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Are you finally getting over that stuffed feeling from Thanksgiving? Good, then it’s time to talk Christmas food. Specifically, these 27 dishes, ranked from most delicious to basically intolerable.

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christmas food ranked peppermint bark
Tvirbickis/Getty Images

1. Peppermint bark

In fact, give us the whole forest. This is the reigning king of all the holiday foods.

2. Roasted potatoes

Potatoes cooked in fat for hours. 'Nuff said.

3. Mashed potatoes 

But only if drenched in similar amounts of fat as previously ranked potatoes. And yeah, we put potatoes back to back. Deal with it. 

4. Gravy

Dare we say almost better than what goes underneath it?

pecan pie horizontal

5. Pecan pie

Worth the seven cavities.

6. Fudge

Worth the seven pounds. 

7. Pheasant

Oh, you fancy, huh?

8. Dinner rolls

Like that actress who always plays the best friend and whose name you can never remember: lovable and reliable.

christmas food ranked brie
Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

9. Brie cheese with literally anything

Apples? Great. Jam? Awesome. Old tires? We’d try it.

10. Green bean casserole

Fried onions from a can never cease to delight. Even if we eat it for an entire month straight.

11. The M&Ms meant for decorating the gingerbread house

Oops, we ate the doorknob.

canned cranberry sauce horizontal1
jeffhochstrasser/Getty Images

12. Canned cranberry sauce

Better than homemade. (There, we said it.) But still never really sure if we love love it…or just love the idea of it.

13. Ham

The most polarizing of all the meats. We’re gonna give it a solid ehhh.

turkey table dinner horizontal1

14. Turkey

Fair pick, but a little played out so soon after Thanksgiving.

15. Stuffing 

See above.

16. Gingerbread men


17. Canned yams

Probably not even yams.

candy canes horizontal

18. Candy canes

Unless it’s bark-ified, it’s more of a decorative obligation than anything.

19. Mixed nuts

Two things we should all get over: these and crystal-cut bowls.

20. Yule log

Not doing itself any favors with that name.

eggnog horizontal1

21. Eggnog



22. Eggnog-flavored baked goods

Nice try…

23. Boiled carrots

Unacceptable for those between the ages of 11 months and 97 years.

biscotti and coffee horizontal1

24. Biscotti

Not a cookie.

25. Fruitcake

Not a cake.

26. Ribbon candy

Not a candy.

eating salad horizontal

27. Salad (of any kind)

What is this, amateur hour?

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