How to Wear Blush on Your Eyelids (and Why You Should)

Strange but effective

We’re just going to put it out there: Blush is highly underrated. It is the unsung hero of your makeup bag. Swirl it onto cheeks for an instant glow or add a dab to lips for a rosy pout. Everything it touches makes you look more awake—especially your eyes. (Yes, really.)

What you need: Your blush of choice and a fluffy eye shadow brush.

What you do: You can either replace your eyeshadow with this step or add it on top to enhance what you're already wearing. Load a clean shadow brush with blush and sweep it onto your lids, starting just under your brow bone at the inner corners of your eyes. You want to focus most of the color right where your arches begin (and keep it light on the rest of your lids so you get the brightening effect without looking ill.) 

Why it works: Adding blush here not only ties your look together, but it also creates symmetry between your cheekbones and eyes (which makes your peepers pop). And there you have it: another reason to rock the monochromatic makeup trend. 


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