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Raise your hand if you have vivid childhood memories of watching your mother get ready. Between the tubs of cream that sat on the dresser (which looked suspiciously like frosting at the time) and gold-embossed lipsticks (that we definitely swiped when she wasn’t looking), many of us were first introduced to beauty this way. So, in celebration of Mother’s Day, we compiled some of the best beauty advice our moms and grandmas imparted on us over the years.

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"Your face is worth spending money on so if you want the expensive cream, go for it." – Jen Meehan, Director of Sales Marketing

"Learn to love hats when you’re out in the sun." – Carolyn Stanley, New York Editor 

"Wear sunscreen every day—on every inch of your body, even in winter, even under your clothes. My mom is obsessed with sunscreen." – Abby Hepworth, Editorial Assistant

"Always apply moisturizer to your face and neck in an upwards and outwards motion." – Brynn Conway, Account Manager

"Never go to bed with makeup on because it's bad for your skin but also because it’s just a pain to wash your pillowcases." – Mary D'Alessio, Audience Development Strategist

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"Just because all your friends are getting Judi Dench haircuts, it doesn't mean you have to. You can rock a blonde lob at any age!" – Jillian Quint, VP of Content

"Put a few Velcro rollers in your hair when you wake up and take them out right before you leave the house so you get some volume up top." – Jenny Jin, Senior Beauty Editor

"If you spend time on one thing, let it be your hair. Because if your hair and your shoes look good, what's in between doesn't matter as much." – Cristina Gutierrez, Editor

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"A good lipstick and eyebrow filling will pull you together instantly." – Tilden Bissell, Digital Designer

"Don't mess with a good mascara. Once you find one that works, wear it for life." – Grace Hunt, Editor

"Only a very special kind of woman can perfectly draw on her own eyebrows every single day so don’t stress over getting them even." – Dara Katz, Senior Editor

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"You can cover a multitude of sins with even the most basic manicure. A clear coat is better than no coat." – Susan Waits, Fashion Director

"Once you’ve opened a nail polish, keep it in the fridge so it lasts longer." – Vanessa Verdino, Vice President, Partnerships

"Slather your feet in vitamin E before bed and sleep with socks on. You’ll wake up with baby soft skin." – Mel Metzger, Social Media Strategist

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"Find a perfume that works for you and stick with it. Seriously, don’t leave the house without it." – Lauren Gniazdowski, Editorial Operations Director

"Use Pond's cold cream for everything—as a makeup remover, a mask, a moisturizer." – Magurite Berard, Brand Partnerships Director

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