You live in the greatest city in the world. So why shouldn’t you have a personal shopper, oysters delivered to your door and Hamilton tickets? Here are five ways to live like a billionaire in NYC (at non-billionaire prices). See you on the yacht.

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Rent a yacht

Why sunbathe in Sheep Meadow when you could lie out on the deck of your own private yacht? Rent one for the day on the genius site Boatbound, which is basically the Airbnb of boats. For $140 a person, you and four friends can cruise around on a yacht with a captain for the day. Oh, and food is included.

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Join a private dining club

The same old dinner at the same old restaurant? Yawn. Pay $199 a year to join Tasting Collective, a new private club for food lovers that hosts fun dining events throughout the city. The club recently hosted intimate dinner parties at Soothsayer and Porsena, featuring a feast curated by the chef, who also shares personal food stories between courses. At about $50 per ticket, this is a steal--especially for NYC.

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Get “Hamilton” tickets

OK, seriously. A professional line-sitting team called SOLD, Inc. (that stands for Same Ole Line Dudes) will wait in the Hamilton cancellation line for you at the price of about $20 an hour. If a ticket holder doesn’t make the show on time, you’re in. You can also hire them to wait for SNL tickets, Black Tap milkshakes, Cronuts and anything else in high demand.

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Have oysters delivered to your door

NYC is full of amazing oyster spots, but what if you’re too lazy to actually put on pants and go outside? No prob. If you order today by 3 p.m., you can get 50 Island Creek oysters shipped to you by tomorrow for $100 bucks. Ahh, the billionaire’s life…

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Hire your own personal shopper

Yep, you can now have an unlimited closet packed with Marchesa dresses thanks to an amazing new app. Armarium teams you up with an in-person stylist who decks you out in designer clothing. If you like the look, you can rent it for a fraction of the price. You’ll look like a billion bucks (we won’t tell anyone you only spent $200).

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