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We have to admit something: millennials are the worst to shop for. So finding the perfect gifts for millennials is daunting: They’re never satisfied and when they want something, they immediately go out and buy it themselves. I know this because I am a millennial. So, where do you even begin? Welp, you can’t go wrong with something useful, like a phone sanitizer or a cold brew coffee maker. Not really their vibe? No worries. Consider treating the millennial in your life to some self-care in the form of cashmere socks or a super hydrating face mask. Still not quite right? Just have a 30-something-year-old do the curating for you (ahem, that would be me). Here, a breakdown of 39 giftable items that any millennial is sure to love.

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1. BlendJet BlendJet 2 Portable 16 oz. Blender

For the Healthy Eater

This lightweight, cord-free blender allows any health-conscious millennial to just throw in some ice, a banana, maybe some additional fruit and protein powder and carry it along with them, then blending it right before they want to drink it, so it's got that smoothie-bar freshly made zip.

Buy It ($100; $50)


2. Naadam Signature Cashmere Socks

For the one who gets cold feet

Everyday luxury is a cliché by now, but the moment you turn someone on to 100 percent cashmere socks, they'll have a new understanding of them. Suitable for men and women and guaranteed to transform any thirtysomething's idea of what plain old socks can be.

Buy It ($75)


3. MOBOT Big Bertha 40oz 2-in-1 Foam Roller Water Bottle

For the worker-outer

Sporty types will enjoy this large water bottle that's clad in recycled BPA-free stainless steel and high-density, non-toxic EVA foam that will support up to 350 pounds as a muscle easing tool. What's more, filled with cold water, you can take a refreshing gulp between cold strokes of this on your aching quadriceps.

$60 at Amazon

Olive & June

4. Olive & June Mani System

For the one who loves their hands

Six polishes in a gift box with a special nail clipper, file, steadying brush holder, polish remover and paintbrush for neatening up—this manicure gift set creates a Pinterest-worthy scene where there formerly was just drugstore acetone and a gloppy old bottle of pink polish.

Buy It ($100)


5. Oculus Quest 2 Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset

For the gamer

The early adopter on your list will love leaning in to the Metaverse with a virtual reality headset. They can use it to play games, virtually attend concerts and sporting events and whatever else happens in this brave new world. A big plus is the easy install—the giftee just opens the box, sets it up with a smartphone app and jumps into VR.

$299 at Amazon


6. HOTAPEI Sweater Vest

For the fashion trend lover

This is arguably the fashion piece of fall-winter '21, combining '90s retro vibes with cuddly comfort. This oversized sweater vest comes in 21 colors and is designed to be drapey, so order it in your giftee's usual size to capture the ideal IDGAP millennial vibe.

$31 at Amazon


7. ‘Minimalista: Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Better Home, Wardrobe, and Life’ by Shira Gill

For the neat freak

This new hardcover book by a San Francisco-based home organizer is part how-to (it has step-by-step rules for decluttering) and part design inspiration, since it's filled with gorgeous monochromatic, serene-looking home shots.

Buy It ($25)

Urban Outfitters

8. James Foldng Bed Tray

For the can't-get-out-of-bed millennial

Millennials have mastered the WFH game and this folding bed tray makes the experience that much easier. There's a drawer for a few office supplies and a panel that adjusts to three angles to comfortably position a laptop for typing or Zooming from bed. And if your giftee doesn't feel like doing any work, it's an equally charming brunch-in-bed tray.

Buy It ($49)

9. 'Only the Good Stuff'

For the newbie cook

So, you finally moved into your first apartment, meaning you'll have to start preparing your own food. While nothing compares to Mom's home-cooked meals, allow us to ease you into adulthood with our very first cookbook! In honor of our tenth anniversary, we compiled our top recipes from the past decade to create Only the Good Stuff, a collection of easy-yet-impressive breakfasts, apps, mains, sides and desserts.

Buy it ($27)


10. Bodum Bean Cold brew coffee maker

For the coffee addict

Luckily, this cold brew coffee maker lets the caffeine-dependent millennial on your list make the good stuff with barely a pause in their WFH lifestyle. Just add fresh ground coffee and filtered water and let it steep for 12 to 24 hours in the fridge before pressing and pouring into a glass. Bonus: The whole contraption is dishwasher safe, which is necessary for getting rid of all those tiny coffee grinds.

$27 at Amazon


11. NULIPAM Sunset Lamp Projector

For the one with winter blues

This is the millennial selfie trend that is just the thing to counter grey winter light. This 10-inch table lamp comes fully equipped with a wireless remote, four gradient modes, sixteen colors and flash, strobe, fade and smooth effects for an immersive sunset experience. Best of all. its 180-degree rotating head allows users to adjust the size and shape of the halo, because framing is everything.

Buy It ($23; $20)


12. Winc Wine

For the aspiring sommelier

The only thing we love more than wine that gets delivered straight to our door, is wine that’s heavily discounted but tastes expensive AF. Winc is a DTC wine company that creates over 100 varieties from premier wine-making regions around the world and delivers them via an easy-to-use monthly subscription. Send a two-month gift card that will bring 6 or so bottles of wine that they choose online after taking a short taste quiz. Because Winc works directly with vineyards, they can offer high end bottles starting at just $13.

