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How to Stretch the Time Between Eyebrow Appointments
Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

Getting your brows done is such a satisfying experience. You walk out of the salon with immaculate arches and life is good…for a couple weeks. Then, a few days before your next appointment, things start to get, well, hairy. Here are four ways to keep things under control during that awkward interim.

1. Don’t go overboard with the tweezers. Leave the lighter, fuzzier hairs alone and pluck only the thicker stubble you notice above or below the shape your technician (ahem, magician) last gave you.

2. Trim with caution. Only if you’ve got a majorly unruly situation, use a clean spoolie to brush the hairs upward and see exactly where you need to snip. Then, with your scissors pointed downward, dust off the tips of any longer hairs one by one. (Whatever you do, don’t cut straight across.)

3. Create a distraction. Here’s a makeup trick: Add a touch of shimmery champagne shadow along your brow bones to give overgrown arches a visible (and much needed) lift.

4. Set them in place. As a final step before you head out the door, sweep a clear gel through both brows to tame any wonky hairs that are poking out. We promise: It’ll do wonders until you can see that aforementioned magician again.


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