30 Frozen Cocktails You’ll Want to Drink All Summer Long

Margaritas, sangria and Aperol spritzes are divine on the rocks. But taking them for a whirl in the blender makes them ten times more refreshing and summery. Better yet, it’s basically impossible to sip a slushy libation without feeling like you’re on vacation, which is a definite plus in our book. Here are 30 frozen cocktails to drink at home, no matter your spirit of choice.

How to Make White Claw Slushies (and 10 More Frozen Cocktails)

1. Boozy Lemonade Granita

Turning summer’s signature drink into a grown-up beverage with a splash of vodka or gin is a no-brainer. But serving it in hollowed-out lemons? That’s just plain genius.

2. Frozen Aperol Spritz

Bubbly prosecco meets fresh citrus juice and bittersweet Aperol, an Italian aperitif that’s begging for a permanent spot in your happy hour rotation.

3. White Sangria Ice Pops

Because everything tastes better on a stick. Instead of blending the ingredients, this treat calls for freezing white grape simple syrup, grape juice, fresh fruit and your choice of white wine in popsicle molds.

4. Piña Colada

In 1954, Ramón “Monchito” Marrero, bartender at Caribe Hilton in San Juan, Puerto Rico, changed the cocktail world forever when he sought to invent a drink that represented his home country. And we’ve got his original recipe riiiight here.

5. Portable Summer Sippers

No one should spend their own party playing bartender. Set out a bunch of premade vodka coolers instead so your guests can take care of themselves. Now, which flavor should we start with: raspberry-lime or lemonade iced tea?

6. Frozen Cantaloupe Cocktail

Fresh lime juice, vodka and coconut cream bring this decadent melon sipper to life. Might we suggest rimming the glass with a mix of crushed pink peppercorns and sea salt?

7. Frosé

This wine-based bev will never go out of style in our eyes. It’s basically a four-ingredient snow cone for adults.

8. Raspberry Prosecco Ice Pops

Tart, fruity and so damn refreshing. They’re only three ingredients and a few hours in the freezer away.

9. Papaya Mango Frozen Margarita

This tropical beauty stars jalapeño-infused tequila, Cointreau (aka orange liqueur) and allll the fresh papaya. Frozen mango keeps the drink frosty without diluting it.

10. Watermelon Limoncello Prosecco Slushies

Two Italian favorites, one pretty-in-pink drink. (If you need help slicing the watermelon, this is the easiest way to do it, hands down.)

11. Tropical Wine Slushies

These layered gems wouldn’t be possible without Moscato, but all their flavor really lies in the fruit. We’re talking mango, pineapple, strawberries and lime juice.

12. Frozen Fuzzy Navel

Give the retro shooter a modern update by adding vodka and frozen peaches to the mix. We have a feeling this rendition will be a hit at brunch.

13. Blueberry Whiskey Buck

The recipe calls for serving the cocktail on the rocks, but we don’t see why whiskey should miss out on all the slushy fun. Just use frozen blueberries instead of fresh and make ice cubes with the ginger beer to blend.

14. Frozen Mango Mojito-rita

Silver tequila takes centerstage in this herbaceous cocktail that calls for a ton of fresh mint. Up the ante by adding a splash of rum, too.

15. Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

One sip and boom—you’re kicked back on a faraway beach without a care in the world. Using both fresh and frozen strawberries ensures the perfect slushy texture.

16. Frozen Cherry Cosmos

If you love sour drinks, we present to you your soulmate. This gorgeous vodka bev boasts cranberry juice, tart cherry juice and fresh-squeezed lime.

17. Frozen Sangria

It’s so simple: Just combine frozen and fresh fruit, orange liqueur and your favorite dry red vino in the blender and pulse until smooth. Feel free to add an extra handful of ice to thicken its texture.

18. Cherry Lime Gin And Tonic

Like whiskey, gin is often overlooked when it comes to blended cocktails. But take it for a spin with tonic water, cherry juice, lime and cherries and you won’t be disappointed, promise.

19. Frozen Brunch Punch

Mimosas? Again? You can do better. Trade Champagne for silver rum and Campari, then spruce up the mixture with pineapple chunks, fresh ginger and citrus juices.

20. Frozen Strawberry Malibu Kombucha Cocktail

Coconut rum + frozen fruit + effervescent kombucha = the most refreshing three-ingredient cocktail of all time.

21. Watermelon Limeade Cocktails

You won’t need to head to the liquor store for ice to make this summery sipper. Frozen cubed watermelon is all it takes to get the slushy consistency you crave.

22. Frozen Peach Margarita

When they’re in season, we put peaches in everything from chicken dishes to salad to dessert, and this recipe just made its way to the top of our list. (P.S.: Coat the rim in Tajín—you can thank us later.)

23. Painkiller Cocktail Popsicles

Want an easy way to wow your barbecue guests? Look no further than these creamy cocktail pops, made with rum, OJ, coconut milk and fresh pineapple. Oh, and don’t be shy with the coconut flakes.

24. Frozen Blueberry Margaritas

These tequila-based cuties are *always* invited to Taco Tuesday.

25. Whiskey Lemonade

You may not think whiskey and lemonade go together at first, but it’s basically like a cheater’s whiskey sour. Muddle a bit of fresh rosemary or mint to take it over the top.

26. Basil Smash Piña Colada

This herbaceous take on the island classic calls for both white and dark rum, but the real star is the salted lime sugar rim.

27. Frozen Peach Bellini

Bust out a bottle of bubbly for this frosty twist on a brunch staple. If you have a bottle of brut Cava or Prosecco on hand, feel free to use one of those instead.

28. Frozen Blueberry Paloma

Tequila can do more than just margaritas. Case in point: the paloma, made with the spirit and grapefruit juice. This rendition also calls for lime, honey and blueberries.

29. Lavender And White Chocolate Boozy Milkshakes

This drink-dessert hybrid starts with lavender-infused vodka, which takes about two days to steep. But we promise it’s worth the wait, if not for the boozy vanilla ice cream alone.

30. Frozen Irish Mudslide

Behold, a decadent triple-threat made with Irish whiskey, Baileys Irish cream and Kahlúa. We’ll take extra chocolate syrup and whipped cream on ours, please.

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