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Guess What? Nipples Lipstick May Be the Secret to Finding Your Perfect Shade
PeopleImages/Getty Images

Grab your gals (both figuratively and literally). The latest Internet beauty craze has ladies shoving their heads down their blouses at Sephora.

Well, not exactly. But they are trying to find their perfect nude lipstick matching it to their nipples.

Social media is abuzz with women discussing the merits of "nipple lipstick," and the reviews are fascinating. Those on either end of the color spectrum (either very fair or very dark) often say the trick washes them out. But many of those with contrasting pinks and reds and browns have found the exercise actually pretty helpful.

Want to try it for yourself? Maybe don't whip anything out in the Target aisle, but instead, take a selfie of your ladies at home and then discreetly compare the photo to the lipsticks in store. Or get swatch samples and do your bidding in the comfort of your own bathroom. 

No, this isn't meant to replace your bold reds and deep berries. (Dear God, we hope no one has aureolas the color of Christmas ribbons.) But rather, it's a way to discover a uniquely complimentary lip color you could wear every day. At the very least, anytime you wear your #niplips, you'll share a secret chuckle with yourself.

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