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Common Phrases Youre Probably Saying Wrong
When he says, "I could care less"...

There’s a certain feeling that comes from hearing that something you absolutely believed to be true is actually wrong--say, that the '90s were 10 years ago. That’s how we felt when someone told us that the phrase “another thing coming” was actually “another think coming.” Kinda earth-shattering. Here are nine other common phrases you might be getting wrong.

The wrong way: For all intensive purposes
The right way: For all intents and purposes
Not all purposes are intense.

The wrong way: By in large
The right way: By and large
Though when we hit up Costco, we have been known to “buy in large.”

The wrong way: One in the same
The right way: One and the same
When in doubt, use "and." (See above.)

The wrong way: Case and point
The right way: Case in point
Except in this case.

The wrong way: I could care less
The right way: I couldn’t care less
To care or not to care?

The wrong way: Flush out.
The right way: Flesh out.
Unless you're talking about toilets, you're fleshing out a scenario to make it more detailed.

The wrong way: Spitting image
The right way: Spit and image
Either way, ew.

The wrong way: Hone in
The right way: Home in
As in: "I am homing in on the proper way to use all these phrases!"

The wrong way: Another thing coming
The right way: Another think coming
No. Way.  

The wrong way: Irregardless
The right way: Regardless
But if you learn one thing from this list...

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