The Best Eye Shadow Shades for Dark Eyes (According to Priyanka Chopra’s Makeup Artist)

Calling all brown-eyed beauties: We spoke to Pati Dubroff, the makeup magician to some of our favorite ladies (like Priyanka Chopra here) on the best shades to wear if you want to make your eyes pop.

Good news: All of them. "If you have dark eyes, you can virtually wear any shade. I love bright shadows against brown eyes—especially burgundy tones. Black and grays can be a bit trickier depending on your skin tone, which is why I recommend layering a warmer base shade like a bronze or copper underneath to create balance," says Dubroff. And in fact, that's exactly what she did for our girl, Pri, at the Oscars this past weekend. 

Another thing to consider is texture. "I use a lot of gloss and cream shadows on everyone, but especially on my clients with dark eyes because it really makes them pop and brightens the entire area. Use matte or powder shadows to give your eye dimension and top it off with a cream or gloss to add shine," advises Dubroff.

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