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Why Peel-Off Lip Color Is Your New Best Friend

There are a few recurring beauty issues that we’re always looking to solve—from getting our eyeliner to stop smudging to finding ways to make our lipstick last. So when we came across this lip stain that promises to take on the latter, we were excited (and admittedly a bit skeptical) to give it a try.

Cailyn’s Cocoon Lip Stain ($29) looks like a regular tube of gloss but has a little secret.

Scientifically speaking: It’s color pigment suspended in a polyvinyl base that adheres to your pout and tints it as it sets. In layman's terms: It’s like a face mask for your lips. You rub on, let it dry and remove. But instead of washing it off like a mask, you peel it off in thin layers (which is every bit as satisfying as you’d imagine). Even more satisfying is the pretty hue it leaves behind on your lips.

You can then top it off with lip gloss or balm for added moisture and shine—though we are happy to report that it’s not nearly as drying as some lipsticks we’ve tried in the past. Best of all, it lasts for hours through multiple sips and snacks.

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