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We like to think of ourselves as pretty checked into the beauty industry. We follow makeup pros on Instagram, we compulsively read beauty blogs and we pore over every magazine article we can get our hands on. But, as it turns out, some of the best beauty tips we’ve ever learned have come from random conversations with friends, family and even coworkers. Here, ten tips we continue to use over and over (and over) again.

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best beauty tips one consistency

Stick to One Makeup Consistency

If you’re using a powder foundation, the rest of your look (your blush, your eyeshadow) should also be powder-based. If you’re using a liquid foundation, reach for cream blushes and shadows. Reason being, liquids blend better with liquids and powders blend better with powder. It’s all about smoothness.

best beauty tips eyebrows
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Scowl While Doing Your Brows

The easiest and strangest way to get your brows on fleek (are people still saying that?): When you're filling them in, tilt your head down and furrow at your reflection. You'll be able to see the tops of your brows better, which just so happens to be the best pencil placement for opening up your eyes.

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best beauty tips multitasking

Use Makeup in More Ways Than One

Let’s get real: Makeup can be expensive. To help justify the cost, make your products multitask. For example, lip gloss can double as dewy blush and powder blush can double as eye shadow. As an added bonus, all of this doubling frees up space in our often-overstuffed purse.

beauty tips highlighter
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Put Highlighter Under Your Concealer

We're not huge fans of wearing layers and layers of makeup, so one trick to looking put-together without a ton of product is to layer highlighter under concealer. This adds a touch of brightness and lets you get away with wearing less stuff on top. The lighter you go with makeup, the less likely it is to cake or crease later.

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best beauty tips foundation blending
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Blend More Than You Think You Need To

Whether you use your fingers, a brush or a Beautyblender, blend your foundation, tinted moisturizer and concealer more than you think you need to so you don’t look two-toned. In the same vein, make sure to blend your makeup down to your neck so it matches the tone of your face.

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best beauty tips natural light
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Apply Your Makeup in Natural Light

Think about the spot in your house that has the most outside light; now put on your makeup there from now on. It’s hard to gauge how makeup will look to others when you apply it in a bathroom with harsh overhead lighting. To avoid a potential Jersey Shore makeup situation, find thee a window.

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best beauty tips hand sunscreen
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Apply SPF to Your Hands

We have an extensive skin-care routine for our face, but it wasn’t until a hot tip from a friend that we even considered our hands, which often get the short end of the stick. Now, after applying sunscreen in the morning, we rub the remainder onto the backs of our hands to protect them from the sun and keep them looking young.

best beauty tips self tanner

And Self Tan Your Hands

We’ve had our fair share of self-tanning mishaps, but one thing we never mess up (anymore) is forgetting to tan the backs of our hands. After applying tanner to your body, wash your hands. Then, apply a little bit of product to the backs of your hands and rub them together to blend. That way, they’ll match the rest of your bod and it won’t look like you’re wearing gloves five shades lighter than your arm.

best beauty tips dry manicure

Dunk Your Hands in Ice Water After a Mani

We’re not the most patient, so waiting for our nails to dry after painting them is akin to torture. (Not really, but you get the point.) Then, someone told us to submerge our fingers into ice water after a manicure. Total game changer: The quick ice bath, while decidedly chilly, dries our nails way faster than they would otherwise.

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best beauty tips mens razor

Shave Like a Man

If you have sensitive skin, use men’s shaving products. After cleaning up with a guy’s razor (which makes for a closer shave), give your legs a quick pat down with a bit of aftershave, which will prevent razor burn. And the icing on the cake is that—for whatever super-frustrating reason—men’s shaving products typically cost less than women’s, so you’ll be keeping your legs smoother and saving money.

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