Quince vs. Naadam: We Review Which Under $100 Cashmere Sweater Is Best

Affordable cashmere, for the win

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Like most people, I am a sucker for all things cashmere. This is doubly true when it comes to cashmere that costs less than $100. Which is exactly why I couldn’t resist pitting Quince vs. Naadam cashmere sweaters against one another to see which affordable brand is truly worth investing in. After all, both the Quince Mongolian cashmere sweater ($50) and the Naadam Original cashmere sweater ($98) purport to be every bit as comfortable as knits that cost $150 or more, without sacrificing on sustainability either. But is one far better than the other? Read on for my honest review of both under-$100 options.

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quince v naadam cashmere sweaters

How We Tested the Quince and Naadam Cashmere Sweaters

I’ve owned both sweaters since fall 2022 (so about a year and a half) and have worn and washed them on multiple occasions to see how they hold up to frequent use. I also stowed them away for the summer and brought them back out again, testing their longevity from year to year. For this review, I rated the sweaters based on the following factors:

  • Value: Is the sweater worth the cost considering its quality and capabilities?
  • Fit: Does the sweater fit true to size? Are the arms and/or torso a good length? Does it fit well over the bust and hips?
  • Quality: Is the sweater made with high-quality materials? Is it soft and durable?
  • Aesthetics: Does the sweater have an attractive appearance?
  • Brand Transparency: How transparent is the brand about where the materials are sourced and how the sweater is made?

What Sets Quince and Naadam Apart?

Both brands are known for producing high-quality clothing at lower price points than their competitors (like J.Crew, Naked Cashmere, Everlane and State Cashmere), thanks to a direct-to-consumer model. Both brands are also transparent about how they’re able to keep their prices so low, with easily accessible information on how and where the fibers are sourced, where the clothing is constructed and what steps they take to offset their carbon footprint.

That said, Naadam’s focus is almost entirely on knitwear—mostly cashmere, but also some wool and cotton—for both women and men, whereas Quince’s product range is much more diverse. It sells not just cashmere sweaters, but also clothing in a wide range of materials for women, men and kids, as well as home goods and luggage.

Quince Mongolian Cashmere Sweater Review

What We Like

  • available in 15-plus color options
  • free returns/exchanges for 365 days
  • holds up shockingly well from year to year
  • fits true to size

What We Don’t Like

  • plus sizes available in fewer colors
  • plus sizes cost $10 more
  • hand wash only


  • Value: 20/20
  • Fit: 19/20
  • Quality: 17/20
  • Aesthetics: 19/20
  • Brand Transparency: 15/20
  • TOTAL: 90/100

I’ll admit, I had very low expectations when ordering the Quince Mongolian cashmere sweater. I’d tested other budget-friendly cashmere knits in the past, but they were never as soft as the more expensive styles in my wardrobe. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered that Quince’s cashmere is just as dreamy and plush as sweaters three times the cost. Seriously, the material feels incredible and, even better, is ethically and sustainably sourced. Quince has a decent amount of information on its website explaining how it is able to keep costs low, especially for something like cashmere that’s traditionally more of a luxury.

As for the fit, Quince’s sweaters definitely run true to size. This crewneck silhouette is just loose enough, although if you like to layer thicker T-shirts or long-sleeve turtlenecks under your knits, you may want to go up a size. But while Quince does have a more inclusive size range than Naadam, it also charges more for sizes 1X through 3X (up an extra $10 for a total of $60). Plus sizes also come in far fewer color options.

To maintain that delicious softness, Quince recommends hand washing their sweaters in cold water using a gentle detergent, which for me means it gets washed less often. And while it has definitely held up well through multiple winters (and a handful of washes), I can tell it’s wearing down faster than my $150+ cashmere sweaters. It is still very soft, has minimal pilling and hasn’t worn thin in any spots, but it isn’t quite as lovely as the day it arrived. But for a $50 sweater to stay in nearly tip-top shape after two winters is an impressive feat, especially if I consider the cost per wear. (If you think in terms of girl math, my Quince sweater has basically paid for itself, and still has some life left.)


  • Size Range: XS to XL, also 1X to 3X
  • Material: 100 percent cashmere
  • Fit: classic long-sleeve crewneck
  • Care: hand wash using cold water or dry clean with gentle detergent; lay flat to dry

Naadam Original Cashmere Sweater Review

What We Like

  • available in 35-plus color options
  • can personalize with up to 4 letters for $20 more
  • machine washable

What We Don’t Like

  • not available in plus sizes
  • reportedly runs a little small
  • returns incur a $12.75 fee


  • Value: 20/20
  • Fit: 17/20
  • Quality: 19/20
  • Aesthetics: 19/20
  • Brand Transparency: 17/20
  • TOTAL: 92/100

What was once the Naadam Essential $75 sweater has now become the Original Sweater after the brand increased the price to $98. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much explanation for the price increase, but I will say that despite the price hike, this sweater is still worth every penny. I’ve owned this sweater for almost two years and wear it regularly throughout fall and winter (and sometimes even spring), and it still looks and feels as nice as the day it arrived on my doorstep. The cashmere, which is ethically sourced from Mongolia, is shockingly luxe. I expected this to be a fairly thin sweater, given the price tag, but it feels really plush and the light hue (I own the camel color) isn’t at all see through.

The fit is also surprisingly flattering—not too baggy, not too tight—and has a good length in both the torso and arms. Naadam suggests ordering the Original Sweater one size larger than your usual for the best fit, and I have to agree. I got a large, when I typically wear a size medium, and while I do think the medium would have fit well, I prefer the looser silhouette of a large. It also makes it easier to layer things underneath.

Back to the Mongolian cashmere, since its launch, Naadam has been very transparent about where and how it sources its materials and offers up information on its website. On each product page, there is a note indicating where the materials originated from. Unlike Quince, Naadam’s cashmere is machine washable—although you should skip the dryer and lay your knit flat to dry. Of course, hand washing is best, but for those in a rush, as long as you use cold water and a gentle detergent, your sweater should come out of the washer looking good as new.

I will admit, I find myself reaching for my Naadam Essential cashmere knit more often than my Quince sweater, as it appears to have maintained that glorious softness a bit better over time and because I know it won’t necessitate a trip to the dry cleaners or an afternoon spent hand washing.


  • Size Range: XXS to XXL
  • Material: 100 percent cashmere
  • Fit: classic long-sleeve crewneck
  • Care: machine washable on gentle cycle or dry clean; lay flat to dry

Quince vs. Naadam Cashmere Sweaters: What Are the Main Differences?

Despite their many similarities, these two knits have a few key differences:

The Bottom Line

Both the Quince Mongolian cashmere sweater and the Naadam Original cashmere sweater are shockingly high-quality given their under-$100 price tags. And while the Naadam knit did edge out Quince for a higher overall score, if you have only $50 to spend, Quince’s cashmere is still a great investment for your money.

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