A Simple Mascara Trick to Get Longer Lashes

With no gross clumps

Who doesn’t love a good beauty hack? Especially one that promises to make your lashes long and fluttery. Unfortunately, some things are way too complicated (like adding baby powder between coats of mascara…what?) or a tad too expensive (like getting lash extensions). But occasionally, we find a surprising trick that requires nothing but a simple tweak to our existing routine.

What you need: A handheld mirror and a tube of mascara

What you do: Instead of starting at the base of your lashes, apply the first coat of mascara to the tips, running the wand through the top side of your lashes and coating the tips from above. Then look down into the mirror (to make sure you apply your next coat as close to the roots as possible) and wiggle your wand from base to tips as you normally would. 

Why it works: When you apply multiple coats of mascara to the entire length of your lashes, it can be too heavy and cause clumping. By applying the first coat to only the top side of the tips, you get the added length where you need it most--and none of the extra bulk.

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