The One Thing on Your Hair Dryer You Might Be Overlooking

Chances are your morning hair routine is as follows: Dry as fast as possible; run out door. But there's one tiny step you might be forgetting (that could change your hair dramatically). And that's the cold-shot button. Here's how you use it and why it's so important to spend the extra 30 seconds.

What you do: Blow-dry your hair as you normally would. Once it’s about 90-percent dry, switch to the cold air setting and give your strands a quick blast to finish. To get more volume at the crown, lift sections of hair and aim the cool air at the roots.

Why it works: Hot air expedites the drying process and actually forms whatever style you’re going for--whether it’s sleek and straight or bouncy and curly. Cold air, however, seals the cuticles of your hair, which sets your style in place and adds shine. Plus, it feels darn good on a hot, sweaty day. 

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