Pixie Cuts Are Taking Over. A Celeb Hairstylist Tells Us Which Mistakes to Avoid When Getting One

Recently, TikToker Dixie D'Amelio made waves for shaving her head into a close crop, and she’s not the only one who’s opting for a super short style. We’ve also seen celebs like Demi Lovato and Doja Cat rocking variations of a pixie lately, and it seems the cut is poised to become even more popular in 2023.

As Tommy Buckett, the lead stylist at Marie Robinson Salon in New York assures, “There is a pixie cut for everyone. Your stylist will work with you to find the right cut for you by playing with angles, layers, and shape.”

More on that ahead.

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1. Don’t Cut the Top Too Short

To avoid a dreaded ‘Karen Cut,’ (that is, the inverted A-line bob that was popularized by Kate Gosselin back around 2008), Buckett says to “steer clear of round, flatter hair, which you can do by adding more volume and height to the top, so you get a chicer look.”

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2. Don’t Go Too Long Between Trims

To keep your pixie from mushrooming out on the sides, you’re going to need regular trims. Therein lies the Catch-22 of the cut: While daily styling is minimal, the trims are more frequent. “You will find yourself back in the salon chair every six or so weeks for touch ups to maintain the shape of the cut,” says Buckett.

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3. Don’t Make the Cut Too Uniform

Buzz cuts have been cropping up more lately a la Doja Cat here (and the aforementioned Dixie A’melio). The key to softening the overall look and feel of this style is to leave a little bit of length around the hairline and nape of your neck, as opposed to keeping it all one length.

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In Conclusion:

“The best part about this cut is you get the chance to start over, and transform your style,” says Buckett. “Not to mention the evolution of the style as it grows out,” he adds. (We can attest to this; with regular trims and some styling product, you can enjoy all different stages of the pixie—from the baby bob to an actual bob and eventually, a lob.)

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