Vests

Not the matchy-matchy monochromatic type that Carlton Banks would wear, but the textured and oversized kind that Carrie Bradshaw would color block with her Manolos. Sweater vests are back baby, and they no longer hold that stigma of being uncool and unfashionable. Wear one with your mom jeans, a simple A-line skirt or, if your style’s a bit more avant-garde, match it to some crocs.

Get the look: Revolve ($263); Nordstrom ($35); Asos ($14)

fall trends workations
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2. “Workations”

Between the new COVID variants that are making things uncertain and the fact that many folks are just so damn tired of their little WFH nooks, people are looking for new ways to stay motivated. Enter workations. Instead of taking an entire week off work to enjoy beach views and ice-cold cocktails, many professionals are mixing business with pleasure by bringing their work computers and setting up shop across the globe, says Fox World Travel. And as the weather gets chillier in the coming months, don’t be surprised when you see more and more of your co-workers opting to retreat to small cabins in the woods. (Honestly, nothing makes that early-morning meeting bearable than a beautiful mountainous view.)

fall trends getaway cars
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3. Getaway Cars

As in to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. (Not like, ya know, for a quick dash after robbing a bank.) According to Pinterest, people are now using their cars for more than just school runs and trips to the grocery store. Think: road tripping versus air travel, drive-in theaters versus movie theaters and date nights inside the car as opposed to reservations at restaurants. (In fact, Pinterest searches for ‘car date night’ have doubled in the past year.) Oh, and because man’s best friend doesn’t get left behind, searches for dog car seats have also seen a surge—100 percent, to be exact—since last year.

fall trends pet adoption
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4. Pandemic Pet Adoption

You may have heard of the “pandemic puppy” boom—where many people were adopting new puppies to help them get through these trying times. However, Rover says the term is a bit of a misnomer, since cats have also been quite popular. A recent study conducted by the dog care company found that while dogs seem to be a favorite—with 53 percent of new pet parents opting for a canine—feline adoption also saw an uptick with 32 percent of people bringing home a cat over the past year and 14 percent of people got both.

5. Spicy…Everything

Listen, jerk seasoning will never not be in season. But it seems there’s a current interest in adding a bit of heat to even the most unconventional foods, and this eagerness to fire up the taste buds is not slowing down. Heck, Marble Slab Creamery even launched a Cheetos Flamin' Hot Ice Cream and Cheetos Flamin' Hot Shake in collaboration with Frito-Lay. Spicy food is burning hot right now.

fall trends face yoga
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6. Face Yoga

You regularly practice yoga to tone those biceps and define those abs and guess what? You can do the same for your face. This form of facial exercise—which requires way less work from you BTW—works to not only tone your facial muscles, but also increases circulation and blood flow, which results in a more youthful and radiant complexion. Just look at Meghan Markle.

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