The Real Reason Your Foundation Is Pilling

You take the time to thoroughly massage your moisturizer into your skin…only to have it pill off into a bumpy mess as soon as you add on your foundation. You pat (never rub) the stuff on your face and you keep your brushes clean. So what gives?

The issue: It turns out, the problem isn’t with your techniques or tools but with your moisturizer. More specifically, the compatibility of your moisturizer formula with your foundation formula.

The reason: If your foundation is water-based (hint: if it says "oil-free," it's water-based), you should also be using a water-based or gel lotion--as opposed to a heavier cream. And if your foundation is a cream, your moisturizer should be a cream--not a water-based lotion. Inconsistency in formulas leads to an uneven application and causes your makeup to ball up.

The fix: Match the texture of your moisturizer to the texture of your makeup and you’ll get a smooth finish every time.

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