The Very Best Way to Soothe a Sunburned Scalp

It happens when you least expect it

You meant to spray sunscreen on your scalp (or at least wear your cute floppy hat) before lounging by the pool all day, but whoops, you forgot both. Now—ouch—your scalp is all tender and red. This super-simple trick will help ease the pain of a sunburned scalp.

What you need:

Two green tea bags, a kettle (or small pot), a pitcher and water.

What you do:

Bring water to a boil in your kettle or pot and steep both tea bags. Then transfer the green tea to a pitcher, place in the fridge and let it cool down. Once the tea feels lukewarm to the touch, take it into the shower with you. Shampoo and rinse like normal, then pour the tea over your scalp and let it sit on your hair for five minutes before rinsing out. 

Why it works:

The antioxidants in green tea will help soothe and alleviate any pain, especially if you apply the green tea rinse in the first 24 hours after getting burned. And it won’t damage your strands like other treatments can.

Ah, sweet relief.

But easy with the hairbrush for the next couple of days, OK?

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