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No matter what your age or how long you’ve been applying makeup, there are always new things to learn. (Like, did you know you can use a Post-it to create a cat-eye?) So we thought we’d share our six favorite eye-shadow tricks. All in the name of education. 

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Leave Your Eyes Open When Applying Shadow

Yeah, that pull-tight method is kind of a no-no. By leaving your eyes open and applying shadow directly in the crease will help you from going overboard—and in the process make your peepers look bigger.


Use a White Base to Make Cheap Eye Shadow Look Expensive

Got a drugstore palette that needs a little love? Start with a neutral layer on your lids and then add your color on top. The primer will beef up the pigment of your main shadow, and no one will be the wiser.


Wear Blush on Your Eyelids

Fact: Monochromatic makeup is super trendy. To achieve that dewy look without a stich of bronzer, you’ll simply need a great rogue and a fluffy brush. Swipe the blush on your eyelids and cheeks alike for a symmetrical look.


Put Your Eye Shadow on Before Anything Else

Eye makeup often feels like the icing on the cake, but actually your makeup order should go: eyes, face, lips, brows. Since eye shadow can be prone to mistakes, you want to apply it first so you can easily correct without disrupting your foundation or brows.


Know the Best Shade for Your Eye Color

Color matching is an art. But if you know the general rules (blue shadow for brown eyes, coral shadows for green eyes and so on), you’ll be ahead of the game.

Fix a Broken Compact With Rubbing Alcohol

Shattered your favorite M.A.C. “Oh My Mocha!”? No sweat. A few drops of rubbing alcohol (and a little patience) and it’ll be good as new. 

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