A Neat Trick for Applying Blush in the Most Natural Way

All to bring out those cheekbones

There’s no denying the transformative powers of a little blush--that is, if it’s been applied correctly. The main difference between a flattering flush and clown-like circles all comes down to placement. Turns out we’ve been doing it wrong this entire time.

What you need: Cream blush and your fingertips.

What you do: Rather than concentrating on the apples (like we’ve always been told!), you should suck in your cheeks and apply the blush directly to the hollows using a light tapping motion. Finish by blending any remaining color onto your apples and along the tops of your cheekbones.

Why it works: By applying most of the blush into the hollows of your cheeks (instead of the more prominent apples), you get just enough color to brighten up your complexion and add definition to your face without looking overly sculpted or made up. Those with rounder faces will especially benefit from this slimming placement. It's been real, jowls.

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