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A Neat Trick to Make Any Lipstick Shade Work for You

We’ve all fallen victim to the trendy-lipstick trap. You see every celebrity wearing it, every magazine talking about it, every friend agreeing they wish they could pull it off. You have to have this color. You go to Sephora, grab it in a jiff, get it home, swipe it on…and eeek! What were you thinking buying brown lipstick?

Hang tight. Not all hope is lost. Here’s how to make it work:

Grab your concealer. Save the return trip to Sephora and reach into your beauty bag. Ideally, the concealer should be one that matches your skin tone (which is what you should be using to cover any blemishes or discoloration anyway).

Clean your lips and load them up with concealer. Pat lips with an even layer and don’t worry about going outside the lines a little. This will create a neutral canvas for your color in question.

Try putting on the lipstick again. Ahhh, that’s more like it. Your lips have a natural tint to them, which can change whatever color you put on top. By neutralizing your lips beforehand, you'll get a more true-to-hue finish.

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