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Everything You Know About Foundation Blending Might Be Wrong

When it comes to applying foundation, everyone always talks about blending. Dampen your sponge. Start in the center of your face. Tap--but for the love of God, don’t drag--it across your skin. And while there’s certainly no denying the importance of blending, there is something we don’t often think about when we’re applying our makeup--and that’s timing.

More specifically, not giving the foundation enough time to settle before blending it out.

What you do: Dot your foundation wherever you need coverage and leave it alone. You want to let it sit on your skin for a few extra minutes, so go about doing the rest of your makeup--like say, tackling that finicky eyeliner. Then, go back and blend to finish.

Why it works: If the foundation hasn’t properly settled into your skin, it’ll merely wipe off as you start blending. Giving it that little bit of time to absorb ensures that you get better, longer-lasting coverage. It also means you can skip the concealer now.

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