Dyson Just Debuted a Quiet Hair Dryer and We're Freaking Out

It's tiny, has a hole in the middle and, OK, costs $400


Relentless household-gadget-disrupters Dyson have moved on from creating kooky-looking vacuums and fans to focus on a new landscape: your morning bedhead.

The British tech company just unveiled the Dyson Supersonic, a smaller-than-your-usual hair dryer that has the engine in the handle and acoustic silencers, which helps muffle its noise. (File under: Why hasn’t anyone else thought of this?) Plus, there are four heat settings, three speed settings and even a sensor that makes sure your hair never overheats.

But of course, you’re here for that open-circle Dyson trademark design. And of course, you’re gonna pay for it--$400 when it’s introduced to the U.S. market in September. Is it too early to start making Christmas lists?