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As a New York native, it may be biased to say that trends are born here but between the chic looks hitting Brooklyn streets and the breathtaking Manhattan rooftops all over Instagram, it’s hard to deny the appeal of the city. So it’s not surprising that some of the coolest hair trends we’re seeing lately are straight from New York salons. We reached out to two hairstylists to tell us about the must-have haircuts everyone in NYC is wearing right now. After a quick scroll through, you’ll probably be setting up an appointment ASAP (and we don’t blame you).

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haircut trends new york curtain bangs
Edward Berthelot/Contributor/Getty Images

1. Curtain Bangs

New Yorkers have a close attachment to the things they like. (See: Pizza, bagels and a strong cup of Jo.) And it’s safe to say that curtain bangs can officially be added to this list. This trendy cut has become a staple style over the last few years and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. “Curtain bangs remain all the rage right now and rightfully so, since they frame the face perfectly,” says Toni Garcia-Jackson, NYC hairstylist and top artist for Clairol Professional. “They’re longer than traditional bangs, starting off shorter in the center and getting progressively longer around the sides of the face.”

To style your fresh fringe, Garcia-Jackson has one simple tip: “Curl, blow dry or set your bangs in the opposite direction of how you want them to be worn. This will give them a tousled, lived-in feel. Then, add a slight center part to really define the curtain bang look.”

haircut trends new york texturized lob
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2. Textured Lob

As a rule, low-maintenance cuts are essential for those of us living in this bustling city. Hence why the textured lob is an ideal ‘do for many. The mid-length cut features piece-y layers throughout for plenty of dimension without requiring too much styling at home. “It’s the epitome of the ‘cool’ New Yorker cut. Not too short or too long, a textured lob can transition from casual daytime errands to boardroom meetings to an evening out—all while looking effortlessly chic,” says Jacob Schmidt, a hairstylist at Sally Hershberger NoMad. “Upkeep is minimal, and it can easily grow out to a glossy, longer look.”

While this look doesn’t take much to style, Schmidt still recommends adding a small amount of soft hair balm to tame frizz, define sections and improve shine before heading out the door.

haircut trends new york rounded fro
Edward Berthelot/Contributor/Getty Images

3. Rounded ‘Fro

Here’s a sign to finally consider the big chop and show off your natural locks: “A rounded ‘fro gives curly hair lots of life,” says Garcia-Jackson. And it’s a style that can be worn year-round—whether you have short or long hair or 3C to 4C curls. “The circular shape is cut following the round of the head, often referred to as convex layers by professionals,” she adds.

To style a rounded ‘fro, Garcia-Jackson recommends using a hair pick and some styling cream. “A hair pick is one of the best tools to round out the look and increase volume. You also want to make sure that the ‘fro is moisturized to avoid frizzing.”

haircut trends new york baby bangs
Edward Berthelot/Contributor/Getty Images

4. Baby Bangs

For a bolder style that’s still unfussy, New Yorkers love baby bangs. “Baby bangs are purposely cut disproportionately shorter than the rest of the hair. They look great on all lengths—whether you have short, medium or long hair,” says Garcia-Jackson. “Baby bangs stand out when they are not over-styled, so they should be flatter in relation to rest of the hair.” Simply put: Less is more, so don't worry about adding a flat iron or brushing through your mini cut. Just add a shining spray and head out the door.

haircut trends new york modern shag
Melodie Jeng/ContributorGetty Images

5. Modern Shag

While the “octopus” and “mixie” haircuts are rising stars in 2022, the modern shag cut continues to be the reigning look in the Big Apple. “This shaggy layered style is in high demand here because clients are really starting to embrace their natural hair texture, and a shaggy cut looks effortlessly cool and undone,” explains Schmidt. “It’s a statement-making, fierce look that exudes confidence for the ultimate NYC ‘it-girl.’ The layers also remove weight and lighten up your hair, making it an ideal style for summer.”

If you’re looking to accentuate your layers, Garcia-Jackson says a good ol’ diffuser will do the trick. Once you wash and prep your locks (using texturizing products), apply the diffuser near the scalp and apply circular motion to the roots to increase volume and definition.

OK, I’m ready for a haircut. What should I ask my stylist?

The best thing to do is overcommunicate with your stylist about everything you want from your haircut. Tell them exactly what you’ve liked and disliked about past cuts and be honest about how much time you’re willing to spend on styling. Lastly, it always helps to show them plenty of visuals of what you’re hoping to achieve. (We’ve got four references above to get you started).

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