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The Definitive Best Way to Conceal Large Pores

OK, let’s start with the bad news: You can’t actually shrink the size of your pores. The good news, however, is that with the right products and a little skill, you can make them look much smaller and smoother.

What you need: A domed fluffy makeup brush and liquid foundation.

What you do: Pump foundation onto the back of your hand and swirl the brush on top so that the bristles are evenly coated. Then, starting from center of your face and working your way outward, buff the pigment onto your skin using small, circular motions. You have the option to finish with a light pat of powder across your T-zone if you tend to get greasy easily.

Why it works: Buffing on your base (i.e., the circular motion) helps to fill in pores and create a smoother surface overall. (Whereas swiping it on can leave the makeup sitting on top of your skin, which exaggerates them.) Pores? What pores? 

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