Buy It ($100)


13. Bearaby Cotton Napper Weighted Blanket – 15lbs

For the millennial who’s always stressed out

Stress and anxiety are two things most 30-somethings know all too well. One simple way to help them deal? With a weighted blanket. The density creates physical pressure on the body and can increase the release of serotonin (aka the happy chemical) in the brain for a calming effect. This Bearaby style is our top pick because it happens to look more like a chic woven throw, instead of a drab quilt.

Buy It ($249)


14. Üllo Wine Purifier

For the millennial who’s always hungover

Whether they’re fans or white or red, wine drinkers can all agree on one thing: hangovers are no fun. But this handy wine purifier sits atop any size glass and filters out sulfites, which are artificial preservatives responsible for those morning-after headaches.

Buy It ($80)


15. Dyson Airwrap Styler

For the wannabe hair stylist

We’ve sung the praises of this versatile styling device many times before. Yes, it’s pricey, but it combines six tools into one and has the ability to dry, curl, wave and smooth without the use of extreme damaging heat. You don’t even need to know how to use traditional hair tools—the Dyson motor attracts and wraps hair, using only air.

Buy It ($549)

Our Place

16. Our Place Dinner for 4

For the hostess

The Our Place Always Pan is a total gamechanger for small kitchens, since it excels at both space-saving and multi-tasking. But the brand also sells super-chic plates, bowls and cups that coordinate flawlessly with their trendy cookware. Consider this the ideal starter kit for someone just learning how to function as an adult. Just note that the Always Pan has been so popular this holiday season, it won’t ship until mid-February.

Buy It ($290; $190)


17. Bloomscape Philodendron Heartleaf

For the plant parent

Even those who aren’t natural gardeners will find it easy to care for a philodendron. Before long, the vines will start growing in a pretty cascade over the edge of the gorgeous pot (your choice in five chic matte colors). Yup, it’s basically a decor piece too.

Buy It ($39)


18. Wildling Aura Collection

For the self care devotee

First there was jade rolling. Then Gua Sha became the next big thing. Now, it’s all about lymphatic drainage. Get them into the trendy self-care ritual with this kit that includes a dry brush, Aura stone and body serum and oil that seeks to detoxify, soothe skin and release tension from head to toe. It’s self-care on a whole new level—just the way millennials like it.

Buy It ($149)


19. Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

For the pizza lover

Another thing millennials like? Pizza. But there’s only so much Domino’s delivery one body can handle. Enter this tabletop pizza oven, which bakes just like a brick oven, due to enhanced heating dynamics and total flame control. It’s made of easy-to-scrub stainless-steel, so mom can’t even criticize your cleaning skills (or lack thereof).

$400 at Amazon


20. Tineco Pure ONE S11 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

For the clean freak

A Dyson cordless vacuum might be the popular choice, but this option from Tineco is half the price and cleans twice as well. Don’t believe us? Read this glowing review. Our favorite details? The polished blue-and-white color scheme and the genius app integration.

$350 at Amazon

Blue Bottle Coffee

21. Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

For the lazy coffee lover

Blue Bottle coffee shops are only in a handful of cities around the U.S. and Asia, but anyone can get their delicious beans—from espresso to single origin to decaf—sent straight to their door. Opt for the weekly or monthly subscription options that can be customized based on what they want, how much they drink and how often they'd like it to arrive.

Buy It (From $11/ Shipment)

Wild One

22. Wild One Collar Walk Kit

For the millennial with a fur baby

This one’s for all the dog moms and dads who put just as much thought into their pup’s aesthetic as their own. Wild One’s walk kits come with everything you need for a fashionable stroll around the block: a matching collar and leash, plus a poop bag holder, which comes in seven crowd-pleasing colors (yes, millennial pink is one of them).

Buy It ($108; $88)

Jenni Kayne

23. Jenni Kayne Oak Essentials Ritual Oil

For the fan of clean beauty

Designer Jenni Kayne has introduced a new minimalist skin care line, Oak Essentials, that encompasses the millennial values of clean ingredients and simple steps. And a rocking skin oil, which is arguably the most popular new self-care item of the last decade. This skin oil contains four super-absorbent oils and soothing botanicals formulated to be ideal for all skin types. And maturing, acne-prone skin (hey, hey, millennials) will especially love its anti-inflammatory and hydrating benefits.

Buy It ($72)

Urban Outfitters

24. Fujifilm Mini Link Smartphone Printer

For the nostalgic millennial

Baby Boomers had Polaroid cameras, and millennials have this Fujifilm smartphone printer. It sounds like exactly what it is: a mini printer that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and almost instantly pops out the photos you wish to print. That means you’ll get iPhone quality pics, ready to hang on the fridge.

Buy It ($130; $110)

Urban Outfitters

25. Britney Spears - Greatest Hits: My Prerogative Limited 2XLP

For the lifelong Britney Spears fan

If you grew up in the ‘90s, there’s no greater nostalgia than listening to Britney Spears. This record is sure to bring back all the feels.

Buy It ($41)


26. Bala Bangles Weighted Bangles, Set of 2

For the at-home workout fanatic

Who ever thought workout equipment could be a status symbol? These one-pound bangles are beloved by fitness influencers including Melissa Wood and celebs (even James Franco is a fan) for their comfortable fit around ankles and wrists. Plus, they’re actually pretty to look at.

Buy It ($49)


27. Everlane the Perform Square-Neck Unitard

For the risk taker

FYI, workout onesies have made a total comeback. Everlane added the Perform unitard to its roster of athleisure, which is made with the same sweat-wicking, body-contouring fabric as its bestselling Perform Leggings. But that doesn’t mean it’s just for sweating in. It’s also super comfy to wear all day long, while typing away on the computer.

Buy It ($88)


28. Lululemon Sweatsuit

For the loungewear lover

Just looking at this gray sweatshirt and pants from Lululemon makes us feel all warm and cozy. And they’ll love this matching set, whether or not they asked for loungewear as a gift this year. P.S. If spring was any indication, you’re going to want to grab this gift early; sweat sets will most definitely sell out before the holidays.

Buy the Top ($108)

Buy the Bottoms ($118)


29. Acorn Moc Slipper

For the millennial whose feet are always cold

Slippers are the new footwear of choice for shuffling around the house during the workday. And they make great gifts, because everyone could use a cozy treat around this time of year. These ones feature ultra-cozy fleece on the inside and outside, plus a super grippy slip-proof sole.

Buy It ($38)

Urban Outfitters

30. Inkeltech Ring Light

For the millennial who’s always on Zoom

While Gen-Z is using ring lights for their TikTok makeup tutorials, millennials are just trying to look more alive on Zoom. This tripod will be much appreciated come winter when their skin could benefit from some faux-radiance.

Buy It ($95)


31. Loopy Mango DIY Merino Wool Scarf Beginner Knitting Kit

For the creative

This winter, your giftee will be enjoying quiet nights at home, learning to knit and finishing a scarf while they are Netlflix binging.

Buy It ($98)

Best Buy

32. Click and Grow Smart Garden

For the gardening newbie

Judging by their ability to kill succulents in record time, they don’t exactly have a green thumb. But one thing millennials can most definitely grow? Herbs and veggies in this countertop hydroponic garden. There’s virtually no maintenance required, because it delivers the exact amount of water to keep the plants thriving, and the refillable tank holds enough H20 for up to three weeks.

Buy It ($180; $100)


33. YETI Rambler 12 oz. Colster Slim Can Insulator

For the ice cold beer lover

Have you ever tried to use a regular koozie on a slim can? Yeah, it doesn’t work too well. But this slim can insulator from YETI fits perfectly, to keep that hard seltzer ice cold until the last drop. Consider this to be one stocking stuffer that will definitely garner an, “oooh, cool!” response.

Buy It ($25)

Urban Outfitters

34. Nintendo Switch Super Mario Party Video Game

For the millennial who’s still a kid at heart

The days of Super Nintendo were simpler times, back when we played Mario Kart for hours on end and mom supplied the Bagel Bites. While a few of us still have that vintage gaming system, the timeless game is even more fun to play on Nintendo’s newest and trendiest device, Nintendo Switch. We think it’s because of the high-tech screen and super clear graphics. We call dibs on Baby Mario.

Buy It ($70)


35. Pinch Provisions Digital Detox Kit

For the millennial who’s always glued to their phone

This handy digital detox kit from Pinch Provisions is ideal for that late 20-something who can’t stop scrolling TikTok before bed. Inside, you’ll find digital detox tips, an infinity fidget cube and an activity dice that can help lower their weekly screen time. There’s also a mini alarm clock, which is helpful for keeping their phone out of the bedroom, a pouch to tuck their phone in before bed, ear plugs and an eye mask.

$26 at Amazon


36. Phone Soap

For the germaphobe

It's a charger and a sanitizer in one. This handy little device effectively zaps 99.99 percent of all bacteria and germs with two germicidal UV-C bulbs. Given how much millennials touch their phone, the peace of mind is honestly priceless.

$80 at Amazon


37. Summer Fridays Jumbo Jet Lag Mask

For the skincare junkie

When this hydrating overnight mask hit shelves in 2018, it was an instant hit. While it was originally created to restore moisture to skin post travel, it’s been adopted by many as an everyday moisturizer. Meaning we go through it like water.

Buy It ($65)


38. Boy Smells Kush, Ash, Cedar Stack Votive Set

For the candle hoarder

This candle brand is super popular, all thanks to its millennial-friendly packaging and cheeky candle names. This trio combines the first three scents the cult-favorite company ever created, making them some of the most loved (i.e. you definitely can’t go wrong).

Buy It ($48)


39. Kosas Most Loved Lip Box

For the makeup guru

In a world where a full face of makeup is kind of obsolete, many are turning to just the essentials for looking semi-pulled together on Zoom. And that most definitely includes lip products like this set from Kosas. It includes six bestselling shades of the clean beauty brand’s popular lip color and glosses for a slick, non-sticky finish.

Buy It ($35)

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